There are many benefits of soaking Chinese medicine, and there are many taboos. These 6 people can soak them.

As we all know, the foot is a very important part of the human body, and there are many meridians that connect the major organs of the human body.Therefore, many people have the habit of soaking their feet.Chinese medicine is also a drug that can condition the body. Therefore, many people like to soak their feet with Chinese medicine.However, not everyone can soak their feet with Chinese medicine, let’s take a look below.

1. Women during pregnancy

There are many places to pay attention to pregnant women. Even if they are sick, they ca n’t take medicine casually, let alone Chinese medicine soak their feet.This is because Chinese medicine will affect the various organs of pregnant women, which may affect the fetus, which may even cause the possibility of miscarriage.However, this does not mean that pregnant women cannot soak their feet. As long as they do not add Chinese medicine, soak their feet with warm water.

2. Hypertension patients

As we all know, traditional Chinese medicine soaking feet can promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which has great benefits to the body.However, every time we finish our feet, blood pressure will temporarily rise.However, this is irrelevant for normal people.However, if it is a patient with hypertension, the patient’s blood pressure may not be unstable, and severe may also affect the health of the patient.Therefore, patients with hypertension must be cautious, especially soaking their feet with traditional Chinese medicine.

Third, diabetic patients

In fact, diabetic patients with traditional Chinese medicine can prevent diabetes from being produced.However, the skin of diabetic patients is relatively fragile.Therefore, whether in the time of soaking feet or water temperature, it needs to be very accurate to prevent the skin from being stimulated.

Fourth, patients with heart disease

For patients with heart disease, if you use Chinese medicine to soak your feet, it is likely to cause symptoms of hypoxia in the brain, and in severe cases, it will even danger to the health of the patient.Therefore, patients with heart disease should still use Chinese medicine to soak their feet less.

Five, the popular crowd

Because the foot soaking itself can warm the body, it is very suitable for people who are cold.However, if it is those who are full of hot constitutions, they often use Chinese medicine to soak their feet, it is easy to cause fire and need to be treated with caution.

6. Stroke patients

Soaking your feet with Chinese medicine itself is harmless to stroke patients, but it will also benefit the patient’s body recovery.However, because stroke patients are affected by the condition, they will make their reactive effects and nerves dull, which makes it difficult for stroke patients to feel the correct water temperature when soaking their feet, which makes it easy for the feet to be burned.Therefore, when stroke patients soak their feet, they must help others to test water temperature in order to ensure that their feet are not harmed.

Kind tips

Although there are many benefits of soaking your feet, and soaking your feet with Chinese medicine can also remove diseases and health.However, the above six people must be cautious when using Chinese medicine to soak their feet to prevent unnecessary damage.

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