There is a mud bodhisattva in the pig body, do you know?

Everyone will be curious, how can there be bodhisattvas in the pig body? Bodhisattva blessing, pigs should not be difficult.

Bodhisattva, everyone knows that it is the ambassador to rescue the masses; especially the Guanyin Bodhisattva, it is even more compassionate. No matter what difficulties, the Guanyin Bodhisattva will help.

There is also a bodhisattva on the pig’s body, but it is a mud bodhisattva; the mission that God gives it is to protect the pig body and avoid external damage; but this bodhisattva is too fragile and often cannot protect the pig body, but he is bruised all over the body, but he is bruised all over the body.In fact, this bodhisattva, everyone knows, that is the mucous membrane in the body.

There are two natural protection agencies in the pig body, one is the skin exposed outside, and the other is an invisible mucous membrane; relatively speaking, the skin is generally due to the duty.After the skin is damaged; but the mucous membrane is different and often hurts; after the mucous membrane is injured, it is equivalent to finding a breakthrough by the pathogen.

There are three easiest mucosa, one is the digestive tract mucosa, the other is the respiratory tract mucosa, and the third is the reproductive tract mucosa.

The main function of the digestive tract mucosa is to secrete digestive enzymes and all absorption functions; the digestive tract mucosa is destroyed, not only the digestive absorption function decreases, but also gastritis and enteritis. In severe cases, it will cause death.Like our common piglets, yellow and white diarrhea, popular diarrhea, pig dysentery, etc., they will cause large -scale casualties.The digestive tract disease is commonplace, but it is often incomparable; if the pig raising must be smooth, the mucosa of the digestive tract must be protected.

Respiratory mucosa, which is responsible for secreting mucus and discharging foreign bodies; if the respiratory mucosa is damaged, harmful germs will drive straight into, and respiratory disease disease cannot be avoided; we have always regarded mycoplasma pneumonia as the most harmful respiratory disease, because the mycoplasma can destroy the tracheal mucosa of the trachea., Disappear the defense function, and various diseases may occur.

The reproductive tract mucosa is mainly the mucosa of the uterine wall; if it is damaged, the fertilized egg bed becomes a problem, because the fertilized eggs need to be healthy mucous membrane; the sow is difficult to give birth, and the uterine wall mucosa is often damaged.Memberships; sows with endometritis often have infertility.

To protect the mucosa of the digestive tract, probiotics can be used to inhibit harmful bacteria; and if the mucous membrane is damaged, the 10,000 people’s "intestinal music" will come in handy; because "intestinal music" is in addition to the effect of gastrointestinal and health care, "intestinal music"It also provides special nutrition of the mucosa and has the function of repairing the mucosa. With "intestinal music", the digestive function will be restored faster, so that pigs will recover the function of rapid growth at an early date.

In addition to the injection of chlamydia pneumonia vaccine, the respiratory mucosa must also provide the proper environmental conditions for pigs; because there is a harmful gas in the air called ammonia, it will paralyze the respiratory nerve, cause the mucosa function to decrease, the harmful ingredients enter the respiratory tract, and at the same time damage the damage.The respiratory tract mucosa; in addition, the dry climate can also damage the respiratory tract mucosa, which reduces the ability of the respiratory tract to eliminate foreign bodies.

The simplest and practical method to prevent the damage to the reproductive tract is to prevent difficulty in giving birth; because once it is difficult to produce, even if it is not performed artificially, the fetus can be damaged for a long time.Start; if the sow is prepared to breed too early, it cannot be feeded too much in the late pregnancy, preventing the narrow birth canal and the same time as the fetus. For all sows, there are two important factors. One is that the sow is producedThe second is the vitality of the fetus; whether it is sow or fetal vitality, it has a lot to do with nutrition; micro -ecological preparations in the market can provide a variety of reproductive nutrition, which significantly improves sows’ health and fetal vitality, effectively prevent the prevention of the fetus, and effectively prevent it.Sow is difficult to produce; according to users, after using micro -ecological, the number of sows is significantly reduced, and the production process is shortened, which is very beneficial to sows and piglets.

We advocate raising protection, which is even more so for the mucosa of the pig body; because it is easier to prevent damage than repair damage!

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