This is also Japan: Fengchen women are pregnant unexpectedly, and the fetus is reluctant to abandon.

One day in June this year, Osaka Police received a 110 alarm call.A passerby smelled a bad smell when a parking lot in the center of Osaka.

The police arrived at the scene, and the stench came from a handbag bag that I didn’t know who was placed in the parking lot.Inside is a baby body that was covered in a plastic bag.The corpse is about 40 cm long, it has been rotten, and it is difficult to distinguish gender.

Police arrested the suspect Yoshida Yijia two weeks after investigating the surveillance videos and witness testimony around the survey.

28 -year -old Yoshida Yoshijia is not only abandoned, but also the biological mother of this baby.

Yoshida Yoshijia is a dusty woman, and the child is a male guest.Most of the male guests are just one side, and she does not know who the child’s father is.The child died in his life.

If you only see roughly, and combined with endless similar incidents, it is difficult to sympathize with this woman.Until mid -September, the first public trial of Yoshida Yijia’s abandoned corpse case was opened for the first time. Her life experience so far was shown in front of the world.

Yoshida Yijia was born in Hokkaido.After graduating from high school, he went to a cosmetic school.She has no father, and her uncle supports the family economy.During the death, her uncle died, and she had to drop out of school.

In order to maintain her livelihood, she went to work in a custom store to earn money.Later, because of the money at home, she was rebuked by her mother. She chose to run away from home.

▲ Girl from home on the streets of Kabukicho, Tokyo

▲ Girls who are engaged in "street" on the streets of Kabukicho

Yoshida Tori is very primitive to live her own way, or it is still a culprit, which lives on the betrayal of the flesh.She first went to the "Street" to develop a living in Tokyo, and went to Osaka two years ago.

Like many people who make a day of work for a day, how can she save a lot of money, she can’t save the first fee of renting a house. She can only go around in various cheap business hotels.The hotel room is both a place to live and a place for her flesh business.

▲ Osaka’s "Street Puppet" La Guest scene

Last summer, I suddenly felt nauseous.After a few days, she realized that she might be pregnant, and the child was a male guest.

She faced all of this and did not take any corresponding measures.Pregnancy does not belong to the category of illness. If there is medical insurance, she has no money to go to the hospital for examination or perform an artificial abortion surgery.

There is no concept of "seeking administrative help" in her mind, and she is unwilling to face up to pregnancy. She just wants to avoid it.

In this way, the stomach is getting bigger every day.In April this year, she gave birth to a baby girl in the hotel room.Unfortunately, the child neither cried nor moved.She understands that the child is dead.

Unlike other incidents, unlike women who can’t wait to abandon the corpse, Yoshida puts the child’s corpse into a plastic bag, tied it, and put it in a handbag bag, and drift with her with her.

From April to June, in more than two months, she brought this dead child to various hotels.Whenever she wants to stay in a hotel for a flesh business, she stores the paper bag to the coin -invested storage box.This is repeatedly repeatedly.

For the last time, she had no money.Put the paper bag in the storage box, without coin, the door is so half open.She thought, if it was found, it would be discovered.

Why do you have no money and run around with the bodies of the baby, do n’t find a place to deal with it?

Yoshida Yoshijia said that once it was found, she would be considered a murderer who killed the baby. She wanted to protect herself.At the same time, she felt guilty about the child she had given, and had a sense of lingering, so she couldn’t bear to abandon her.

After the child’s body was discovered, she felt that the child was saved.The baby can get the normal process, enter the soil, and rise to the sky as soon as possible.

Yoshida Yijia’s words in the court are extremely moving.

A street secretly indifferent to life did not want to get pregnant at all, and she was pregnant with a child who did not want, but when her child was born, her motherhood awakened a little bit, and could not be indifferent as before.

She acknowledged all allegations in court.

In the end, the judge was sentenced to one year and 6 months in prison for Yoshida Yoshida Yoshida.

▲ The trial scene of this case

Yoshida Yoshijia said that she was sorry for her dead baby. In the future, she will no longer "sell spring", and she will no longer do "work at night". She needs to find a serious job and work hard to live.

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