There were five abortion before marriage, and now she cannot be pregnant, and her husband is violent again by her husband. Where should she go?

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Wang Ya lived with her boyfriend before getting married. Because of her ignorance, she did not know how to contraception. She had produced four times during the period, and severely injured her body. After marriage, she could not get pregnant.In disheartened, Wang Ya took the initiative to divorce.

One year later, Wang Ya remarried again. The current husband Li Tieli also has a son. He is a twelve -year -old boy who is studying in the fifth grade of elementary school.After marriage, Li Tie did not allow Wang Ya to make money at work and let her take care of her children at home.

Wang Ya obediently listened to her husband’s words at home and took care of the child’s living at home, picking up the child to go to school.

Wang Ya knows that the stepmother is not easy to do, so it is very good for the child. However, the child listened to the challenge of her biological mother and let him do anything at home. When he is a young master at home, he can go to anyone at home.Wang Ya’s dedication not only did not appreciate it, but even abused her stepmother.

Once because Wang Ya went to pick up the child a little later, the child scolded her as soon as she returned home, and let her roll. This is not your home, but you forced my mother away. You quickly leave me!

Wang Ya was sad and couldn’t help asking the child. Am I not good at you?Have I hit you and scolded you?The child replied that you are very good to me, and have never hit me, but I just hate you and don’t like you!

Wang Ya wanted to say something. Her husband Li Tie saw all this when he returned, and hurried over to tell his child to let him go back to his room, and then said nothing about his wife, and Wang YahaoWithout the power of returning, he had been beaten with a swollen face and a pain. He couldn’t get up on the ground. The husband stopped and went to bed to rest.

Wang Ya was sad and sad, and he reported the police in a full anger. The police came soon. The husband came to the house when he saw the police suddenly came to the house. At the beginning, he was very surprised and nervous. However, he quickly calmed down and started to start.A effort to admit to the police wrong and say good words, and apologize to his wife Wang Ya. Wang Ya saw that he was so sincere, but could not bear the husband’s being taken away by the police. He could forgive him for a while.

However, do you think that such a husband can change his self -renewal and re -people?how can that be possible?Wang Ya’s tolerance not only did not allow her husband to have a trace of changes and convergence, but instead became more intensified, and she had to enter the foot, and she exerted a worse scolding and torture to her.

For four years of marriage, there are countless domestic violence, and Wang Ya is very painful and thought about divorce. However, she feels that she is already a second marriage and she will not have a child. When she thinks of these, she is discouraged, but she is not as good as this life.The day of death made her feel painful, so I asked us all, I hope we can help her, what should she do to get rid of this dark life?

First of all, I don’t think she cares about her body, because people who don’t love herself will not live. The reason why her life lives so tragic and happy is caused by her ignorance and ignorance!

First of all, she had a three -time abortion before marriage. Even if she was young and ignorant, she accidentally became pregnant. Is that the second time, did she not know how to contraception?What is the solution that can be solved by a condom, why not, who can be responsible for you?

Can your boyfriend be responsible for you?Are you not sensible and he doesn’t know how to be sensible?If he can feel bad about you and cherish you, how can you make you a continuous abortion of pregnancy? He only cares about his own comfort, and also takes care of your body will be damaged?What kind of man is this, and only you can look at him, prove that you have a bad vision to pick men!

When you have a miscarriage, do the doctor not tell you that the more abortion, the more and more uterus will become thinner, which will seriously hurt the woman’s uterus. The uterus will have no nutrition and characteristics.In bed, it is even more difficult to get pregnant or even infertile. Didn’t the doctor remind you?

Besides Wang Ya’s husband, he asked Wang Ya to resign at home without working, and Wang Ya obediently obediently did not work. She didn’t know. Only work and income were the most powerful armor and back road to protect our women. Unless youThe husband loves you enough, and even is willing to pay your salary, and the fiscal power will be kept by you. Of course, it can be another matter.

However, Wang Ya’s husband does not love her and respect her, but just treats her as a maid and tool. She did not treat her as a person. She blocked all her armor and back road.Therefore, she will be so painful and helpless now!

My suggestion is divorce, because she does not change herself and does not jump out of such a life, her husband will not change. Don’t expect her husband to suddenly change his temperament and become a good man who loves his wife Gu family, unless that dayIt may be changed by thunder, maybe he will change, otherwise Jiangshan is easy to change his nature!

Secondly, you must go out to work. It is always difficult to be trapped at home in difficulties. Only when you go out and move, everything will change. Maybe there will be another world.

Of course, if you do n’t grow up, do n’t change yourself, or have a strong nest “at the status quo,” continuously suffering, continue to be beaten and scolded, and in the end you will only become a grievance woman with a low voice and no dignity.Do you want to become such a kind of self?

In other words, if you do n’t jump out of the quagmire and do n’t change it, no one can help you, but if you are in full bloom, the breeze is self -to be, only you can save yourself. If you are a stall, you ca n’t help the wall, and the immortal will not help!

What happened to the second marriage? The second marriage is also a person. There is also the right to not be trampled by the other people, and have the right to live the life they want.Is it willing to fight or pay for life?Destiny is dominated by yourself, unless you admit your fate, then there is no way!

Only when women look down on themselves, they can dare to struggle to resist others’ unfairness, and others will glance at you. They dare not despise it.

There are no domestic violence. There are only countless times. We must brighten our eyes and stay away from the domestic violence men. We must not use it to tolerate the marriages that have been inferior.The opportunity, I hope everyone can meet the one who makes us "holding the hands with the old"!

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