To fully understand the dog and cat’s pregnancy, from the pregnancy to the production period, you should master

Dogs and cats are very common pets around us, and they have the same time to breed new lives as humans.Because the pregnancy cycle and production period of dogs and cats have a lot of misunderstandings, here, we will combine the ancient words "Cat Three Dogs Four" to introduce the main points that dogs and cat pregnancy, preparation and production period need to pay attention to.

1. The pregnancy cycle of dogs and cats

Many shoveling officials believe that cats need to be pregnant for three months, while dogs take four months.In fact, this cognition is wrong.In modern medicine, the pregnancy cycle of dogs and cats is usually about two months, which is between 58 days and 71 days, and there are still some cases that will float.However, in ancient times, one day was just equivalent to our current half a day, so the actual time for cats to produce is one and a half months, and dogs take two months.

2. Points that need attention during pregnancy

Friends who have pets at home must understand that after dogs and cats enter pregnancy, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Pay attention to diet.At this stage, pets need a large amount of high -quality protein, and shoveling officers need to choose digestive ingredients for pets to meet their needs for nutrients such as protein.

2. Prepare medical examinations in advance.It is best to have a physical examination before pregnancy, because diseases such as Kitan AIDS and cat leukemia can be transmitted to the offspring through the mother.If you can ensure the safety of the cubs in advance and avoid malformations.

3. Reminder in advance.Because dogs and cats need about two months in the pregnancy cycle, it is important to do insect repellent in advance to ensure the health of the babies.

4. Pay attention to keep warm and ventilation.Dogs and cats are relatively fragile during pregnancy, so they need to pay attention to keep warm, but at the same time, the air flow of the room should be ensured to avoid the breeding of bacteria and germs caused by non -circulation of air.

Third, the main points that need attention during the production period

Dogs and cats will enter the production period during the 58th to 71 days during the pregnancy cycle.If pets are ready to produce, we do not recommend that shovel officers directly give birth to pets. It is best to ask experienced pet doctors to help.However, some dogs such as French Niu and Ying Niu need to have a cesarean section.Under a large number of cases, dogs and cats will handle production by themselves, and shovel officers need to give appropriate care and attention.

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