These 5 factors have led to the failure of "fertilized eggs" in bed, and a reasonable diet allows pregnancy to do more with less.

A family, two people are combined because of love. After marriage, many couples also want a baby, so that the family is complete.

For conception, the first step is to make the fertilized eggs better in the uterine endometrium

Then some women will have this state. In the process of preparing for pregnancy, they have a feeling of pregnancy, but in the actual test, there is no real pregnancy, so this situation may be that fertilized eggs fail to bed.

What can the fertilized egg fail to bed? Is there a way to better improve the conception?

In fact, this is a very wonderful thing, and there are certain scientific laws.

Fertilized eggs in bed usually do not feel much. Only individual sensitive women will have slight abdominal pain, or bleeding, and so on.

After fertilization, fertilized eggs will slowly split, and it will become many cells to form embryos.

Then the embryo will go to bed in the endometrium, and then continue to evolve into more cells. If progesterone is produced, it means that the bed is smooth, and it will be detected for a while, otherwise it will fail.

What are the reasons for the failure of "fertilized eggs"?

1) The immune antibody problem in women’s body

For some women, due to physical differences, there will be some antibodies that resist fertilized eggs, or they will directly prevent the combination of eggs and sperm.This will naturally lead to the failure of pregnancy.

2) Women’s progesterone secretion problem

Some women’s progesterone secretion is low, so even if the fertilized eggs are bed in bed, due to the reasons of progesterone, the endometrium is abnormal and it is difficult to better stable fertilized eggs.

3) The quality of fertilized eggs

If the quality of the fertilized eggs is relatively low, then the first process of bed may be eliminated directly, so how can you talk firmly?

4) Excessive mental tension

Some women may be a baby for the first time, and it is always a state of pregnancy. It may be very nervous in emotion, which will cause their own endocrine disorders, which will cause hormones to be abnormal, which will also cause fertilized eggs to fail to bed.

5) The problem of the uterus itself

A good uterine environment is also the key to the successful bed of fertilized eggs. Then when the woman’s uterus itself has a problem, it will inevitably lead to the failure of the fertilized egg to bed!

The above is the cause of the failure of "fertilized eggs". So how can women who are prepared to better increase the chance of conception? In fact, according to research, a reasonable diet has played a critical role.

1) Black beans

Black beans are very beneficial to implantation of fertilized eggs. It contains a lot of estrogen, and it is also conducive to women’s qi and blood.

2) Soymilk

Studies have shown that soybeans are rich in isoflavones, which can well supplement the body’s estrogen, which is also conducive to implantation.You can usually add some in the porridge, or drink some soy milk.

3) Vegetables containing a large amount of dietary fiber

Rich vegetables and fruits, especially those containing a lot of dietary fiber, can eat more as possible for women who prepare for pregnant women. This will not only help the digestion of the gastrointestinal and intestines, but also effectively promote the implantation of fertilized eggs!

1) Cold food

For women who prepare for pregnancy, it is best not to eat foods that are too cold, such as crabs, ice cream, etc. These will cause contractions and cause the uterus to be too excited, so that the fertilized eggs cannot be better stable.

2) Foods that are easy to get angry

It is not recommended to eat more foods that are easy to get angry during pregnancy, especially during the fertilized eggs, such as baking skewers, hot pot, and some spicy fried foods. In severe cases, the fire will cause abortion.

【Mom Sending】

Every parent wants to have a healthy and lovely baby, so in the pregnancy stage, we must pay as reasonable diet as much as possible.

Try to make high -quality fertilized eggs in bed in the uterus and let the baby grow up a little bit in the mother’s belly!

【Topic today】

Do you have any good way to improve pregnancy, can you leave a message to share!

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