Those with asymptomatic infection in Nanchang smoothly produce child nucleic acid initial screening negative

"Thank you for the Affiliated Hospital, and thank you all the angels in white. Because of you, my baby will come safely!" At 3:50 pm on March 20th, in the infection building in the Xianghuyuan District, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, oneLi Xiao (pseudonym), who is asymptomatic in the new coronal virus, completed a caesarean section.This is the first time that Jiangxi Province has successfully performed a caesarean section for the Omikon mutant BA.2 infected person.

Li Xiao is 31 years old and lives in a high -tech zone. He has been pregnant for 40 weeks. He has infected with the strains of Omiko and needs to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The situation was special and urgent. The first acacia of NTU immediately launched an emergency plan and opened the "green channel" to escort the mother.At 2:01 pm on the same day, the mother was transferred to the infection building of Xianghu District, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University through a 120 ambulance in the medical center of major public health events in Jiangxi Province.

"After the women’s gynecology was admitted to the hospital, we immediately conducted a examination and consultation with her, and found that the baby’s body was large and could only perform a caesarean section." According to Wan Junhui, director of the dangerous maternity center,The medical staff in the isolated area immediately sent the mother to the negative pressure operation room to prepare for surgery. The surgery was headed by Yin Chunhua, deputy director of Wan Junhui and the deputy director of the Critical Maternity Maternity Center.

Under the cooperation of obstetrics, pediatrics, anesthesia surgery and respiratory, and critical condition, medical staff strictly carried out personal protection in accordance with the protection requirements, overcome unfavorable conditions such as difficulty in surgical visual respiratory, and inconvenient operations.EssenceAfter 25 minutes of the operation, a baby boy successfully cut out.After the baby was born, the medical staff quickly discovered that the child had suffocation. Under the precise judgment and rapid rescue, the baby turned in danger after 1 minute, and made the first cry, allowing the medical staff to hang down.

"We always adhere to the people’s supremacy and life first, and comprehensively form the situation of epidemic prevention and control and daily medical treatment." According to Zhang Wei, senior expert group leader of the Jiangxi Province Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters, Zhang WeiIn response to this epidemic, the hospital strictly follows the requirements of the "Three Districts, Two Channels", and adopts classification and stratification measures to infect the building, and conduct efficient arrangements, thorough arrangements, and carefully deployed in the operating room, auxiliary inspection and other areas in the building, and carefully deployed it to allow them to make it.Patients can complete the entire process diagnosis and treatment activities without going out of the building.At the same time, under the premise of strictly doing the prevention and control of the epidemic, the hospital went all out to meet the normal medical needs of the patient, and opened up different paths for patients with different types of patients.

"At present, whether the new crown virus Omikon strain will be passed to the child through vertical pathway? This is what we are paying very much. As soon as the baby is born, we make an oral and pharynxes for it.Xiang Tianxin, the chief expert of the Medical Center and Director of the Medical Center of major public health incidents, told Tianxin that at present, the mother and child are safe, and the baby is separated in the observation ward.(Yang Zhen Photography)

(China Daily Jiangxi Reporter Station Reporter Wang Jian)

Source: China

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