There are no four phenomena in the third trimester, congratulations!It is far from the "pregnant mother’s illness", and the production will be smoother

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Entering the third trimester of pregnancy is equivalent to entering the last level.

It is also pregnant. The performance of different mothers in the third trimester is very different. Some mothers can still squeeze the subway buses to work, and they can be completed normally for the tasks delivered by the leaders.

However, some mothers feel that they are bulky. They are uncomfortable here. They have to rest and leave in advance and wait for the birth of fetal treasure at home.

Various phenomena that appear in the third trimester are caused by our entire pregnancy diet, exercise, living, and mood aspects.

Pregnant pregnancy is good or not. It mainly depends on whether there are these phenomena in the third trimester. If you do not show that you are away from the pregnant mother, your body is strong and the production will be smoother.

The first phenomenon: weight growth is out of control

"Pregnancy is a person who eats two people to make up for it. If you are pregnant, you can eat what you want to eat. If you are pregnant, you need to eat more meat to grow meat, and your child can have nutrition." This concept is still deeply rooted in many pregnancy.In my mother’s mind, many mothers let go of their belly after pregnancy, and feel that eating more weight increases more, and the child will be more nutritious and healthier.

In fact, too much weight growth during pregnancy is a great burden on the mother’s body: pressing the mother’s pelvis and lower limbs, causing the mother to be uncomfortable, affecting the mother’s sleep, and affecting the mother’s daily activities.

It is easy to cause huge children, and the child’s birth is more than 8 pounds, and the impact on the child’s body is also negative.

Normally, the mother’s weight is normal before pregnancy, and the weight growth of the whole pregnancy is best to control about 25 pounds.

If the mother is thinner before pregnancy, it can increase a few pounds. If the mother is fat before pregnancy, it is even enough to add about 15 pounds.

The second phenomenon: leakage

Every day go to the company, you must put a pad in the bag. I am afraid that I will accidentally cough, or I accidentally speak loudly.

Entering the fetus in the third trimester of the fetus increases the pelvic floor muscles, so that the pelvic floor muscles that are already full of elasticity are continuously expanded. Finally, the elasticity fails. It can’t hold the urethra. As long as the bladder has urine, it will miss it.

The phenomenon of leakage urine is not necessarily inevitable. If the mother pays attention to continuous exercise throughout pregnancy, and it is a exercise to exercise the elasticity of the bottom muscle, such as the Kiger exercise, Can also hold the urethra, not easy to leak urine.

In addition, the mother’s weight control over pregnancy does not allow the fetus to grow too much, and it does not cause much pressure on the bottom muscle.

If the mother has not had urine leakage in the third trimester, it also shows that the size of the fetus is relatively moderate, and the elasticity of the mother’s basin muscles is better. For the sake of delivery, this is a good thing.

Third phenomenon: constipation, hemorrhoids

Ten people and nine hemorrhoids are really exaggerated.

Many mothers feel that they have no problems and have no hemorrhoids when they are not pregnant. As a result, when pregnancy enters the third trimester, she finds that she is really a crow’s mouth, because of constipation and hemorrhoids, which makes them suffering.

The increase in hormones during pregnancy will make the intestine move slower, the intestinal tract is slow, and naturally the stool will be slow, and it is easy to constipation when it is slow.

Hormones can also cause the venous plexus swelling around the anus, and these swollen venous plexus form hemorrhoids.Constipation will increase the attack of hemorrhoids.

Some mothers described their hemorrhoids in the third trimester: I thought that hemorrhoids were just ill, and I did not expect to make myself a new friend below.

However, if my mother pays attention to drinking plenty of water, exercising more, taking more dietary fiber, and regular urination, it is possible that a pregnancy will pass, and no new friends will be found below.

There is no constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy, which will make the mother feel comfortable during pregnancy, and it will be more smooth when produced in good mood.

The fourth phenomenon: back pain back pain

The creator is very amazing. It is not so easy to know that the huge fetal head must pass through the mother’s birth canal, so the mother’s body is secreted by the body during pregnancy, making the mother’s joint ligament more flexible and fulfilling, so that when producingCan make the huge fetal head smoothly pass through the narrow birth canal.

When the sagin is secreted, it will also make the mother prone to back pain. After all, after the body’s ligaments are loosened, the mother will involuntarily go out of the fetus’s weight belly, and the waist will be pulled up to the belly.The direction, especially the muscles of the entire back, will be pulled, causing soreness.

Especially when the mother is not working straight at work when she is at work, it is more likely to lead to backache.

Of course, not all mothers will have obvious back pain. As long as the mother stays straight during pregnancy, keep her back in the back when sitting, do not let the back hang on the back.

Persist in doing yoga or Pratera stretching muscles, such as cat -like stretching, which can relax the pulled muscles to the greatest extent, making the back not easy to sore.

The mother’s back does not hurt, she can sleep better at night, and she is more mentally energetic. If you often exercise, make the entire muscles relax and produce more smoothly.

75%of the fetal weight increased at the third trimester. Entering 28 weeks, the fetus’s weight grows at a rate of one and a half pounds per month, and children will increase by four and a half pounds in just three months.If the mother has no symptoms of discomfort, eat well and sleep well, it is also conducive to the growth and development of the fetus, can preserve physical strength, and allow children to give birth smoothly during production.

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