These three kinds of pain occur during pregnancy, which may be calcium deficiency, pregnant mothers quickly make up

These three kinds of pain occur during pregnancy, which may be calcium deficiency, pregnant mothers quickly make up

As we all know, after pregnant women are pregnant, babies in the abdomen want to develop, and the nutrition is from her mother.Of course, it also includes calcium.Therefore, this will cause pregnant women to increase the demand for calcium during pregnancy.If you do not pay attention to calcium, you will have calcium deficiency, which may cause the baby’s bones and brain to leak, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to calcium intake before pregnancy.During pregnancy, there are 3 kinds of pain that causes pregnant mothers to suffer. This may be the symptoms of calcium deficiency. Pregnant mothers quickly supplement calcium and make up.


During pregnancy, many expectant mothers have loose teeth and pain.In fact, this is mainly due to changes in hormone secretion and dental caries after pregnancy, and then toothache occurs.In addition, the pregnant mother must know that the teeth are mainly calcium. If the pregnant mother lacks calcium during pregnancy, it can easily cause the teeth to loosen and then the pain.

Cramp at night

Mom often feels like this during pregnancy, that is, sleep well, and suddenly there will be calf cramps, and it is likely to make it difficult for you to fall asleep and affect your mother’s sleep quality.This phenomenon, especially for elderly pregnant women, is more common.In fact, many pregnant mothers have cramps at night, and there are various reasons, such as colds, wrong sleeping postures, or calcium deficiency, which can cause leg cramps in pregnant women.

joint pain

We all know that after pregnancy to middle and late pregnancy, the baby’s weight gradually increases, the mother’s weight increases, and due to the reaction of progesterone, it is likely that the pregnant mother’s joint ligament is loose, and the back pain will become more obvious.Therefore, when pregnant mothers have this situation, think about whether calcium supplement.

How to add calcium?

If pregnant women have calcium deficiency, they can choose food supplements, for example, milk, sesame paste, nuts, etc. There are many calcium in it.In addition, if you can expose the sun, it can be formed by the vitamin D, which can absorb calcium.If the mother is severely deficient in calcium during pregnancy, calcium should be supplemented, but they should be directed by the doctor.

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