Three common sense of sexual life after pregnancy, each couple should see!Don’t take it seriously

Female friends will go through many special stages in their lives, of which pregnancy is a part of being paid attention to.Some researchers have statistics that in fact, during pregnancy, people will have a lot of confusion, such as sex.It is not easy to discuss sexual things with doctors. If you add pregnancy, it will be more difficult to speak.

But in fact, these doubts are normal, and you should maintain an open mind.Below, let’s answer the three major questions during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at it together:

Many husbands and wives are worried that sexual behavior will hurt their baby’s health, and some even fear that sexual behavior can really cause abortion.In fact, this does not need to be too filter.

Studies have shown that pregnant women in early abortion are usually caused by chromosomal abnormalities in the growing fetus or other reasons, and the current incidence of abortion is not particularly high due to sexual behavior.

Is it necessary for you or your partner to worry about sexual behavior "hurt" your baby?The baby is like a small pearl, lying comfortably on the soft bed of the mother’s uterus, which is protected by amniotic fluid and the muscles of the uterus itself in the mother’s uterus.

It should also be noted that women’s cervix is closed during pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry too much about accidentally hitting your baby during sex.

Although sexual behavior is usually safe during normal pregnancy, Xiaokang still has to remind them that for expectant mothers during the first three or four months of pregnancy, for safety reasons, if they are weak, try to try to try to try to be as weak.Avoid sexual behavior, especially too intense excitement.

That is to say, as long as it is not very fierce, the insertion is not very deep, and sexual life can be performed in the early pregnancy.In order to meet the sexual requirements of the husband, other methods can also be taken.Shining the sense of distance caused by pregnancy can also ensure safety.

If you have a bit of bleeding or bleeding during sexual behavior, you need to worry.Although this was normal in the first few months of pregnancy, the doctor warned that if the problem has not improved for a long time, you need to see the doctor.

After all, after pregnancy, it is more likely to be infected by bacteria before pregnancy, and the vaginal condition is different from usual. Even after normal sexual life, bacterial infections are prone to occur.So before the sexual life, the couple must clean the body.

Pregnant women who have experienced abortion and premature birth, and pregnant women with premature birth tendencies are best to stop sex after pregnancy.Pregnant women with bleeding and frequent abdominal pain should also avoid sexual life.

Kind tips

Early pregnancy sex life is better per month.During sexual intercourse, you should take post -position movements that do not compress the abdomen. The movements should be eased to avoid severe stimulation.Husband should care for her wife. For the health of the mother and child, it is recommended to minimize sexual life in the early days.

Preparation, severe moisture, kidney deficiency, weight loss, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, liver disease, skin disease, etc. How to regulate is the most effective?

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