Traditional sweet rice wine is not sour and not bitter, rice wine is sweet and juicy, fragrant and sweet#homemade sweet …

Make sweet wine without sourness or suffering.Spring is blooming, and it is the season for eating sweet rice wine.Today I bring you the practice of traditional sweet rice wine.Many people think that making sweet rice wine is a difficult and complicated process.In fact, the traditional brewing process is very simple. It is nothing more than four steps of foaming rice and semi -fermented.

Today, I will tell you the proportion of rice wine without reservation. You only need to follow my method. Xiaobai can also easily get started. The wine is sweet and sweet, and the success rate is particularly high.

First of all, it is recommended that everyone uses glutinous rice. Although rice, glutinous rice, corn, black rice, and purple rice can be made of sweet rice wine, the taste of glutinous rice is more flexible, and the rice wine made in this way will not be messy.Glutinous rice must be cleaned a few more times, and the juice will be clearer.Soak the glutinous rice for 4 hours after cleaning, and the hand can easily crush the instructions.The soaked glutinous rice is steamed in a pan, so the steamed rice will be harder, but it will be more conducive to wine.

During the fermentation process, we must avoid oil and salt.Anyone who is in contact with it is best to sterilize at high temperature and steam for 25-30 minutes. It does not pay attention to it. The glutinous rice grains are clear.The glutinous rice will look dry when it is steamed. After repeated experiments, dry glutinous rice not only produces more wine, but even if it is fermented in secondary fermentation, it can retain enough taste and will not become soft.

According to the proportion of a pound of rice 200 ml of cool white, add the prepared cool white blooming to the glutinous rice for stirring.When the temperature drops to about 30 degrees, the wine can be added.I recommend everyone to use the wine song. The traditional plant wine song of our rural areas has a very strong fermentation ability. A pound of glutinous rice only needs 1 gram of wine.There are many juice, just like the taste made by my mother as a child.

If you do n’t have a thermometer at home, you can feel it with your hands, and the rice can be a little temperature.If the rice is too hot, the wine will be scalded.If the rice is too cold, it is not easy to start fermentation when the temperature is low.After stirring the rice and wine songs, flatten and flatten it, take a dimple in the middle of the rice, cover the plastic wrap, and tie a few small holes. The aerobic fermentation is usually under 30 degrees, one to two days.When smelling a strong aroma, it means that the fermentation is successful.Sweet and delicious, fragrant fragrance, really delicious.Have you learned it?Have you learned it?

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