Two types of insurance for pregnant women: Xiao Xing pregnancy and Xiyanbao mother and baby insurance

Pregnancy makes the family happy and worried. After all, each birth check, if there are abnormalities such as blood sugar, fetal heart, weight, etc., it will make the family nervous.

Today, the little brother introduced 2 maternal and baby medical insurance:

1. pregnancy ordinary mother and baby insurance

2. Libao Insurance-Xiyanbao High-end Maternal and Baby Insurance

The following two products are introduced in detail. Each family can match the one that suits you according to your needs and budgets.

1.’s responsibility for the protection of maternal and baby insurance

Specific guarantee responsibilities (as shown below) Maternal and Baby Insurance has two plans: pregnant women version, maternal and infant version.

The premium is up to 200,000, and the lowest premium is 150 yuan.

It can be bought under 40 years old, but it needs: it can be insured before 28 weeks of pregnancy or pregnancy.

The longest waiting period after insurance is 90 days.

This product is cheap, but the responsibility for protection is also very simple. The little brother summarizes:

① Protocol:

Unexpected deaths and fertility;

Pregnancy disease allowance;

Difficulty production allowances;

Unexpected termination of pregnancy condolences allowance

② Keep children:

Congenital malformed disease allowances;

Conditional malformation surgery costs;


Maternity insurance is part of social security, including maternity allowances and maternity medical expenses. For example, it can be reimbursed:

During pregnancy, medical expenses such as fees for fertility or miscarriage, inspection fees required for induction of labor, receiving fees, and surgical fees.

However, if some fertility complications and children’s congenital diseases are not included in fertility insurance, it is a good choice to insure a minimum " pregnant maternal and baby insurance" with a minimum of 150 yuan.

Second, Libao Insurance-Xiyanbao High-end Maternal and Baby Insurance Liability

Specific guarantee responsibilities (as shown below)

① Protocol:

Pregnancy complications;


Artificial abortion medical expenses;

Rehabilitation treatment and professional nursing fee;

(If you are going to specify a private medical institution for medical treatment, the cost will be directly settled by insurance companies and institutions (direct payment), which is very convenient!)

② Keep children:

Treatment costs generated in the postnatteening clinic and hospitalization.

Like premature babies that are less than 34 weeks can often encounter in daily life, and can also reimburse up to 7 days of hospitalization!

You must know that the hospitalization costs of premature babies are very expensive. The insulation box, nursing costs, intensive monitoring, hospitalization consultation fees, etc., spend at least 5,000 a day, some even tens of thousands!

The birth of children is also facing risks such as asphyxia, premature birth, too low weight, and deformity.

Libao Insurance-Xiyanbao High-end Maternal and Child Insurance summarizes 4 biggest features:

(1) Except for public hospital hospitals, the medical expenses of private hospitals and public specialty department designated can be reimbursed.

(2) It can be bought from the 40th weeks of pregnancy (not insured on the day of production and production), and the lowest price is only 6343 yuan!

(3) No waiting period!After buying the after -effective policy, the medical expenses within the scope of the contract can also be claimed.(You must know that maternity insurance in high -end medical insurance in the industry, the waiting period is at least 10 to 12 months)

(4) The medical expenses that occur more than in case of congenital malformations can be reimbursed. After the child is born, the child may not be able to have medical insurance immediately.(Including public hospitals and designated private hospitals)

Finally, both products are worth choosing. How to choose, you can configure according to your budget and needs. You can ask the little brother if you don’t know.

The little brother speaks insurance in vernacular, and teaches you not to spend money.

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