Three -child mothers are rare pregnant belly: suspended half of the air forward, like a watermelon is questioned fake pregnancy

After pregnancy, looking at the rising stomach, I believe that every expectant mother will be unusually happy.Moreover, the elderly often listen to the elderly that a boy with a sharp belly has a girl with a round belly, but sometimes, some pregnant women’s belly shapes are neither sharp nor round, but they are another posture.

Recently, a third -born mother exposed her pregnant belly on the Internet, and instantly stunned a lot of netizens.I saw that the mother’s pregnant belly was not the same as our common pregnant belly. It was neither sharp nor round, but a protruding shape.

Normally, the pregnant belly will gradually become larger with the development of the fetus., Just support the mother’s stomach forward, without expanding to both sides.

I have to say that such a pregnant belly looks uncomfortable, and the pregnant pregnant women naturally don’t feel too comfortable, especially the skin that has been supported by it, it can be seen that the pressure of the pregnant belly bears the pressureNot small.

In order to make her pregnant belly show a horizontal state, pregnant women directly hold a bowl and put them on the stomach, and the bowl can be balanced in the stomach smoothly.It’s right.

Many netizens have said that for this mother’s rare pregnant belly: For the first time, even some netizens speculated that the mother had two babies in her belly. I was afraid that it was not a twin?

From the video, it is true that the mother’s pregnant belly is much larger than the pregnant belly of other pregnant women, but in fact, it is carefully observed and found that such a pregnant belly is more like a winter melon, which is "horizontal development".The shape of the belly, developing like a watermelon vertically.

In fact, Xiao Island is also curious about such a pregnant belly. After all, it is too different. In life, the chance of such a pregnant belly shape is relatively low.Such a pregnant belly is called "suspended belly", which is a shape of a pregnant woman during pregnancy, which is more common in the belly.

"Hanging belly" has a very beautiful alias called "back killer".Because the mother’s belly has developed vertically, she can hardly see that she is pregnant from behind her pregnant woman.However, the method of childbirth in the suspended belly can only be "cesarean section", because the fetus is suspended in the uterus, which is not easy to enter the pot.

The "suspended belly" has a very obvious disadvantage, that is, the first child of the women’s fruit is the "suspended belly", or the experience of "suspended belly" before, so no matter how many children are born, they will be a "suspended belly"Essence

It is like the pregnant mother in the above. When I was pregnant with a second child, my pregnant belly was like this, and after the third child was pregnant, the belly still did not escape the fate of the "suspended belly".

This is because the formation of the suspended belly is mainly due to the large amount of amniotic fluid, and the position of the pregnant woman’s uterus is relatively high. The fetus shows a "suspended" attitude in the belly.No matter how many times, the position of the pregnant woman’s uterus will not change. Therefore, there may be the same experience in the experience of suspended belly.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother has experienced a suspended belly, she must be mentally prepared to be pregnant again. After all, such pregnant belly is also uncomfortable.

Many mothers see their increasingly suspended belly, and look at the normal pregnant belly of other pregnant mothers. They immediately feel that they have any problems, and they are worried that such a pregnant belly will affect the health of the baby in the belly.

In fact, the shape of the pregnant belly has no effect on the fetus itself. Naturally, the pregnant belly is round or suspended, and there is no inevitable connection with the health and development of the fetus.

Generally speaking, the suspended fetus only needs to comprehensively evaluate the probability of natural delivery under the time near the childbirth. In most cases, you need to choose a caesarean section surgery.Because during childbirth, the screen gas with suspended belly will be severely affected, and it is generally difficult for mothers to use their strength.

Once the fetus is too long in the palace, it is easy to have the risk of respiratory distress. Therefore, for those pregnant women with suspended belly, which method is used to give birth, or to obey the doctor’s arrangement.

I want to say:

Pregnancy is not easy for every woman, and for pregnant mothers with suspended belly, there are only a lot of problems and difficulties in the process, so after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to avoid this to avoid this after pregnancy.The emergence of planting stomach.

The best way to avoid is to control the diet and ensure that the weight does not have excessive growth, naturally it can largely reduce the appearance of the "suspended belly".

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