There are more meals in the Spring Festival, and you will inevitably do not drink. What should I do if I have drinking during pregnancy, pregnancy, and breastfeeding?

The Spring Festival, a happy day of reunion.Put on a table of delicious dishes and make up a few relatives and friends to drink a few cups and drink a few cups. This is simply paradise on earth.However, women who are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation have become embarrassing people at the dining table. Some people say that they cannot drink, but there is less wine embellishment in the festival, and it is bound to be unhappy!How can you be neat?There is no less sad for our mothers!

Can drinking during pregnancy can it be or not?

Many people say that drinking "small meaning" during pregnancy, because we have a lesson in front!Which one of the ancients rely on alcohol, and some of the fetal medicines also have alcohol components.Having said that, do you dare to test insurance for your baby’s health?After all, alcohol can be spread to the placenta by learning blood, affecting the intellectual and physical development of the fetus. In severe cases, it may cause deformity.According to the data given by the hospital, the mothers who love to drink during pregnancy will have a higher probability of abortion.So, do you want to drink this glass of wine?

What should I do if I have to dip the wine?Don’t panic!Not to mention that there are danger to find the police, and I am sick and find a doctor.If you don’t worry about drinking, you can go to the hospital for a medical examination and informed the doctor to the doctor, including the time, frequency, the amount of drinking, etc., so that the doctor has a record and do some targeted examinations.At the same time, after drinking, you must also supplement vitamins and folic acid, which is also to prevent the possibility of fetal malformation and promote the healthy development of the baby.

Can drinking during pregnancy?

As the saying goes, plant melon, melon, beans and beans.The same is true for having children. If you want to have a healthy baby, your parents must have a healthy embryo.Any drug, poison, radiation, alcohol, cigarettes, and colds may cause egg cells and embryo development.Men are even more so. As the "loyal powder" of wine wine, alcohol not only gives men’s health, but also kills men’s reproductive cells, making fertilized eggs impaired.Whether men or women, as long as they are pregnant, they will cause the baby to develop slowly, low intelligence, and it is likely that the baby after birth is accompanied by heart disease and physical malformations.

What should I do if I have wine during pregnancy?Before you want your baby, you must adjust yourself to the best state. If you stick to wine, you can only delay the fertility plan later, at least 3-6 months.At the same time, women have to take small dose folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy.

Can drinking during lactation?

Alcohol is a "bad guy", which will enter your lotion, hurt or stimulate your baby.Not only that, drinking during breastfeeding can also inhibit the mother’s ability to secrete milk.

What should I do during breastfeeding?For half a year of pregnancy, I was pregnant in October.Presumably, you must avoid drinking for so long, you must be broken!If you can’t help it, don’t keep it tightly. After drinking, you must drink plenty of water and wash the alcohol content with water as much as possible, and the milk squeezed out during this period should not be fed to the baby to drink.After metabolism, feed the baby to drink.

Babies are "alcoholic". If the baby grows healthy, mothers should not "greedy cups"!It’s not you who are drunk, but your baby ~

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