There are a lot of APP during pregnancy. In fact, what are the most commonly used?

Recommended APP series during practical pregnancy.

Hello everyone, I have been pregnant for more than 5 months, and share the most frequently used apps I have used since pregnancy.

· The recommended first software is called baby breeding. This is a relatively comprehensive gestational software. It can record daily changes from pregnancy to the entire stage of production and the baby’s daily changes, and the most in the process of pregnancy.Pay attention to some issues.For example, you ca n’t eat, what you ca n’t do, when you go to the birth check, how to check the B -ultrasound, and there are follow -up parenting problems.

The two sections I use more daily are what can I not eat and when to go for inspection.

· The second recommendation is called recipes during pregnancy. The most concerned problem after my pregnancy is dietary problems. In addition to what I can’t eat, I pay more attention to how I want to eat.This software has been listed every month from the beginning of pregnancy to the monthly diet, and it is recommended to about 40 dishes per month.Including everyone has the corresponding dietary problems, there are corresponding food therapy prescriptions for iron supplementation, calcium supplementation, and vitamins.

· The third paragraph is called beautiful practice, this one is a must -have for beautiful girls.Many pregnant mothers choose to replace or throw away the previous cosmetics in the early stages of pregnancy.In the United States practice, you can query the production batches and corresponding components of the cosmetics used. As long as there are no pregnant women with caution, it can be used with peace of mind.This can not only save a lot of money, but also avoid the troubles of many people when choosing the product.

· The fourth paragraph is called a drop list.Strictly speaking, this is not a professional gestational software, but a time management tool.After pregnancy, there will be more or less hunger. Whether you are full -time at home or at work, you will face a lot of complicated trivial matters every day.This one can help me effectively facing pregnancy and silly for efficient daily management.

What else can be used for more useful gestational software, everyone can share in the comment area.

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