There are so many benefits of black pepper?Medical Disposal 8 Efficacy: Anti -cancer, brain protection, blood glucose control

Black pepper is one of the extremely common seasoning on the table. Its spicy taste can play an effect on enhancing appetite, removing fatigue, and greasy, but you know that black pepper can satisfy the appetite, and it can also bring many benefits to health to health.?Let’s talk about the eight effects of black pepper.

Black pepper is one of the largest spices in the world. It has a long history and is native to Marabal Coast, India.According to archeological data, in addition to being used by people as spices and seasonings, black pepper can also be used as medicinal materials. In the early days, Greeks used black pepper to alleviate stomach diseases. Ayurvedi doctors also used black pepper to treat gastrointestinal diseases.Essence

According to the above statement, black pepper can not only be used to cook dishes, but also have some help to the body. Let’s take a look at what kind of benefits of black pepper can bring to the body:

1. Has the effect of antioxidant

The stress is a state where the free radicals of oxidation and antioxidant imbalance. When the oxidation pressure is too high and the antioxidant system cannot reach balance, it will cause serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or vision problems.wait.According to a number of research on human cells in 2007, the active ingredients of pepperine in black pepper have a antioxidant effect, and can also help prevent the harm of oxidative pressure on the human body.

2. Have anti -inflammatory effect

An animal research experiment shows that the pepper -pepper alkali contained in black pepper can effectively fight inflammation, help improve symptoms such as arthritis and ankle arthritis, and help relieve the pain during the seizures of human illness.Confirm.

3. Protect the brain

Some arguments have shown that black pepper may benefit the brain of patients with Azheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration.The cause of Azheimer’s disease is caused by the protein sector deposited in some parts of the brain. The destruction of neurons and neurofibrilians in the protein section of the brain.However, a study shows that the small mice with high black pepper content in the body have a low level of sectors deposited by the brain and are better at exploring the maze.

4. Improve blood sugar control

Black pepper can adjust insulin levels to control blood sugar horizontally.The results of the study show that the blood sugar of animals feeding black pepper after meals is low, so doctors generally believe that patients with high blood sugar and diabetes can add black pepper to daily seasoning to reduce blood sugar, but it should be noted that black is black.Pepper does not replace the drugs and treatment methods recommended by medical professionals.

5. Reduce cholesterol

The low -density lipoprotein (LDL) contained in the human body is also called "bad cholesterol". Too much bad cholesterol in the body increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.A study in 2019 shows that pigs that are not fed with black pepper are only compared with pigs with black pepper, and their body contains high "good cholesterol", which is high -density protein (HDL).However, there are no relevant human experiments.

6. Help digestion

Another animal study shows that black pepperine has a stimulating effect, allowing pancreatic release enzymes, helping to decompose and digest carbohydrates and fats.The mice in the experiment can effectively prevent diarrhea and indigestion after eating pepper pepper pepper.

7. Promote the body’s absorption of nutrition

Copyline can also promote the body’s absorption of important nutrients that the human body is difficult to absorb, such as cuminin (a spice of brilliant yellow containing cottage compounds), and increasing the intake of cowantin can effectively prevent inflammation and swelling.In addition, studies have shown that some drugs that are difficult to absorb by the human body, such as ammonia and antibiotic categories, can also increase the absorption power through the help of pepperine.

8. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells

According to some research on prostate cancer cells, pepper alkali may inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and help improve the efficacy of anti -tumor drugs and reduce the resistance of chemotherapy to chemotherapy.Black pepper may also have multiple anti -drug characteristics that reverse certain cancers, reducing the rejection of cancer cells on a variety of different chemotherapy drugs.Although this study has not yet involved human experiments, the characteristics of pepperine may play a significant role in future cancer treatment.

Although black pepper can cook a variety of rich delicious dishes, and can also bring many potential effects to the body, doctors remind that they still need to eat carefully, because too much black pepper in intake may stimulate gastrointestinal burning, gastric acid flow, spasm, spasmOr side effects such as diarrhea or indigestion. The adult’s daily recommended dosage is 10 mg, and remember not to use the drugs and treatment methods prescribed by the doctor.

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