There are many benefits for black bean water!But these people should pay attention!

Although black bean water has anti -edema

Help pregnant women make milk and other benefits

But there are still taboos

Who is not suitable for drinking black bean water?

What side effects?

Black bean water production method 3 steps to learn first


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▶ What are the effects of black bean water?

Black beans, also known as black turtle beans, is a common side dish in Japanese cuisine.In fact, the nutritional value of black beans is high, and it contains multiple nutrients such as protein, anthocyanins, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B groups.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, black beans have the effects of treating kidney disease, moravation, blood circulation and detoxification.Coupled with black into the kidney, the shape of the black beans is similar to the kidney, which is considered to be very helpful to the kidneys.Studies have found that black beans help pregnant women with milk, promote defecation and protect their eyes.In addition to eating directly, making black bean water is also good for health.

Black bean water can help urinate and achieve edema effect.In addition, the calcium and magnesium contained in black beans are dissolved after flushing. Take the two trace elements of black bean water to help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.As for some suggestions that are mentioned in the previous paragraph, some suggestions that promote defecation and protect the eyes will be faster than drinking black beans.

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▶ Black bean water taboo?Who is not suitable?

Although there are many benefits of black bean water, not everyone is suitable for drinking.The following types of people need to pay special attention: susceptible to bloating qi: Although the chance of drinking black bean water is lower than eating black beans directly, black bean water may still be soaked in digestible oligosaccharides, and people who are prone to flatulence should still be careful.Patients with kidney disease: Didn’t you say that black beans are beneficial to kidney function?So why can’t kidney patients drink?Because the function of excretion of potassium ions with kidney patients is not good, and black bean water is rich in potassium. If you drink too much, you may cause hyperkx blood potassium, and symptoms such as systemic weakness, arrhythmia, and chest tightness.In the early stages of pregnancy: Women in the early stages of pregnancy are best not to drink black bean water, because black beans contain natural estrogen (soybean isoflavones), which may cause the mother to shrink.Breast cancer and uterine fibroids: At present, there is no conclusion that the deterioration of breast cancer and uterine fibroids in black bean water has not yet been concluded, because the structure is not exactly the same as that soy isoflavones are the same as estrogen.But it is best to consult a doctor before eating.Allergies: People who are allergic to beans are recommended not to drink black bean water, so as not to cause itching of the skin, and even severe complications such as edema of the throat.

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▶ Black bean water production method?

Black bean water boiling method is not difficult. Just prepare about 40 grams of black beans and licorice 1 ~ 2 pieces.Put it in a pot where you do not reflect with medium heat and fry.When the bean skin is cracked and crispy, you can start the pan.Put the fried beans (about 10 ~ 20 pieces of about 10 ~ 20) into the cup and add licorice and flush into hot water to drink.

▶ Can black bean water drink every day?

It is better not to drink kidney patients, prone to flatulence, etc. It is best not to drink black bean water. In addition, friends can quote it every day, about 1-2 cups, but black bean water can not replace boiled water. Drink water every day.The amount should be sufficient.

▶ When is the best to drink black bean water?

The drinking time of black bean water is not particularly limited.However, it is best not to drink before going to bed, because black beans are diuretic, and drinking too much before going to bed may have the problem of frequent urination at night, affecting the quality of sleep.

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