Three squares help you raise your soft hair

The hair is the second face. The hairstyle determines the face value of a person. After the hairline is 1 cm, the face value will drop by 20 points!Where is the less and less hair problems?

Hair loss is a physiological phenomenon, and hair loss must be treated

The drop of hair is a physiological phenomenon. Normal people will lose about 50-100 hair every day, and then there will be so many hair to supplement.Insufficient, this is severe hair loss.After a period of time, the hair will grow back again.And hair loss is a large amount of hair drop and cannot be regenerated.This requires a doctor for treatment.

These situations will seriously lose hair loss

Destinating weight loss weight decreases too fast

Pregnancy or just give birth to a child

Suddenly facing huge pressure

Disease or after surgery

After the contraceptive is stopped

Great stress or stimulation will cause excessive hair loss. Therefore, if the pressure is huge recently, it is normal for you to have severe hair loss. After adjusting your mentality, your hair can grow back.However, if you want to have a soft hair, care is essential.

These habits will hurt your hair too hard

If you pull rubber bands hard, the rubber band will break when it is ended, and the hair is the same.In life, hard -combed your hair, plate head, tight ponytail, and too tight hair clips will cause hair to fall off due to external force.

Suggestion: Comb on your hair gently and slowly. Do not drag hard. You can use less hair as much as possible. Learn to use conditioner to keep your hair from entangled with each other.

Washing your hair every day

Summer is here, and many people feel that their hair is greasy, and naturally wash their hair every day. Some people even wash each time in the morning and evening.In fact, although excessive cleaning removes the oil on the surface of the head, it is because there is no oil protection, the scalp and hair are prone to damage, dry, and more prone to dandruff and itching, which will also cause hair loss.And if you are in severe hair loss, you will see the black and beautiful hair from each time you washing, blowing your head, and combing your hair.

Suggestion: Generally, you can wash your head once a day in summer. If your oil secretion is strong, then the hair is almost the same in a week.

Straight, scalding, dyeing hair

There are people who love beauty, but don’t toss your hair too much.Regardless of whether it is chemical or hot, or bleaching, although most of the perm is contacting the hair follicles, it does not have much effect on it, but it will make the hair dry and fragile, and eventually breaks.The broken hair will not grow back immediately, and natural hair will look less.The biggest problem with hair dyeing is -it will cause skin allergies.Fortunately, such damage will slowly recover over time.Therefore, even if you love beauty, don’t often toss your hair.

Suggestion: Do not frequently damage your hair such as hair dyeing, perm, and bleaching. Otherwise, when your hair is long and waist, the male god has entered the auditorium with others.

Use errors for conditioner

When the scalp hair follicle is full of opening, do not apply the conditioner directly on the root of the hair to let the chemicals in the conditioner block the hair follicles.And if the conditioner is not rinsed, it will be easy to mix the dust attached the scalp, block the hair follicles, and if there is a problem with the hair follicles, the hair is naturally lost.

Suggestion: Use regular hair care products to minimize the damage of the outside hair, but you need to pay attention to the conditioner of the hair care.Be sure to rush quickly.

Hair dryer error

Most people use a hair dryer to put a hair dryer for a while after washing their heads, but do you know?The hair of the hair at the wind of the hair dryer is quickly lost. The temperature of the hair dryer is too high or too close to the scalp will make the hair dry and dry.You said who hurts your hair without injury.

Suggestion: The hair dryer can be used, but when used, the gear is smaller, the temperature is lower, and the distance is farther.Don’t be greedy.

3 dietary therapy and replenish liver and kidney away from hair loss

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "kidney and sutra, liver hiding blood, which is developing." That is, if the liver and kidney deficiency, lack of qi and blood, nutrients cannot be transported to the top of the head, the hair follicles on the head are not nourished and gradually withered.Hair loss will occur.Here I recommend a few simple dietary recipes.

Qi and blood, eat the eggs of Hefengwu Boiled Eggs

Symptoms: The hair is sparse at the same time with yellowing, fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, etc., you can eat some food therapy prescriptions that nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and heart.Here I recommend you He Shouwu cooking eggs.

Materials: Shouwu, eggs, green onions, ginger, seasoning

Method: Wash the 100g of Shouwu and wash the cut strips for 15 minutes with water, add 2 eggs, add green onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine, etc.After minutes, eat eggs and soup.

Liver and kidney yin deficiency eat walnut sesame porridge

Symptoms: The hair is fell off, the legal system is dry, accompanied by dizziness, insomnia, upset, hotness, soft waist and knees, etc., you can eat some food therapy prescriptions that nourish liver and kidney and nourish blood.Here I recommend walnuts and sesame porridge

Materials: walnut kernel 30g, sesame 30g, 100g of japonica rice

Method: Add japonica rice to cook porridge. When cooked 7 points, we can grind the walnut kernels and sesame seeds.

Black bean soup, the simplest food therapy

For early baldness, alopecia areata, postpartum hair loss, etc., the easiest way is to eat a bowl of raw black bean soup that nourishes liver and kidney and black hair.

Materials: 30g of black sesame, 30g of black beans, 12g wolfberry, appropriate amount of sugar

Efficacy: Wash the black beans, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, add black sesame seeds, wolfberry to cook for half an hour, and eat it with strap slag together. Add an appropriate amount of sugar when consumed.

Holy Ai Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum Tips: There are many reasons for hair loss. Once hair loss occurs, it must be treated early.The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, so the best way is to consult a professional doctor and treat symptomatic treatment.At the same time, pay attention to peaceful nutrition during treatment, supplement some trace elements and maintain a happy mood, reduce stress, and ensure sufficient sleep.

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