There are 4 performance during pregnancy, suggesting that the baby’s development is very smart. See if you have in your house?

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Every pregnant pregnant mother has fantasized the appearance of the child in the stomach. Is there a look like herself?Is there as smart as yourself?In the process of constantly breeding life, he constantly imagines the child’s cleverness.

Then during pregnancy, the pregnant mother has the following performances, indicating that you may be pregnant with a smart baby, and come to compare whether there is a middle.

First, emotional stability, you can respond

In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus has become more and more mature in the mother’s belly, which means that we have a certain sense of inductive ability for the mothers’ emotional changes.

When the mothers’ emotions fluctuate, the child can feel it. When the mother is happy and happy, the child’s fetal movement will be very fast. This may be the baby who echoes the mother.

In the same way, if the pregnant mother is in a poor mood, and when it comes to anger or irritability, the little guy’s fetal movement will be more frequent. In this way, tell you that he feels your emotions.

Generally, the baby with this kind of performance is very healthy, and the IQ will not be low in the future.To be a mother, you need to pay more attention to your emotions, keep your heart calm, try to get angry as little as possible, and provide your children a better growth environment.

Second, the fetal movement is regular

When Bao Ma knows that about 5 months of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers can feel fetal movement. Many pregnant mothers don’t care very much. They think this is normal during pregnancy.

But carefully observing you will find that fetal movements are actually regular. Some pregnant mothers frequently move in the evening, and some pregnant mothers have frequent fetal movements in the morning. These need to be recorded by pregnant mothers themselves.

This regular fetal movement means that the baby’s baby develops healthy.After scientific research, the baby’s fetal movement will not be less than 3 times in one hour, and it will not be less than 10 times in half a day. It is more reasonable within this range.

Third, the baby will start to distinguish the sound

I do n’t know if you have encountered this during pregnancy, that is, when you touch your belly gently, when you chat with the baby, the little guy will give you a certain response through the fetal movement.At that time, the little guy was quiet again.

This situation generally occurs with a lot of parents. Some of the fetal baby reacts when he hear the mother’s words.

This is the case, which shows that the hearing has developed well and the response ability is also very sensitive. Indirectly also shows that the child is very smart. In the future, it will be the intimate baby of parents.

Fourth, baby baby knows how to avoid strangers

I believe that when many pregnant mothers go to the birth check, they have encountered the situation that the little guy is not cooperated. Obviously, the examination was completed. The child refused to show up obediently. As a result, it was not finished for a long time.

This is actually a way for the little guy to "profit and avoid harm" to protect themselves. Facing strange things, children will avoid risks in their own way. This situation can also show that the child is very smart.

In addition to the above situations, in fact, we have heard many other sayings in life, such as the more powerful the pregnancy during pregnancy, the smarter the fetus?Of course, these claims are incorrect, and pregnancy is mainly the result of the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. It is normal for parents to expect their children to have expectations, but don’t be too anxious.

Finally, which one of the above situations are everyone?

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