True words called my ex -husband and said that I was pregnant, he said that I took him as a pick -up man

truth or Dare.

I called my ex -husband.

"I am pregnant."

The ex -husband laughed: "Want to call me to be a Panman? Don’t forget, we have divorced for a year."

I shrugged and whispered: "So I didn’t say that the child was yours."

Ex -husband: …


Anyway, the task is complete.

I hung up the phone and looked at the bad friends who asked me to call my ex -husband, and raised an eyebrow.

She was dead.

Xiaoxiao shrank her neck and didn’t dare to look at me.

After waiting for three rounds, it was Xiaoxiao’s turn.

She was afraid of me, and raised her hand to answer, "I choose the truth."

"Okay." I hooked my lips, "How many ambiguous little brothers are there in WeChat?"

Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and opened the WeChat number: "Seven."

I nodded: "Well, come, continue."

I waited for a few more rounds and reached Xiaoxiao again.

She raised her chin and looked at me: "Big adventure, you say."

This is out.

Come on.

"Pull the seven little brothers who are ambiguous into a group and tell them that you are going to choose one of your boyfriend from it."

Xiaoxiao: …

She took a deep breath: "Lu Ning, do you really come?"

"Of course."

"Okay." She nodded her teeth, picked up her mobile phone according to what I said.

I watched it immediately.

The group is really lively.

I couldn’t help laughing.

As a result, the next second was very sad.

It’s my turn again.

Xiaoxiao threw the phone on the side and smiled at me provocatively: "Come on my dear Ning Ning, dare to play the big one?"

Will I dare not?


"bring it on."

Xiaoxiao seemed to be a sinister with a smile.

"Call your ex -husband and say that you are lonely and want to find a man to accompany you."


"Don’t you dare?"

I laughed.

Take out the phone and dial Ji Shen again.

The telephone was connected, and there was a little impatient voice in the deep voice over there: "Are you pregnant again?"

I stared at Xiaoxiao’s eyes: "Ji Shen, I’m so lonely now, I want to find a man to accompany me."

Xiaoxiao opened his mouth slightly, raised his thumbs towards me, and said in lips, "You are awesome."

Ji Shen didn’t speak.

Just when I thought he had hung up the phone, Ji Shen’s voice sounded: "Lu Ning, how much did you drink?"


Does he think all this is given to alcohol?

No, it is given by my best friend.

Ji Shen’s low voice came again: "Where is it?"

I stunned: "Ah?"

He laughed: "Don’t you mean to find a man to accompany you? Where is it?"

This is really big.

I swallowed: "That, I hang it first."

Seeing me hanging up the phone, Xiaoxiao immediately asked me, "What did your ex -husband say?"

I gave Xiaoxiao a very friendly smile: "He said, Chen Xiaoxiao, your father!"

Xiaoxiao’s lips: "If you want to scold me, you can scold directly, and you want to borrow the mouth of others?"

I leaned on my back: "He asked me where I was."

Xiaoxiao slightly supports his eyes: "What else?"

"He said, don’t I want to find a man to accompany? Then I asked where I was."

"Wow!" Xiaoxiao laughed a little wretched, "Is he wanting to accompany you?"

I glanced at her and picked up the wine glass.

When you drink drunk, everyone will spend the field.

Xiaoxiao and I support each other.

A big hand suddenly grabbed my arm and took me into a wide arms.

As soon as I looked up, I put on a pair of black and deep eyes.


Look at it.

"Isn’t this my ex -husband?" I climbed Ji Shen’s shoulders, and my body seemed to hang on him. "Ji Shen, Ji Shen!"

Ji Shen held my waist in one hand and asked sinkingly, "How much did you drink?"

I turned around and dragged Xiaoxiao: "It’s Ji Shen."

"It’s really Ji Shen!" Xiaoxiao was very excited, "Ning Ning, your ex -husband is here, is he afraid of your emptiness and loneliness? Haha, then he will accompany you, I’ll go!"

Then she walked with other friends and left me to Ji Shen.


I started to undress after getting in the car.

But I have nothing to take off, just a small skirt.

Still hot.

"Why is it so hot? Ji Shen, do you want to die of me?"

Ji Shen sneered: "It’s still so wronged."

I laughed "Hey": "I didn’t wrong you, don’t you think I don’t know what you think in your heart."

Ji Shenguan looked ahead: "Then you talk, what do I think?"

I unbuttoned the seat belt he tied to me. Originally, I wanted to get closer to him, but my head sank and arched his legs directly.

"Lu Ning!" Ji Shen roared.

I raised my head faintly and looked at him.

Ji took a deep breath and his voice was heavy: "You go back and sit for me, be honest!"

I was somewhat grieving and pouted: "Why are you so fierce?"

Ji Shen didn’t care about me.

"The seat belt," he reminded.

I groped the seat belt and leaned on the back of the chair to keep my eyes closed.

The head is so heavy.

"Ji Shen, is my head broken? Soft, shouldn’t you break, why is my head a bit uncomfortable?"

Ji Shen: …

He doesn’t like me.

So what else to do for me?

After a while, Ji Shen suddenly came: "Do you want me to live?"

"Huh?" I opened my eyes and looked at him, what?"

"You stay away from me and put on your clothes." He gritted his teeth.

He was so angry that he was so funny that I couldn’t help but laughed out: "Don’t wear it."

Ji Shen: …

The car stopped.

I unbuttoned the seat belt, and I didn’t know why I couldn’t open it when I drove the door.

Later, I finally opened it, my head was sinking again, and I arched out.

Hit it on a somewhat soft wall.

Ji Shen helped me get out of the car and locked the door and asked me if I could leave.

Look at who?

I throw away his hand: "Can you see if I can leave?"

I turned around in front of him, and my arms were about to fly out.

Not only can I go, I can also fly!

My legs are getting lighter, I really want to fly!

Ji Shen came over to hold my waist.

He dare not let me fly!

"Ji Shen! You release, you delay me!"

"I think you are really drunk." Ji Shen’s lips tightly.

The next second, I was empty.


I flew?

Ji Shen’s voice sounded in my ear: "Hold my neck."

I took a look at it obediently, for fear of falling.

Enter the elevator, there are three people in it.

One man, a woman, and a little girl.

The little girl pointed at me: "Dad, you see that my sister is so big and still hug, I want to hug."

The little girl dad smiled embarrassedly: "Sister is injured, you can walk by yourself."

I shook my head: "I’m not injured, I’m flying."

The little girl looked at me with big eyes, "Sister, are you drunk? Do you know him?"

She pointed at Ji Shen.

Then she dragged her dad again: "Dad, did my sister meet a bad guy?"

The little girl’s parents looked at me and Ji Shen together.

They treat Ji Shen as bad guys!

"Hahaha!" I laughed on Ji Shen’s shoulders.

Ji Shen’s voice was full of helplessness: "Don’t laugh."

"Are you a bad guy, Ji Shen?" I asked him with a smile.

Ji Shen looked at me deeply: "Lu Ning, you will throw you down again when you say."

I tightened his neck reflected and explained to the little girl: "He is not a bad guy, he is the sister of his sister … He is a bad guy, he will not let me go to the nightclub, let me buy a Shenlong suit, let me see the little littleBrother, don’t let me drink, oh … "

Ji Shen: …


When I got home, Ji Shen put me on the sofa.

I pulled off the shoulder strap.

Ji Shen came over with the water cup and saw a meal, and then put the water cup on the coffee table: "What are you doing?"

"Take off your clothes." I frowned, "Dressing uncomfortable, this skirt is too tight …"

"You …" He was gloomy, "Can’t you see anyone?"

"I saw it." I looked at him puzzled, "What’s wrong?"

He closed his eyes: "Don’t you like this in front of others?"


He asked me such a question.

Ji Shen’s look was loose, and suddenly smiled again, sitting with the water cup and sitting on my side: "Drink the water first, there are honey inside, not hot."

I took it over.

I took out the posture of drinking and bored.

"Slowly." He covered my back with a big palm, "Be careful."

I put down the water cup "!"

Ji Shen: …

I touched my neck and felt sweaty: "Ji Shen, I want to take a bath, you go to put water for me."

… Ji Shen got up and went to the bathroom.

I looked at his back.

This picture is a bit familiar.

But it hasn’t been like this for a long time.

Why is this?

I got up and followed, stood at the door of the bathroom to see him in the bath water.

"Ji Shen, how long have you not giving me a bath water? Do you hate me?"

Ji Shen turned back, and the deep sight made people understand.

After a while, he said: "Lu Ning, we have divorced."

"Yes, we divorced." I murmured.


I covered my chest: "Then you can’t see me, you are not my husband anymore."

During the deep test water temperature.

I walked over and squatted beside him.

"But you still read it, this is unfair, I want to see you too."

He moved slightly to the side: "Don’t make trouble."

Ji Shen frowned: "Lu Ning, you are drunk …"

"Why can you look at me, I can’t just look at you?" I don’t convince it, "You will always do this!"

"You always bully me!" I was so angry that I wanted to cry.

Ji Shen stood up, looked at my eyes deeply, and asked dumbly: "Do you really want to watch?"

I nodded: "Of course."


He slowly unbuttoned his shirt buckle in front of me, one, two …


I just drank so much water just now. Why is it thirsty?

My heartbeat started to accelerate, and my cheeks became hot.

"Ji Shen, I’m so hot."

I held his neck.

It’s as if in the hot summer, eat cool, sweet ice cream …

So comfortable.


the next day.

I opened my eyes and felt my head faintly painful.

I didn’t drink much alcohol yesterday.

Dark in the room.

I turned on the light, and the scene last night poured into my mind.

Great adventure, telephone, deep season, kiss …

Oh my head, my head hurts.

I rubbed the temple, and looked at the room of only me, and my mood was a bit low.

Ji Shen is a bastard!

I thought he was too busy at the beginning, and even if I was left left, I couldn’t feel what he liked to me.

Then he filed a divorce with him.

But last night …

Well, I am not good, who made me drunk yesterday and lost my mind.

The door of the bedroom opened at this time, and it turned out to be Ji Shen.

I watched him stunned.

"What are you smirking there?" He came over.

I looked at the towel around his waist.

"You … why don’t you wear clothes?"

Ji Shen stopped by the window, his eyebrows were gently raised, and there was a faint vapor flowing between the handsome eyebrows.

"I have to ask you, do you not want to be responsible for yesterday?"


It is really impressive to ask this question seriously …

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