Tooth emergency knowledge, you can "save your life" at a critical moment

In real life, there are not a few people who have fallen teeth due to exercise, falling, and even fighting. Could those falling teeth throw away like this?

Don’t think so!In fact, the teeth may be rescued when it falls off. The correct first aid posture is actually very simple.

No matter how painful and panic, you must remember: you can’t lose your teeth!

After the tooth accident is injured, there is a chance to re -plant.If you can go to the doctor in time, you can implant the dental dental after 2 hours after 2 hours, which can not only retain your teeth, but also retain the pulp vitality. The success rate of dental implants is high and the effect is good.You have to spend more money …

① If your teeth are still in your mouth: try to restore it as much as possible, the best time to reset the tooth loss within 30 minutes.

② If the teeth have fallen out, the correct first aid posture is: pick it back.Do not directly contact the root of the tooth, you should hold the crown part; the teeth can be temporarily placed in milk or physiological saline, so that the peripheral membrane vitality can be preserved for about 2 hours.Find dental treatment as soon as possible.

The teeth that cannot be rescued, remember to "fill the pit" in time

Don’t keep the tooth bed empty, lack of teeth is really a trivial matter, and the long -term will have a small impact:

① Affects healthy teeth: After the lack of teeth, the burden of neighboring teeth increases, and gradually shifts towards the lack of teeth, causing the tooth to loosen; the vacant position is also easy to accumulate food residue to breed oral bacteria.

② Advanced gastrointestinal burden: After the lack of teeth, the chewing ability decreases, aggravates the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, and can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

③ The face is old: the lack of teeth, the face shape may also be affected, the depression appears, and it looks more old.

④ Affects pronunciation: After the teeth are lacking, the gums are vacant, and some lip tooth sounds cannot be emitted normally, resulting in leakage of speaking and unclear vomiting.

Please handle it as soon as possible after lack of teeth. The more difficult it is, the more difficult it is, and the more costs.

Many people are puzzled when they go to the Stomatological Hospital. What is the dental denture?What is porcelain teeth?What about dental implants?How should ordinary people choose for these?Now I will take you to understand, what are the characteristics of these three categories?

① Movement of dentures: cheap, wide adaptation, but poor comfortable comfort, low chewing efficiency, minor activity when eating, and cleaning after each meal.

② Porcelain teeth: Suitable for general patients with lack of teeth, beautiful and comfortable, but they need to wear healthy teeth on both sides of the teeth. It is often said that "missing one kind of three" is it, but if there is no teeth on the side of the lack of teeth, there is no teeth on the side of the teeth.Can’t do it.

③ Dental implants: Known as the third teeth of human beings, the functions, structure, beauty, and effects are comparable to natural teeth, and there is no need to grind healthy teeth on both sides, but it is expensive!

In the long run, dental implants are more cost -effective than active dentures and porcelain tooth tooth, and the repair effect is better. It is a solution that is not loser once and for all. If economic conditions allow it, you can consider it.

In addition to the above, some daily oral health knowledge is also worthy of our understanding.

1. I often bleed my teeth, and I must have brushed my teeth too strong

Most of the bleeding from brushing teeth is caused by gum inflammation (periodontitis), but many people mistakenly think that it is bleeding because the brushing is too strong to brush the gums.Therefore, brushing your teeth to avoid the gums, resulting in insufficient brushing, making it more and more dirty around the gums, and prompting periodic periodic inflammation.

2. After washing the teeth, the teeth increased and the teeth were soft. It must be washed my teeth when washing my teeth.

After washing their teeth, some patients were soft and sore. They felt that they were uncomfortable with money to buy money. They also found that the seams increased. They thought that washing the teeth to wash the teeth and made the teeth sparse, and decided not to wash their teeth in the future.The real situation is that a large number of dental stones accumulate near the root of the tooth. When the tooth washing is removed, the teeth are exposed again, which will make people feel that the teeth are enlarged and are accompanied by sensitive situations. After about three or four days, they will slowly reduce it.However, if the stones are not removed and the gums are continuously stimulated, the root of the teeth will eventually be exposed, and the teeth pain will even fall off.

3. With one big teeth, I still have a lot of teeth, without affecting the appearance.

Lack of a large teeth will lead to a decrease in chewing efficiency, increased teeth, easily breeding bacteria, increasing the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease, and excessive growth of symmetrical teeth. At the same time, the teeth may move or dump.It will also be difficult.

4. Children’s tooth decay, you will change it later, you don’t need to ignore it

Most people think that children’s teeth will be changed, so it doesn’t matter if it is mad.

In fact, children will not complete all procedures for teeth until the age of 12 to 13. If you get rid of young teeth early, you may cause other dental deformities. In addition, tooth decay can cause pain in the child.The development of the permanent teeth, so the children’s tooth decay cannot be ignored.

5. Pregnant women are bad because BB draws the calcium in the teeth

Many people think that during the pregnancy of pregnant women, it is prone to bad teeth and tooth decay. It must be because the fetus in the abdomen draws her calcium. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of ordinary people.During pregnancy, due to changes in hormonal secretion, the gums of pregnant women are easily stimulated by toxins secreted by tooth bacteria and bleeds and bleeds. At the same time, the dietary habits of pregnant women have changed. They also eat more sweet and acidic foods than usual.Therefore, it is reminded that women must go to the Oral Hospital for comprehensive oral examination and oral cleaning before preparing for babies, and provide guarantee for safety during pregnancy.

6. I do not accept X -ray examination, because there is no need, and there is radiation

Through the X film, you can understand the range of tooth decay, the cause of toothache, and whether the conditions for dental implants are sufficient. Therefore, it is necessary during the diagnosis and treatment process.According to the current recommendation of the International Radiation Protection Commission, the people’s radiation limit must not exceed 5 mccosi (MSV) = 5000 micrus per year per person. Based on this, each person can accept 200 in -dental port X -rays per year, soDental X -ray check dosage is very low.

7, the replenishment will not be mad after the teeth.

Generally, the patient’s mentality thinks that the tooth that is made up is permanent, and will not be mad in the future.But think about it, a healthy and normal teeth will be mad. How can a replenishing teeth no longer be mad? Tooth decay is generally caused by bad eating habits and oral hygiene.The teeth are more likely to be again, which is called secondary caries.Therefore, it is necessary to keep oral hygiene. Once the filling material is filled, it is necessary to make up for it to avoid the generation of caries.

8. I’m too old to correct

Some patients think that they cannot be corrected, but this is actually wrong.There is no age limit for correction. Of course, the child correction time is faster. In addition, the effect is more effective.Adult correction time is relatively long, but it does not mean that adults are not suitable. Due to work relationships, adults do not accept people to see people, so they are not corrected.With the development of technology, there are currently invisible appliances, or tongue -side appliances to help such patients.

9. The doctor, please help me inlaid a better teeth (full mouth dentures), I want to bite bones and peanuts

Some elders fall off because their teeth are deteriorated, and they all have to teeth to fall off. They are required to inlay the full mouth to move dentures, but they hope to be used to bite, peanuts and other hard foods like real teeth., I ca n’t want to run like running. In fact, the whole mouth support has no real tooth support, and the chewing power is greatly reduced, which is more likely to shift and loosen.Fortunately, dental implants can greatly improve this situation.

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