Try not to eat 10 kinds of foods after pregnancy, not to pay attention to it.

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Many mothers know that they cannot drink and smoke after pregnancy, but in fact, we can eat food at will before pregnancy, and pay attention after pregnancy. Especially these 10 kinds of food, some mothers disagree, but in the end, it is tragedy, causing the fetus to die.Intersection

Xiao Luo was a novice mother. She ate a plate of cold cucumber at 20 weeks of pregnancy. As a result, she had a fetal stop and the fetus was dead!”Zero plan”

Wang Fengying, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Xuanwu Hospital: It is mainly because the cucumber is placed in the refrigerator and is contaminated by Liszto. After eating it, the mother has caused placental chorionitis, causing the fetus to die!

Therefore, my mother really can’t do whatever she wants, otherwise it will affect the health of the fetus, and it is too late to regret it.

No. 1: Unwilling cooked meat

For example, eating hot pot in winter, the meat must be cooked, and the meat can be rolled in the pan for at least a few minutes before eating, because raw meat or meat that is not cooked may be hidden in hormone.The pregnant mother eats raw meat that is not cooked. In case of infection of Toxoplasma, the child may cause abnormal abortion and even the fetus.

About 800 babies are infected each year in the UK, and 10%of their babies are seriously occurred in the end.

2nd type: raw vegetables or some fruits

For example, many people like to eat horseshoe, which may contain parasites and ginger slices.

There are also lotus root and rhombus, and these aquatic plants are not recommended to eat raw.

The cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, some places are eaten raw, but it is recommended that pregnant mothers try not to eat raw.Because these Cross Flowers contain substances that hinder the synthesis and metabolism of thyroid, prevent the absorption of iodine in the thyroid, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant mothers.

The third type: various cold dishes

If you buy cold dishes, you may have bacterial pollution after a long time. If you mix it at home, put it in the refrigerator, the refrigerator may also contain Liszt bacteria, just like 20 weeks.Ms. Luo ate a plate of cold cucumbers, causing the fetus to die.

My mother really wants to eat cold dishes. If you mix it at home, eat some, and don’t put it in the refrigerator.

Fourth type: raw eggs

Eggs may contain a small amount of Salmonella causing food poisoning. If Salmonella is infected during pregnancy, the mother may cause dehydration due to vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and various complications.

Moms must be cooked and cooked, and even the hearty eggs that many people like to eat are not recommended to eat, whether it is protein and egg yolk, cooked and cooked.

5th type: raw milk

For example, some people in the village have cows. The milk squeezed by those cows is very fresh, but it is not recommended to eat pregnant women.

Many of fresh milk are crowded by hand. In case of disinfection, there may be E. coli, or some bacteria of this dairy cow itself will be polluted to fresh milk, especially pregnant women and children, which is easier to cause it.For physical discomfort, pregnant women may also cause abortion.

6th type: Shengyu

There is a place in Nanning, Guangxi, and I especially like to eat fish. There are also some sushi restaurants. I like to eat some raw salmon.

It is not recommended to eat raw fish. The raw fish may contain parasites, and once the pregnant mother is infected with parasites, it will affect the health of the fetus.

7th type: fish with high mercury content

Generally, large -scale fish mercury content will be higher, such as shark sword fish and large golden tuna. These fish will eat some small fish because they are meat, and the mercury on the small fish will gather to their bodies, so they are on their bodies, so they are on them.The mercury content will be higher.

And mercury is harmful for the nervous system, so it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat less of these high mercury content during pregnancy, and even do not eat. Moms can eat some small fish. It is recommended that sea fish eat 2 ~3 times.

8th type: barbecue and buffet

The barbecue may not be cooked, causing parasites inside, and it may be baked too burnt, resulting in a cause of AI.

The buffet is open because the food is open, and the possibility of pollution is very high.

Therefore, my mother should eat less barbecue when she is pregnant. If she really wants to eat it, she must confirm that it is cooked and put it as little as possible.

Buffets are also eaten as little as possible. I really want to eat as early as possible. For example, it can be eaten from 11:00 to 2: 00. I have to eat before 11:30. It is just that the food has just been installed and it will be relatively fresh.

No. 9: Foods and beverages with various artificial sweeteners

Asba is sweet or sweet, these are artificial sweeteners. Its sweetness is relatively high. Many beverages and foods will be put in, but these artificial sweeteners may lead to insufficient birth weight of the fetus.Essence

It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat less drinks and foods containing sweeteners during pregnancy, and also control the amount of refined sugar such as white sugar, because too much sugar can lead to high blood glucose during pregnancy, affecting the fetus that affects the fetus, which affects the fetus.healthy.

10th type: food that is easy to be allergic

For example, if you eat mango if you are not pregnant, you will have allergies, or if you have allergies to eat peanuts, then after you are pregnant, you have to stay away from these foods that are susceptible to allergies.

Mom remembers these taboos, so that she can be more bottomless.

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