These factors during pregnancy will affect the size of the pregnant woman’s belly. Do you know?

After pregnancy, the stomach may not change much in the past few months. When the pregnant woman’s belly, the naked eye of the pregnant woman becomes larger, that is, we usually say that each other is not the same.EssenceSome time ago, Zhang Hong was misunderstood because of the size of the belly.

She has been pregnant for seven or eight months, but her belly looks like a pregnant woman who is pregnant for eight months. She has only increased by more than ten pounds than usual.Like a person, every time you see others, you will bring misunderstandings. Others always think that she is deliberately losing weight. She has always persuaded her to eat more for her children. You want to lose weight. The reality is that she did not deliberately lose weight.It’s just that this is the constitution.The size of the fetus is not as small as the belly that has not been too large, and it develops well in all aspects.

So why does Zhang Hong have this situation?This is to say that it is not obvious, and it is impossible to show different performances. So what are the main factors?Let’s take a look at those things about the size of the pregnant woman’s belly today.

First of all, if you want to figure out what factors that affect the size of the pregnant woman’s belly, you must first understand how much things are in the pregnant woman’s belly.The content of the contents of subcutaneous fat, uterus, bladder, fetal life under the methamphetamine in the environment of the pregnant woman’s circle of bulging belly.The size of the pregnant woman’s belly does not reflect the size of the fetus. The following factors are related to the size of the pregnant woman.

1. Pregnant women’s normal body shape and constitution

In reality, it is not that every pregnant woman will not be recognized after she is pregnant. The size of the belly and personal endowment of the pregnant woman after pregnancy is not obvious.People with a thin body and thicker subcutaneous fat will become bigger after pregnancy, even bigger to affect their actions.

2. How much is the fetus in the belly

This is the most direct factors. Obviously, the stomach of a pregnant woman who is pregnant with a child is incomparable with two or even multiple fetuses.The fetus’s head will be smaller than singles. In order to satisfy their growth, each fetus is desperately competing for limited resources for their own development.

3. The influence of the pelvis

Due to physiological reasons, women’s pelvis is larger than men, but the situation of different women’s pelvis is not the same. The volume of women with a wide pelvic woman with a wide pelvic will become larger.There will be unpredictable situations, but the benefit of wide pelvis is that it is more favorable during childbirth.

After reading the above, don’t misunderstand it because the fetus is in poor development.

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