Tucao actresses wear deep V to cover their chests, is Venus who "comes out of the mouth", is it innocent or deserved?


Venus’s mouth "caused trouble".

The reason is that in a live broadcast, Venus talked about the female star wearing a deep V, and she had to cover it with my hands.

Her words can be said to have shot most of the female stars in the entertainment, and soon became hot search.

For her words, there are two kinds of voices, one is supported. It is believed that since it is worn, she should be exposed to it. Don’t cover it, or don’t wear it.

One is disagreed, saying, "What is the freedom of others, and not covering it is also the freedom of others."

Other netizens use their own experience to explain why female stars cover their chests. Most dresses have no straps. Occasionally, they will be more secure.

Some netizens rolled out the photos of Venus’s own chest, but was taken out by Venus alone, saying that he was grateful to the audience with his hands.

The netizens who were stunned immediately deleted Wen and did not dare to say more.

Seeing that netizens have been discussed, they have become more and more vigorous. Venus immediately sends out two more articles, mentioning that "choosing a deep V can greatly show the confidence of the big V", and also mentioned cultural self -confidence.

It’s just that netizens feel that comparing the deep V and cultural confidence, it is really a bit.

Although it is said that Venus’s words may not refer to a certain star, in fact, the most powerful thing she said was Reba, because many netizens turned out the pictures that covered her chest on the red carpet, saying that she "twistedTwisted, not at all at all. "

It is estimated that Reba did not expect that covering her chest was also said to be "twisted", but in fact, the female star covered her chest.Safe, it’s not a big deal to cover it.

And Venus is quite controversial, so netizens are also discussing warmly.

1. During the period of "Venus Show", dare to tell the truth and tell the truth, and is loved by the audience

In fact, Venus’s impression to the audience has always been "sharp and dare to say", and sometimes a little "poisonous tongue", but the audience think she dares to tell the truth. To be honest, she likes her very much.

Especially in her home "Venus Show", Venus’s poisonous tongue attributes are even worse. She not only has a star, but also scolds scumbags. No matter how big the wrist, as long as she can’t see, she will stun.

For example, Pan Shiyi, Venus asked him why he had to donate money to Harvard University. China also had a lot of good universities and could also donate money.

Pan Shiyi argued that she did not donate to the university, but to the poor students in the school; Venus said that she could enter Harvard, and the brains and conditions were good. They were all top -notch and did not need to donate money at all.

She also poked Pan Shiyi as "the rich people only helped the rich", tore off Pan Shiyi’s "false face", and the audience applauded her, and Pan Shiyi only smiled.

Even if she was Jackie Chan, she dared to slap. She said that Jackie Chan was an irresponsible man, and said that he should come out earlier to care for her daughter, so that the dragon girl can grow up healthy;The reviews could not help but stare.

There is also the Saoding Ding Fake Singing incident. Professional singers’ fake singing has aroused heated discussion among the audience, and Venus also follows the hotspot. He staged a "fake sing" in his "Venus Show"., Also picked the opponent’s pseudonym.

Even the actor she appreciated, she would boldly open the wheat.

For example, Jin Dong, she said that Jin Dong is an actor she admires, but she is disappointed with him now, because Jin Dong’s role now is very similar, "Ode to Joy 2", "Surgical Storm", "My Minecraft""The first half of life is still like this, wearing a suit, very beautiful and chic, feeding everyone with a soul chicken soup, I feel that I understand everything.

Although it may not sound well, some actors do stay in the comfort circle for too long, and there is no breakthrough in the scene. Sooner or later, the audience will forget him.

Even if it wasn’t at his own home, Venus still dared to say that in front of Yang Di, he said that Xie Na had no mercy, saying that she was very embarrassed, scaring Yang Di to fall from the sofa.

When Fan Ye and Wang Yibo were very hot, she dared to say that Fan Ye had no masterpieces, and did not let the audience remember when singing and dancing.

Although the words are unpleasant, Fan Ye at that time did not have a good work, and her suggestion to Fan Ye was actually very willing. When there was a good attention and traffic, he had to get a work to the audience.The audience likes it.

The audience likes Venus’s poisonous tongue. What she said is indeed very reasonable to some extent. When it comes to the draft, there are many high -quality drafts now, and many very good people have been selected.

However, most of the drafts, although it cannot be said to be garbage, it is really a waste of money, and many ordinary people want to rely on the draft to become popular, thinking that they can become big stars, Venus tells the truth, "the eight characters are not skimmed"Essence

For the domestic violence Li Yang, she could scold him in front of his face to "look at", obviously an educator, but doing things contrary to the educated family, directly pointing out that he was "selfish" and "no education."

Venus’s poisonous tongue is not just aimed at someone, but she dares to say certain phenomena in the entertainment industry. At a certain awards ceremony, she directly pointed out that these stars can be difficult to serve on the stage.

She received five process versions for five hours. This is not coming. Who can not give me awards, who can sit with who and who can sit, etc., so that she can’t help but complain on the stage, saying that these stars are "true"Although Venus said very vigorously on the stage, he was cut in the main film.

2. The show is stopped, goes downhill, starts to bring the goods live broadcast

Venus’s mouth is really powerful, and she speaks humorous, so the popularity and ratings of her "Venus Show" are very good. The audience like her "sharp speech", but I do n’t know if she is on the show.Dare to say that "Venus Show" was stopped.

Many audiences are wondering why they stopped broadcasting. They guessed whether it was because when they had offended too many people before, Venus gave the answer, saying that the show did too well, causing the villain’s jealousy, and the final show was stopped.

After stopping the broadcast, the popularity of Venus fell a lot. Some of her previous words in the show were also taken out by the audience repeatedly. For example, she and Ye Xuan had a conversation. She advised Ye Xuan to have children early, and Ye Xuan said scared.

Venus said: It ’s not terrible. If you do n’t need to give you the function, what do you do? In the future, you will go to the door, you ca n’t feed all kinds of questions.

Ye Xuan may not be able to listen anymore, turn his head directly, and smile perfunctory.

Venus also said that she knew why her mother had to pay after giving birth.

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but stunned "You seem to have been born."

Venus’s remarks make many people unable to accept it. The body is the other person’s own, and the birth of a child depends on the wishes of others. With such a straightforward resistance of Ye Xuan, he has to persuade him to live, and he deserves Ye Xuan.

She persuaded girls to have children, and she advised others to get married early.

Luo Zhongxu was on her show, and she has always persuaded others to marry, how to find objects, and talk about some gossip feelings.

In addition to getting married and having children, Venus’s past remarks on men’s derailment are also surprising.

She said that she could accept the derailment of boys and persuaded girls to accept.

It is said that men’s derailment is usually a year to two years during her wife’s pregnancy to production. During this time, he has normal physiological needs. He is a normal man and needs physiological excretion.

For example, there are high -end red light districts in the West. Men can choose to excrete physiological needs without adding any feelings, just like buying things, but China does not.The derailment is the same as buying food. I don’t know what she thinks in her heart.

Lu Yu also was amazed by her thoughts. In order not to argue, she had to say that she could understand theoretically, but emotionally surpassed her understanding ability at this stage.

But Venus still feels that there are a lot of reasons for girls. Do not understand the needs of men during this time. Do you say that he has not allowed him to have sex for more than a year?

From her past remarks, in some cases, Venus is like a netizen saying that she can understand women when she is a woman, but it is still the traditional "daddy" thought.

Later, the live broadcast rose, Venus changed the track and started to bring the goods live. When she lived, she still dared to say that Hua Chenyu had no masterpiece, but her reputation was not as good as in the show.

There are also fans left a message saying that they like Venus in the previous "Venus Show" and do not like Venus on a certain sound.

The audience likes Venus’s poisonous tongue, but it does not mean that they will be collected in their words. As a public figure, if you say some controversy, it will easily cause widespread discussion. As a result, it is good or bad.

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