Three major issues in the breeding process of ewes, sheep farmers must prevent prevention

The current price of sheep is very good, and due to the facts of many factors, sheep prices will basically not fall sharply in the future. Under such a good market, sheep households can say that happiness will be awakened. HoweverThe sheep households couldn’t laugh. Although the price of sheep was good, the ewa could not breed the lamb normally. In this case, she could only watch others selling a batch of lambs to dry.Today, I will introduce the three major issues in the breeding process of the ewe. I hope that friends of sheep farmers must take precautions.

Cloth disease is also called Bacteria, Bruceta, etc. It is a kind of human and animals and animals. A considerable part of the sheep has sheep with the disease., And it will endanger the health of sheep raising households, making many sheep raising households talk about "cloth" color change. In case of accidental infection, it is troublesome.

The first child will have a miscarriage after the infection of the female infection. Generally, there will be abortion after 2 to 3 months after pregnancy. The placenta and amniotic fluid are gray -white or gray -yellow.Bringing bacteria, and will produce weak lambs and increase the incidence of breastitis, endometritis and fetal clothing.After the ram is infected, there will be reproductive organs inflammation and arthritis, such as testicular swelling, joint swelling, etc., which will be transmitted to the healthy ewe by breeding.

Once sheep suffer from cloth disease, there is basically no treatment value, because the treatment cycle of cloth disease has a long period of treatment, and it needs to be cured for 3 to 6 months.It will cause the sheep to reduce the resistance only. Third, it is easy to cause infection to the personnel during the treatment process. Therefore, it is not recommended to treat the sheep after the diseased disease. It should be eliminated for harmless treatment.

Sheep raising households should strengthen the prevention of cloth disease. Let me briefly talk about the prevention strategy of sheep cloth disease:

1. When citing the planting, the sheep only draws blood to test the cloth. As long as a group of sheep finds a cloth sick sheep, it is best not to quote in this group, so as not to bring a sheep with only bacteria or sheep infected with cloth disease.Essence

2. The sheep should be obtained 1 or 2 times a year. Generally, only the breeds and breeds can be checked. As long as there is no problem with breeding sheep, there will be no problem with the product sheep.It should be eliminated and increased the frequency of cloth disease examination. It is necessary to check more than 2 times a year, and then reduce the frequency of examination to 1 or 2 times per year for 3 consecutive years.

3. When discovering a sheep with symptoms of abortion and testicular enlargement, you should first draw the blood to check whether it is a cloth disease, and then treat it without the disease.

4. Usually do a good job of sanitary disinfection of sheep houses, and pay attention to their own protection. For example, when picking up the sheep, you must wear gloves and to wash your hands with soap after contacting the sheep.

Under normal circumstances, 2 to 3 months after the birth of the quantum will be estrus, so that it can meet the production requirements of 3 years of birth in 2 years.For example, for a long time after childbirth, no estrus, abnormal estrus, repeatedly matched infertility and early pregnancy abortion.

There are many causes of inflammation of the reproductive system in infection, such as infection through breeding ram during mating; the environment in the sheep house is poor and uninterrupted; vaginal dehydration, uterine detachment or miscarriage during the pregnancy of strokes;Improper labor and no antibacterial and anti -inflammatory after giving birth; ewa postpartum tire clothes are not lower.

Boy infection with reproductive system can be treated with comprehensive treatment. First of all, antibacterial drugs can be injected for antibacterial and anti -inflammatory. Picanomycin, pyromycin and cephalosporin sodium can be selected. Secondly500 ml of physiological saline adds 1 ~ 2 grams of chlinomycin or torticol as flushing medicinal solution. Finally, after antibacterial and anti -inflammatory treatment is treated, drugs can be used to promote ovulation.For some trees that cannot be performed normally and breeding, they should be eliminated in a timely manner.

Methods to prevent the infection of the ewalogen system:

1. Before breeding, deal with the germ organ for disinfection. Conditional sheep farmers (fields) are best to use artificial insemination to breed.

2. Do a good job of sanitation and disinfection of the environment of the sheep house, especially the sanitary disinfection work of the ewe to create a good life and production environment for the ewe.

3. Boy must be fed scientifically during pregnancy, and the amount of exercise is appropriately increased to reduce the difficulty of the difficulty. When the difficulty occurs, it must be scientifically assisted.

4. Antibacterial drugs can be injected 3 days after delivery, and drinking motherwort water (50 grams of motherwort or 100 grams of fresh water is boiled with 500 ml of fresh products, cold to drinking for ewes) to promote tire clothes and lochiaExcess.

Although some strokes can be estrus, breeding and production, the lambs produced are relatively weak, such as the lamb will not stand after birth, will not eat milk, poor resistance, etc., which leads to the incompleteness of the lamb.In the case, the survival rate of the lamb breaks should be more than 95%, and some sheep’s lambs will not even reach half of the lamb. In this case, the benefits of sheep raising will naturally be seriously affected.

The reason why the weak lambs are related to the health status of the ewe, more importantly related to breeding management during pregnancy during pregnancy.It will have a certain impact on the growth and development of the fetus, and in this case, the chance of weak lamb will be increased.

For weak lambs, we should strengthen care. After the lamb is born, clean up the mucus in the mouth and nose in time, and dry the mucus on the body or lick the ewe. Pay attention to windproof and insulation.Assisting his breastfeeding, you can put the lamb’s mouth on the nipples of the ewe to milk to eat the lamb. At the same time, you can feed the lambs of cod liver oil, multi -dimensional tablets and calcium tablets. Only in the ingestion of sufficient and comprehensive nutrition lamb will it be strong.

How to avoid having weak lambs:

1. Before breeding of the ewes, it must be adjusted. Only when the ewe has no health problems and recovers it to normal love, the breeding can be made.

2. The breeding management must be strengthened during pregnancy. The feed is reasonably supplied according to the emotions and nutritional needs of the ewe. The feed must be diversified. It is best to feed some green and juicy feeds in moderation to achieve a comprehensive and balanced nutrition.

3. During pregnancy, the amount of exercise and light should be appropriately increased to enhance the quality of high -quality lambs for the output of strokes.”划”

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