There is a child, the hair is gone!How to break the inevitable resting period of hair loss?

Source: Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Affiliated Hospital


As the saying goes, "March children recognize their mother, green silk is covered with mattresses." When the baby wants to know his mother, almost all mothers are going out of their hair loss. The symptoms are light and heavy.Learn about your hair loss!

The full -developed hair follicles make spontaneous rhythmic transformation process through growth, retreat (falling off) and resting stages.(Please see the figure below)

During the pregnancy, the estrogen concentration in the blood of pregnant women is high. A large amount of estrogen will delay the growth cycle of the hair follicles, which increases the hair ratio of the hair to reduce hair loss.Therefore, most of the women who are pregnant during pregnancy will be more than usual.After giving birth, the level of hormones in the body has changed drastically, the level of estrogen drops rapidly, and a large number of hair stays in the growth period entering the rest period. The number can account for 15%or even higher the total hair.It cannot grow in the short term, so hair loss can occur 2-3 months after giving birth.

First of all, we must make it clear that the hair will fall off 50-200/day (changes with individuals and seasons) in physiological conditions.Hosted hair loss caused by changes in hormone levels. Most patients can relieve themselves as the hormone levels are stable. A small number of patients may have diffuse or limited hair loss, indicating that some postpartum hair has not returned to normal non -synchronous growth mode.Most patients can relieve themselves within 1 year.

In addition, hair loss can be caused by various factors:

★ Hosteritarian hair loss caused by changes in hormone levels.

★ Psychological pressure doubles: postpartum mood is more sensitive, prone to mental tightness and other phenomena, plus the baby crying and lack of sleep.These negative emotions and psychological burdens affect the metabolism of the hair, which will also speed up the speed of the hair.

★ Diet imbalance: During breastfeeding, in order to control diet, reduce weight, cause insufficient trace elements and protein intake, which can cause insufficient nutrition of hair, which will cause hair breaks and hair loss, severe hair loss, severe hair loss, severe hair loss

★ Improper care: During the confinement, you dare not wash your hair and comb. The sebaceous secretions of the scalp and the dust are accumulated, causing the bacteria to breed and the inflammation, which affects the blood supply of the head, thereby increasing the probability of hair loss.

Based on the reasons that may cause hair loss above, we must start from improving emotions and ensuring sleep, balanced nutrition, and changing bad living habits.

Hosted hair loss is generally diffuse, and there will be no full baldness. After 3-6 months, hair loss stops, and most women will return to normal hair volume within 1 year.Moms don’t have to worry too much.However, if the postpartum hair loss is combined with other symptoms, such as physical weakness, weight gain, dry skin, etc., doctors should ask doctors to help diagnose whether the thyroid function is low. Due to the low thyroid function of the postpartum, it will also cause postpartum hair loss.If the hair has not grown after 1 year, it may be caused by other disease factors, such as iron deficiency anemia, androgen effects, etc., you can seek a doctor to assist in diagnosis and properly treat some raw hair treatment.Only to seek hair transplant assistance.

Understanding small knowledge related to hair loss during postpartum periods, pregnant mothers can successfully strengthen postpartum hair -proof hair washing water, anti -liquid hair loss, high -grade wet and wet massage comb, excessive nourishing "black food", anti -raw hair teaWait for postpartum to prevent off -loss food and daily necessities Say Goodbye!Reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, routine, moderate exercise, and maintaining a comfortable mood are the most effective way to deal with hair loss during the resting period!

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