Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning for pregnancy, good pregnancy is not expected

【Good pregnancy file】

Good pregnant mother: Xiao Zhang

Age: 29

Main doctor: Zhen Yingxian

The cause of diagnosis: The man has no sperm disease;

Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning has a unique effect. Xiao Zhang adopted Chinese medicine conditioning and the auxiliary reproductive technology of modern medicine.

After a period of time, Xiao Zhang gave birth smoothly, and sent me the video of the baby. It was so cute. I couldn’t help sharing the baby video from Xiao Zhang.

Xiao Zhang, who has a cute baby, is now happy and happy, but when it comes to Xiao Zhang’s gestational experience, it is also a wave of twists and turns.

Xiao Zhang is from Tangshan. He has been undergoing pregnancy for many years. After some examination, he found that the main reason is that his husband suffers from sperm or sperm. If you want to get pregnant, you can only do artificial insemination.

In desperation, the two came from Tangshan to Shijiazhuang Hebei Reproductive Hospital.After conventional diagnosis and treatment and two artificial insemination, they were not pregnant.Xiao Zhang, who was hit hard, did not want to compromise this. She asked other ways to help pregnancy. She heard the director of the Chinese Medicine Department of TCM Zhen Yingxian during the interview, and increased the success rate of success through traditional Chinese medicine conditioning to help many people get pregnant smoothly.In this way, Zhang Miming came to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and found me.

I saw Xiao Zhang, who revealed helplessness and despair in my eyes, and hoped to do everything to help her realize her wish. "There are too many miraculous pregnancy stories in the reproductive hospital. I hope she can also become the protagonist of the story."After consultation, I found that Xiao Zhang was afraid of cold, lack of qi and blood, and kidney qi deficiency. These symptoms are not conducive to pregnancy.So I formulated a personalized treatment and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning plan for her, prescribing the traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing the kidneys and regulating qi and blood, and improving the lack of qi and blood while improving ovarian function.After a month of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, Xiao Zhang once again performed artificial insemination, and this time he was very smooth.

In a blink of an eye, the child is almost one year old.After being excited and moved, I sent me a flag, and often shared the baby’s growth with me.

The arrival of a life involves many factors -the physical and mental health, timing, environment, and opportunities of husband and wife, and fertility treatment is not the same.What we have to do is to give every friend who came to seek medical treatment to take medical care and humanistic care from the heart.

In the process of assisted reproductive pregnancy, the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is a close combination of traditional Chinese medicine with modern medical technology, which can improve the success rate of conception.Traditional Chinese medicine assists has a unique pregnancy -aid effect, which can solve the problem of fertility for more friends and realize the dream of pregnant pregnancy for more families.


Drug+acupuncture conditioning

The treatment and conditioning methods of traditional Chinese medicine are mostly adopted "to make up for it, but in fact, it is actually diarrhea (袪 袪 中)", and the reproductive function of the body is strong, which improves the quality of the eggs and increases the stability of conception and post -pregnancy.In terms of treatment, only Chinese medicine can be taken alone. In some cases, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be used to achieve the effect of complement each other.Acupuncture often use acupoints such as Zusanli (Jianpi, Strong Body), Guan Yuan or Zhongji (kidney, beneficial reproductive function), and Taixi (kidney tonic).


Ingesting ingredients of natural ingredients or medicines and foods

In terms of diet conditioning, if it is a woman who is easy to get tired and poor on weekdays, it is recommended to eat more natural ingredients with "nourishing qi and blood, nourishing kidney qi", such as carrots, black bone chicken, ribs, longan, chicken, red beans, lotus seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, lotus seeds.Catfish, catfish, shrimp, sea cucumber, black sesame, cherry, sweet potato, chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, walnuts, etc. In addition, hawthorn, wolfberry, lotus deer Chuanxiang, red dates together to drink water and nourish yin, appetizing blood circulation effects.


Avoid cold food

Cold food can affect the blood circulation of qi and blood, and affect the function of the gastrointestinal and intestines, such as bamboo, watermelon, orange, mung beans, etc., which will promote the poor operation function of qi; greasy and sweets will affect the function of the spleen (the function of the gastrointestinal), andMake the body wet, which will block the operation of the gas machine; both types should be reduced.In addition, some foods that are considered dangerous to take tires (miscarriage), such as crabs, pork, barley, purslane (partaroon), are best not to eat when preparing for pregnancy.


Good living habits

In addition to healthy diet content, good living habits are equally important.Regardless of men and women, strenuous exercise should be avoided during the preparation stage of pregnancy, smoking, alcohol and coffee should not be overworked, and stress should be reduced as much as possible (avoid affecting the operation of liver qi) and sufficient sleep (so as not to consume the spirit of energy);Breath, reduce the probability of infection of urogenital tract.

about the author

Zhen Yingxian

Deputy Director of TCM, Deputy Director of the Outpatient Department of Hebei Province Family Planning Science and Technology Research Institute.

Study in Chinese medicine and gynecology for nearly 20 years. He is good at infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, and prevention and treatment of adenomy muscle disease.Published more than 10 academic papers in the core journal, completed one of the scientific and technological achievements of Hebei Province, and won the third prize of the Hebei Provincial Medical Science and Technology Award.1 deputy editor -in -chief book and 2 books edited.

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