To insist on doing this during pregnancy, you can greatly prevent breast sagging

In October in October, I finally gave birth to a baby. I thought it was finally liberated, but the reality was that the stomach was liberated, and the breasts began to go to the "battlefield" again.

During the breastfeeding days, mothers endured the pain of opening milk, crying, and more annoyance of milk, and less milk.When did it become so "dying".

This makes mothers who insist on breastfeeding can’t help wondering. Will breastfeeding cause breast drooping?What can I do to prevent breast sagging?

Today, I will solve the confusion for everyone.

Let’s eat a peaceful pill for mothers first, no.

Studies have shown that breastfeeding does not affect the shape and size of the mother’s postpartum breasts.If there must be a "person" responsibility for postpartum breast sagging, that is -pregnancy.

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After pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone in women have changed a lot, which in turn affects the extension of the catheter in the breast and increased the branch.Under normal circumstances, it is normal to increase the increase in breasts during pregnancy.

After that, under the action of gravity, the breast suspension and skin tissue were gradually stretched. As time, the elasticity naturally decreased.

From this point of view, the sagging of the breasts has actually begun during pregnancy. Regardless of whether the mother -in -law mothers have breastfeeding, the continuous pulling of the breast suspension ligament may cause postpartum breast sagging phenomenon.

Although pregnancy has an unprepared responsibility for breast drooping, there are still many mothers who are still strong after giving birth to their babies.From this point of view, as long as it can effectively "manage" the breasts and do a good job of prevention, it can largely prevent breast sagging.

1 Go, buy underwear

After many people become mothers, their chests open their self -mode.NO, NO, NO!You are comfortable, your breasts are "suffered".

Under normal circumstances, the breasts during pregnancy will increase about 2-3 cups. After the breastfeeding stage, the breasts will be full with the milk, empty, and reunited.In the case, if the breast has no external support, it is easy to droop.Therefore, undergoing pregnancy or lactation, underwear should be a good partner for mothers.

In addition, not only wearing underwear, but also suitable underwear.That is, wearing the right underwear according to the size of the breasts at different stages, too tight or loosening can not have a good support effect.

PS: Because the underwear is slightly different in terms of design, material, cup, etc., it is recommended that mothers choose to try when choosing underwear.

2 The body changes, don’t be too big

For many mothers, the period when pregnancy or breastfeeding period can be regarded as the most upper body change, either the weight gain during pregnancy, or the postpartum eager to recover the body and lose weight quickly.In fact, both practices are not proper, which is not conducive to breast firmness.

Let’s talk about weight gain during pregnancy.Generally speaking, under normal weight (BMI between 18.5-24.9), the entire weight growth range of the entire pregnancy is 11.5-16.0 kg.If you gain too much weight, you can imagine that the size of the breast will be a big change.

After talking about production, many mothers want to recover her figure quickly, so they try their best to lose weight. This is likely to cause the breast glands to be sharply reduced and the fat tissue is consumed quickly. In this case, the breasts will shrink, collapse or sag down.Essence

3 Breastfeeding posture, to be correct

Common breastfeeding postures include cradle, cross -crake type, rugby and side bedrooms.The correct breastfeeding posture not only allows the baby to eat breast milk smoothly, but also effectively prevent breast sagging.

If breastfeeding, the baby does not contain the entire nipples and most of the areola, that is, a wrong breastfeeding posture is used. At this time, it will excessively pull the nipples. Over time, it will easily cause breast sagging.

In addition, it is necessary to talk about the problem of big and small milk here. After all, the breast sagging can be saved in various ways, but if the baby is eaten with big and small milk, it will be miserable.

It is recommended that when breastfeeding, for the left and right breasts, it must be "stained with rain", or eat the left side first, and eat the right side next time.If you have the tendency of milk, remember to let your baby eat less side.

Here are the standards for judging breast sagging.

When the nipple position is lower than the folds of the breast, it can be judged to be drooping breasts.

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Seeing this, do many people be ecstatic? The breasts that they thought they thought were actually not the real breast drooping.(Haha, have you been around by the editor)

Let’s first rumor two small questions.

1 Papaya without breast enhancement

The reason why many people believe in papaya can breast enlargement because of papaya enzymes.But after eating this thing into the stomach, it is difficult to act on the chest after the gastric protease is broken down.

Of course, in addition to papaya, there are any coconut juice, trotters, and soy milk.

2 Massage without breast enhancement

Generally speaking, massage will increase the blood circulation around the breast, which can make the surrounding lymphatic system more common, which is actually a protection for breasts.But to say that the effect of breast enhancement is still too high.

It is important to be alert to the so -called chest essential oil massage, because it is difficult to figure out what ingredients are added inside.

Let’s talk about the method of rescue.

1 movement

You can do more chest expansion exercises, properly perform some chest muscles exercise, and help alleviate the phenomenon of breast sagging by improving and enhancing the strength of the pectoral muscle, thereby making the breasts look strong and full.

In addition, when running, jumping and other exercises, in order to avoid excessive pulling the breast hanging ligament and tissue, we must wear good supporting sports bras ~

2 Select the right underwear

A suitable underwear can at least help the breasts "rise" a step.

Still, how to choose underwear, the shopping guide is not counted, the treasure customer service is not counted, try it on, your chest is counted.

3 surgery

If the degree of sagging breasts has reached moderate or severe, it has affected normal life. In fact, you can also consider to achieve the desired effect through plastic surgery.Be sure to choose a regular hospital, start from your own situation, communicate with the doctor well, and obey the doctor’s guidance.

Seriously, if the breasts are destined to not resist the power of gravity, we can still try to reduce the aging of the suspension by strengthening exercise and maintaining good life and eating habits to fight the drooping breasts.

Of course, it is more important to have a healthy mentality and a good mood, which not only helps the recovery of the breast, but also effectively prevent female breast disease.Therefore, be sure to keep your mood happy ~

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