These 6 "signs" show that you are pregnant!

Many mothers often ask: In addition to the early pregnancy test strip, which aspects can they be used to see if they are pregnant?

The expectant mothers who are usually pregnant will have the following signs in the early days, so if women have these situations, they must be highly vigilant if they are "good pregnancy".

1. sensitivity

Most of the women who are just pregnant do not feel much. They can’t see any changes in appearance, but some pregnant mothers may have some signs and discomfort.

Pregnancy may make pregnant women sensitive to anything, always smell a special taste, and also have new preferences for the taste.Some pregnant mothers even have the taste of smelling gasoline since pregnancy, but because car tail gas has greatly harmed the baby’s baby, this preference during pregnancy still needs to be appropriately controlled.

2. Early pregnancy is very similar to the early cold

The pregnant mothers who are just pregnant will feel that they are hot, and they are still a little bit of fatigue; or they feel cold, sleepy, and feel a little sleepy in the morning, like the symptoms of early colds.Even if there is no plan to get pregnant, married women must always think of being pregnant. Don’t think it is a cold and take some medicine.

3. Frequent urination and urination feels endlessly

Some pregnant mothers will have symptoms similar to mild urine tract infections: some frequent urination and feel of endless urination.Usually, urination is not frequent, and you may find a bathroom several times when you go to the streets after pregnancy.However, frequent urination is not the inherent symptom of pregnancy. Mild urology infection or inflammation of the urethral mouth will also show frequent urination. This requires female friends to identify it.

4. Vulvar discomfort

The embryo is implanted in the endometrium and is ready to build nests for herself. At this time, the pregnant mother’s lower abdomen may be a little uncomfortable or painful, and it will feel similar to dysmenorrhea, but it is not very strong.The vaginal discharge seems to have a faint bloodshot. Medically, this phenomenon is called "implantation of bleeding", but the incidence of bleeding in life is very low.

5. Change of skin and breasts

Many women find that their faces in the mirror are pale, eyelids are a little pale after removing makeup or washing their faces, and have obvious bags under the eyes. This is also a signal of pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers may also feel breast tenderness. This is a pregnancy signal sent by the breast, and you are prepared for your breastfeeding baby.However, these reactions are similar to before menstruation. Sometimes they ca n’t distinguish whether they are going to menstruation, or they are already pregnant.If you feel a bit tight, you should change to a loose; if you are still wearing a tight underwear, you should also replace it with soft and loose underwear.

6. Emotional change

The pregnant mother who is just pregnant may be very unstable. She was still cheerful just now, but now she is full of sorrow; she laughs and laughs a minute ago, but now she is silent.

The people around you will feel that your emotions have changed a lot, especially in the face of your husband, your emotions fluctuate more.You can’t be aware, but you do become impatient, impatient, and not pleasing to the people around you.Emotional is unstable, and sometimes feels depressed.

The six symptoms introduced earlier are the most prone performances in the stage of pregnancy. New standard mothers without experience can judge whether they are pregnant early based on these performances. If you want to confirm your pregnancy, you still have to go to the hospital to test the blood and see the progesterone and the progesterone and the hospital.HCG’s indicators, or do B -ultrasound to see if there are fetal heart buds.

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