This common gynecological disease may lead to premature birth of the fetus.

Vaginitis is a relatively common gynecological disease. Some people say that vaginitis is like a cold for women. It is very common. Almost every woman’s life may suffer from vaginitis.This disease always recurrent, and it seems that it does not eradicate a lot of medicines, and it will also affect pregnancy.

In fact, vaginitis is divided into many types. From the perspective of pathogenic causes, the effects of different pathogens are different. Today we will mainly talk about vaginitis that will affect the fetus.Bacterial vaginal disease

When suffering from this kind of vaginitis, it is easy to cause premature birth.The main symptoms are vulva discomfort, itching, increased secretions, and secretions with a fishy smell.

This is a vaginitis that is easily suffering from pregnancy, and it is also a kind of inflammation that has a great impact on the fetus.

In this case, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time. Doctors will arrange for the patient to protect the fetus for the patient’s medication according to the pregnancy situation. The treatment effect with treatment is usually very good and most of them can be cured quickly.Vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease

Due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, it is easy to stimulate the growth of fake yeast.So this disease is more common during pregnancy.The main symptoms are vulvar itching, increased secretions, and bean slag like leucorrhea.

This disease does not have much impact on pregnancy itself, but if the fetus is delivered through vaginal delivery during delivery, newborn goose can occur after the birth of the newborn.

Seek medical treatment in time. Once diagnosis is confirmed, doctors can take some measures to prevent medications from being affected.gonorrhea

This is a common transmission of infectious diseases that can cause gonorrhea vaginitis and cervicitis.

There are generally no obvious clinical symptoms during pregnancy, and the disease itself does not cause premature birth, but the baby is easily infected with the eyes during the birth canal, forming a neonatal gonococcus conjunctivitis, which is the main reason for the blindness of the newborn.

At present, this project will be conducted in the conventional inspection in my country. I hope that everyone can pay attention to and actively treat them on time, so as not to be ignored, so as not to neglect to bring irreparable regrets to the children in the future.Genital warts

Strictly speaking, this is a special inflammation of the vagina. It has a small impact on the fetus during pregnancy, but if the baby is born into the secretion in the birth canal, it is possible to occur in the adolescence of the child.Doctors generally recommend that pregnant women who have not cured reproductive tract at childbirth have cesarean section during childbirth.


This is a bacteria that exist in the vagina. It generally does not cause any problems to the fetus during pregnancy, but it is easy to cause newborn infection and cause risk of newborn.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women with high risk factors can conduct this examination during pregnancy.

Because the cause of vaginitis is that the micro -ecological in the vagina has lost balance, and the pH value (normal pH ≤ 4.5) we learned in junior high school has changed, resulting in the growth of the bacteria in it, and it has moved to an unhealthy direction.EssenceSo most vaginitis can actually prevent it.What we need to do is: Do not blindly use the nursing solution and other cleaning liquids to clean the vulva underwear every day. Try to dry it under the sun and wipe the butt after wiping your butt to prevent the bacteria in the feces from being worn by the vulva and vagina.Cotton and other breathable underwear, avoid wearing thongs, tight jeans, etc. or too tight pants

As for vaginitis that always recur, most of them are actually caused by irregular treatment or incomplete.For example, some women have disappeared after a few days of medication. Worried that antibacterial drugs have side effects, they will stop the medicine by themselves. In fact, this will cause the bacteria of relatively resistant to the drug to grow crazy.As a result, inflammation is repeated and cannot be eradicated.

Therefore, if you want to treat vaginitis, on the one hand, you need to treat symptomatically, on the other hand, you must use enough days. Generally, it is recommended to continue to use two cycles after the symptoms disappear, and then stop the drug after review.

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