There is a secret for fast pregnancy. You must seize the "golden pregnancy". These four little tricks help you pick up your pregnancy

Marriage and having children are a problem that most people face. Some people soon have babies after marriage; but some people have been married for a long time, and their stomachs have not moved.Is it physical or wrong?

Xiao Ai has been depressed recently. She has been married to her husband for more than three years, but her belly has not seen movement, and her mother -in -law has always said that Xiao Ai’s belly is not angry.

Xiao Ai could only complain to her husband.Xiao Ai’s husband also understands it very much. After all, pregnancy is not possible, and never blame Xiao Ai.

However, Xiao Ai’s husband often travels on a business trip because of his work reasons.

However, the two were sufficient for pregnancy. Xiao Ai also ate a lot of folic acid, but could not be pregnant.So Xiao Ai began to worry about whether he was his body.

Both went to the hospital to check their bodies, but they found that both the husband and wife’s body were normal, but why could they not be pregnant?

In fact, if you want to conceive your baby quickly, there are still some methods and secrets, so in addition to women supplement folic acid before pregnancy, these four tricks must also be known.

1) Dietary

The diet is very important for men and women who prepare for pregnancy. In addition to supplementing folic acid, women have a lighter diet.

For example, some high -calorie and high -fat foods such as spicy, rice noodles, skewers, etc. are avoided as much as possible. In addition, coffee and strong tea should also drink less.

The same is true for men. It is best to avoid any big fish and meat, barbecue, and alcohol and smoke, and say goodbye.These two things are about whether men’s sperm is healthy.

However, men can usually eat more beans to increase the activity of sperm.

2) Life

In terms of life and rest, both men or women must develop healthy living habits, go to bed early and get up early, and eat three meals a day.

Don’t stay up late, don’t night life, it is best to go to bed early and get up early. After getting up every day, drink a glass of warm water.

Most people now, except lying in bed every day, are sitting on a chair for most of the time.Lack of exercise and not good resistance.

Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, it is best to go out for appropriate exercise after dinner. This will not only help conceive, but also make sperm and eggs healthier.

3) Grasp the golden pregnancy period

The first golden pregnancy

It is a female ovulation period. This is the strongest period of fertility in women, so don’t miss it.

The female ovulation day is about 14 days before the next menstruation, and the ovulation period is the first five days and the next four days of the ovulation day.If women are not sure if they are during ovulation, they can be monitored with ovulation test strips.

Second gold pregnancy

It is between 5 and 7 pm in the day, and this is time for men’s germ cells to reach the peak period in the day.

If you are catching up with women’s ovulation or ovulation days, this time can become "best golden pregnancy", which can greatly improve the chance of conception.

4) Select the most prone to conceive posture

With time, people now need people, which is the most vulnerable posture.The most traditional missionary position, that is, men and women, this is the most vulnerable position for women.

In addition, preparation couples must also control the number of times in the same room. Do not be too frequent. It is best to have the same room every other day to ensure the quality of sperm.

[Symbol of hard -core mothers]

Dear couples, at this time, the mentality must be relaxed.In fact, many couples have been unsuccessful for many years of pregnancy because of psychological pressure.In addition, when women are under great pressure, endocrine disorders will occur, and ovulation will also be affected.

Therefore, don’t think too much during pregnancy, the more relaxed, the more successful, maintain a good attitude, applaud for love in relaxation and joy, and naturally you will find you.

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