There are many benefits for walking during pregnancy, but you have to pay attention to these things

Pregnant mothers have always been a boss in exercise during pregnancy.Because of the special physical and physical problems of pregnant mothers, the movement of women during pregnancy has always had strict restrictions, especially in the middle and late pregnancy.Among the suggestions of many pregnancy exercises, there is a way of exercise. It is highly respected for its safety, effective and convenient reasons, that is, walking.

Doctors recommend that walking should pay attention to the scientific way in science.Some people can doubt it when they hear this: Tips for walking, do you still have to talk about science?

The reason why walking during pregnancy is so popular, not only because of convenience, but also a lot of benefits.

Weight control.Many pregnant mothers are worried that all the nutrients after pregnancy will be used less to increase weight gain and look somewhere, and walking can effectively consume heat to prevent fat accumulation.For pregnant mothers who are fat before pregnancy, more walking can not only control weight and shape, but also avoid excessive absorption of babies in the belly and become "huge".

Reduce complications during pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers will experience pregnancy, poor appetite, and fatigue during pregnancy. The effect of walking on these situations is good, reducing edema and stomach discomfort.Touring during pregnancy can also reduce the incidence of complications during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, early period of eclampsia.

It is conducive to natural delivery.In many cases, if the pregnant mother is in the production room and the fetus has not shown signs of "launching", the doctor will ask the pregnant mother to go out and walk around the family to promote the opening of the palace.In the third trimester, or before the production, the slow walking and slow walking on the ground can help Baoma give birth smoothly.

There are many good walks, but they are based on science.There are some things to pay attention to during pregnancy.

The fetus is relatively unstable in the early pregnancy. At this time, if you walk well, you will have an accident. During this time, it is recommended that the pregnant mother rests more and take a short walk.Pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy can increase their walking time appropriately, but also control time. If irregular contractions occur, you need to rest immediately.

Take a walk for about 30 minutes a day to make the healthy income of pregnant mothers and fetuses.It is recommended that pregnant mothers take 3- ~ 5 days a week to adjust according to their own physical condition.From 10 am to 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the abdomen is relatively stable. At this time, the best walk.If you have a strong ultraviolet or rain, do n’t go out for a walk. You choose to walk properly at home. Do n’t take a walk after eating.

In the process of walking, pregnant mothers must timely hydrate to prevent dehydration in a timely manner.Eat something appropriately before walking, and take a fasting walk.When walking, you can control the breathing rhythm appropriately to practice breathing methods.Don’t take a walk down, this will increase the burden on the neck and shoulders.Do not go too much when walking, it is best to move the footsteps often.When pregnant mothers feel tired, they must not take a walk blindly.During the walking process, you should also adjust the speed according to your physical condition, so as to effectively take a walking prenatal education.If you feel a little tired or emotional, don’t force it, you should rest fully.

Pregnant mothers should choose to walk in places with beautiful environment and fresh air, such as parks, squares, etc. The air here is relatively fresh, and there is less dust and noise.Do not take a walk on the road of car, so as not to be disturbed.Pregnant mothers are best to walk flat when walking, for example, on the flat soil road or lawn.Because the uphill will increase the burden on the abdomen, and after pregnancy, the joints will be relaxed, which is easier to get sour than ordinary people.

From this we can see that walking is very good for the benefit of pregnant mothers, but it is easy to be counterproductive if it is not carried out in the correct way.After watching it, you can move it quickly after watching it, you can also share with us the fun things in the walking process!

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