Those things about pregnancy reimbursement and birth checkup

October in her pregnancy, once gave birth.Nowadays, people are not as quiet as in ancient times to raise their bodies and wait for the baby to be born.With the improvement of medical technology and the call to respond to the national eugenics and eugenics, the tedious and complex production inspection process and fertility allowance reimbursement process allows most Baoma to be confused. Let ’s summarize a complete step.References together.

I am coordinating Hefei, ordinary employee insurance in Hefei City, which is paid by the unit.Therefore, the maternity time and fertility allowance of children are required by the normal Hefei Municipal Social Security Bureau.Therefore, for the normal reimbursement and postpartum fertility allowance during pregnancy, the process below is indispensable.

Step 1: File files, about 12 weeks of pregnancy, to build files at the community hospital where you are located, pay attention to bring your own real estate certificate, wedding certificate, ID card, and check B copy order.

Step 2: After applying for a maternity certificate, after the completion of the file, go to the neighborhood committee where your residence is located to apply for a standard certificate, and bring your own booklets, household registration, ID card, and husband and wife marriage certificate.Generally, in a few days, the neighborhood committee will notify you to get a childbirth certificate. After the completion of the community, the community will return to visit your health after some time.

Step 3: Online fertility filing. Only when the record is recorded can we use maternity insurance for production inspection reimbursement and subsequent maternity allowances. Log in to the public account of Hefei Medical Insurance to operate, upload your own maternity certificate, ID number, and inspection hospitals.EssenceNote that there is an option in which the problem of how to fill in the fertility allowance, one is to send it to a personal medical insurance card, and the other is to send it to the designated bank card to see the choice of personal needs (this is currently required by Hefei).Fill in the information submission according to the steps, and then wait for the review whether to pass it.

Step 4: NT examination, this is the first and more important inspection of the birth check.It is usually done in 12 weeks.NT examination, also known as "transparent scanning in the back of the neck", is a method that measures the thickest part of the intramid and transparent layer of the fetal neck through B -ultrasound.Called early Tang’s screening.If you have any problems, further inspection is generally required.

Step 5: Tang’s screening, this is a very important inspection. Generally, the examination is generally 14-19 weeks. The community hospital provides that kind of free examination, which can be drawn, but the accuracy rate is not high. The test results are divided into points.It is low risk, critical risk, and high risk.Generally, older women do not recommend that because of the low probability of low risk, they need to go to the hospital for further examination.At that time, I rely on my younger Tang family to screen for a free Tang family. As a result, the high risk came out by 1: 5. At that time, I scared me half to death.The risk of making non -invasive theory was too high to do amniotic fluid puncture, but I was afraid that I would not say it for a month, and it took me 5,000.So if you can do it for free, don’t do it for free.The preferred non -invasive DNA, there is a problem with further sheep wear.

Step 6: If everything goes smoothly is 20 to 23 weeks, this should be made up about one month in advance.Because the examination time is relatively long, if the baby does not cooperate, there are also the hospitals for several times.

Step 7: Small crowding.Generally, in about 27 weeks, like a large row of deformed examination, it is only to further confirm the development of the fetus. It is also necessary to make an appointment in advance. I remember that the doctor had an appointment with the big row in advance at that time.

Step 8: Sugar -resistant, the focus of this production examination is the screening of gestational diabetes.Multi -blood drawing is needed.No need to make an appointment in advance.

Step 9: The above inspections have been passed smoothly. Congratulations to Baoma for temporarily relaxing. Before 34 weeks, you only need to go to the hospital for fetal heart monitoring regularly to ensure that the baby can develop normally in the stomach.

Step 10: Evaluate your baby’s development.It is usually about 34 ~ 35 weeks.The back is basically fetal heart monitoring, waiting for the baby to come smoothly.

If the above processes are completed, the medical insurance card is settled directly with the inspection. Pay attention to the quota of the medical insurance card reimbursement of the production inspection, and it will not be able to report it. In the end, it is better to get the medical insurance card to get the medical insurance card.Fertility allowances are generally issued on your bank card or medical insurance card next month.This is all the content I summarized. Finally, I hope that every Baoma has a green light all the way to give birth to a healthy and lovely baby.

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