There is no room for intercourse during pregnancy. Is there a difference between children’s birth?You have to know for your children

There is no room for intercourse during pregnancy. Is there a difference between children’s birth?You have to know for your children

I do n’t know if there is such a negative textbook around everyone -derailment during pregnancy.After being discovered by my wife, I still have a word: I can’t touch you in ten months of pregnancy, I will also have a need!I can only find someone to deal with it casually, I don’t like her at all.Regardless of the real motivation of these people, we will discuss whether the excuse of this "unable to do the same room during pregnancy" is established today:

Can’t I really have a room during pregnancy?

I am afraid the answer is not the same as everyone thinks.

1. Early pregnancy

When I was pregnant for 1-3 months, it was best for Bao Da Bao’s mother not to cross the thunder pool.During this period, the baby is at the fastest and most critical node. The same room is not conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus, and it also has a certain risk of premature birth for some pregnant mothers.

2. mid -pregnancy

By 4-6 months, if the pregnant mother and the fetus are relatively stable, and both the couple have the willingness to have the same room, they can do business appropriately.In other words, the excuse "cannot be in the same room for ten months," the excuse is not established at all.

3. The early pregnancy

The main reason for the same room at this stage is to be afraid of causing premature birth. Of course, the body shape and state of pregnant mothers during this period are no longer suitable for the same room.However, the victory was in front of you, and he was dark for three or four months.

What’s more interesting is that some studies have shown that there is a certain impact on children during pregnancy.There is no house in intercourse, and the difference between children’s birth is as follows:

1. Growth and development

The proper room in the middle of pregnancy is conducive to improving the uterine environment.As long as the movement is softer in the process, the overall feeling is relatively pleasant, you don’t have to worry about harming the fetus.

2. Intelligence

Appropriate rooms during pregnancy will stimulate Bao Ma to secrete hormones. This pleasant hormonal signal will make the fetus in a positive emotion. The fetus has a good physical and mental state that can stimulate the circulation of qi and blood in pregnant mothers.

3. Personality

The intercourse of the co -production can maximize the intimacy of the couple. In the process, the pregnant mother can feel more sense of security, and it is also beneficial to the character of the fetus.Moreover, the relationship between husband and wife directly affects the future family atmosphere, and intimate couples can cultivate healthy and optimistic babies.

4. Help your baby to give birth smoothly

Some Baoma obviously surpassed the due date for many days, but did not see the fetus showing signs of launching. In desperation, she had to have an oxytic needle or a direct caesarean section.In fact, appropriate rooms during pregnancy can promote the secretion of progesterone in Baoma, and it will be relatively smooth during childbirth.

Written at the end:

There are no strict standards during the same room during pregnancy. As long as you comprehensively take comprehensive considerations according to the body/psychology of the pregnant mother, make a judgment that suits you.Moms should remember that they are derailed with this as an excuse.

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