There will be a reaction of nausea and vomiting at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Is it normal?Bao Ma said to use these 6 methods to relieve

Friends Doudou is pregnant for 12 weeks, and every day I see food, there is still a reaction to nausea and vomiting.She listened to others that in general, 3 months of pregnancy, all early pregnancy reactions disappear, and why would she still vomit?Is there anything abnormal?In order to solve this question, she made a special trip to drink morning tea to exchange experience during pregnancy.I looked at her anxious and anxious look, and said to her with a smile, "Don’t worry, my daughter is still vomiting for 5 months? Fortunately, after 12 weeks, your pregnancy will slowly disappear automatically."After listening, Doudou finally showed a smile.

Well, today we will talk about the problem of early pregnancy reactions.When will the early pregnancy response start?

A series of early pregnancy reactions usually occur in women’s pregnancy. Common symptoms are: loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, low fever, greasy greasy, partial food, bloating, dizziness, fatigue, and drowsiness.Early pregnancy reactions generally appear around 6 weeks of pregnancy, and gradually become obvious. In the 9th to 11th weeks, it is the heaviest. Generally, it is relieved and disappeared at about 12 weeks without treatment.Pregnant mothers have an early response and generally do not affect work.Of course, vomiting during pregnancy varies from person to person, and a small number of people will continue until the middle of pregnancy or even more.

One: What factors are related to the early pregnancy reaction?

Regarding the causes of early pregnancy reactions, there are various claims in the people, which are generally considered to be related to the following factors.

1. It is related to the role of chorionic gonad hormones

When a woman’s menopause is 40 days, the content of fluffy gonadotropin in the body has gradually increased, and the highest is 60-70 days.This corresponds to the occurrence of pregnancy vomiting. When natural abortion, artificial abortion or fetal death occur, pregnancy vomiting disappears.

2. Protect the fetus

Among the foods taken by pregnant women every day, there are some ingredients that are not good for fetal development. The unfavorable ingredients cannot be regarded as "toxins" by the fetus. Through the mother’s pregnancy, "detoxification" is "detoxified". Pregnant mothers should not force vomiting.

3. Other factors:

Pregnancy vomiting may also be the result of a comprehensive effect of various factors, such as the mental factors of pregnant women, autonomous nerve disorders, progesterone rise, infection of Helicobacter pylori, vitamin B6, and so on.These conditions will increase the early pregnancy vomiting reactions.

Two: How to overcome early pregnancy reactions?

Early pregnancy reactions generally do not need to be treated. In order to go through early pregnancy, pregnant mothers can reduce the response through the following methods.

1. Understand related medical knowledge.

Understanding life is a natural process, accompanied by bitterness, increasing its tolerance to early pregnancy.

2. Strengthen physical exercise

Especially to develop the habit of non -picky eaters.Because a person with poor constitution, the environment changes slightly because of inappropriate adaptation.Pregnant mothers can do some relaxed exercises, such as walking and yoga.

3. Choose your favorite food

If you can eat, you can eat; you can eat as much as you can.During this period, the fetus is still small, and it does not need much nutrition, and the usual diet is enough.

4. Eliminate psychological burden

Don’t think too much, try to eliminate the psychological burden on pregnancy, and learn to adjust your emotions.Doing what you like to do in your free time is not desirable all day, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

5. The family’s consideration

Early pregnancy reactions and emotional instability will affect the normal life of pregnant women, which requires the help and understanding of family members.Family people should understand what an early pregnancy reaction is, and actively share housework, so that pregnant mothers can easily pass the pregnancy reaction period.

6. Correctly understand pregnancy "drama vomiting"

Early pregnancy reactions generally do not affect pregnant women and fetuses, but the "vomiting" of "drama" is not the other. If the vomiting is severe and cannot eat, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Early pregnancy reactions at different time periods are different. Pregnant mothers can do this: In the morning, don’t get up immediately, eat some foods, such as drinking a cup of tea, or eating two pieces of biscuits.During the day, when you are a little comfortable, eat some foods such as a few slices of steamed buns, breads, biscuits or apples.

In short, early pregnancy is a happy and difficult process. As long as the pregnant mother relaxs and maintains a good mentality, this stage can quickly pass.

Today’s topic: Are you pregnant?How long have you vomited?

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