There are 35 women’s frozen eggs, only one child!IntersectionIntersection

How can a woman reconcile with her "physical defect"?

What if this "defect" is closely related to fertility function?

Today’s mother’s story, the protagonist is Au, 32 years old.She has been in love with her partner for ten years and has always wanted to have her own children, but she is also a 20 -year "polycystic ovary syndrome" patient.

There is no absolute way to cure this disease. From the beginning of the 12 -year -old tide, Au has no way to regularly leave and ovulate.This led to her 5 years of marriage and still had no results.

∧ ∧ ∧ and husband

We will find that this kind of female disease is much widespread than what we think at the beginning.According to public information, among women of childbearing age, the incidence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is about 5%to 10%.This means that of every ten to twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -20 -year -old ovaries patients.

The polycystic ovary syndrome not only affects fertility, but also is related to many other diseases.It has a negative impact on the body’s metabolism, which may cause endocrine problems and risks such as hypertension.The influence of this disease is far more than the ovaries in the body, but affect the systems of the whole body.

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a common endocrine disorders. One of its main features is the formation of cysts in the ovary.These cysts can cause ovarian dysfunction and cause excessive secretion ofrogens.The level of Kenrocxis may lead to irregular menstruation or menstruation, affect fertility, and may cause other problems, such as infertility, abortion and pregnancy complications.

In addition, the polycystic ovary syndrome is also related to body metabolic disorders.Patients often have insulin resistance, leading to an increase in blood sugar levels and increasing the risk of diabetes.Many patients also have problems such as weight gain, abnormal fat distribution, and high cholesterol, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This disease also has a wide range of impact on the endocrine system.Due to ovarian dysfunction, patients may have excessiverogens and relatively insufficient estrogen.This endocrine disorders may cause symptoms such as excessive body hair, thickened sound, and skin acne.In addition, it may interfere with the normal function of other endocrine glands, such as thyroid and adrenal glands, which further exacerbates physical discomfort.

Au published his "polycystic long march" after publishing on Weibo with a video record, and watched crying one more polycystic patients.


My aunt is so simple, I can’t do it well

The history of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be traced back to Au Junior Middle School.For those who accept the knowledge of physiological science, they know that women’s ovaries are located on both sides of the uterus, responsible for release female reproductive hormones, protect eggs, and ovulate for essence.However, the polycystic ovary syndrome will lead to many small follicles in the ovaries at the same time, but each follicles can only stop growing to 2-9 mm. They cannot develop mature follicles or excrete the body.Essence

For most patients, it is difficult to conceive the most anxious issue.However, the polycystic ovary syndrome is a hidden disease. There was no obvious pain at first, but the irregular menstruation made people don’t care.At that time, the young Au didn’t know what it meant: "I also saved the money to buy sanitary napkins, and it was not as trouble as other girls."

However, after entering adolescence, more obvious symptoms gradually revealed: skin secretion is more oil, acne on the face, and dull skin; there are many hair, may grow small beards, and the body is slightly gaining weight … in patients in patients …In the circle, the multi -cyst ovary syndrome is default as a disease that causes women to become ugly.

Au’s mother quickly noticed her abnormal situation and asked for medical treatment everywhere.After a period of period of Chinese medicine conditioning, the body shape did not continue to gain weight, but as long as the medication stopped, the menstruation immediately recovered.This cycle has evolved into a period of "physiological fighting

When I graduated from university, Au has been conditioned into a "thin sac" constitution

As a result, all polycysts will experience Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and western medicine, and A oranges have been experienced one by one.

Later, Au went to Germany to study graduate students. German doctors’ treatment ideas were very simple: Do you want to get pregnant?If you do n’t have it, you will be equipped with short -acting contraceptives.

"As before, I will come to my aunt after eating. There will be an artificial cycle. But it just guarantees that my uterine endometrium will not be particularly thick, and the uterus will not have fibroids, which does not mean that I have my own natural cycle."

It was also in Germany. She met today’s partner, and both were Shanghai.

"When I was in love, I told him that I was suffering from" polycystic ovary "and could affect fertility.He wanted to open it and didn’t care about it.

But in the six years after receiving the certificate, I found that I really like children, and we are always eager to be parents."

∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧

Since then, the five -year long pregnancy preparation has begun; the psychological war that is more worn than "physiological fighting" has also begun.

In terms of German doctors, the six months after the short -acting contraceptive was stopped, Au will have some cyclical inertia. In the past 6 months, it may be easier to get pregnant.

"However, not."

Then take the rowing medicine to grow the original eggs, and it may be ovulation to 18 or 20 mm. At this time, it will greatly increase the chance of pregnancy.

For polycystic patients who can naturally menstruation, as long as you take pregnancy, you can take medicine.But as mentioned earlier, Au did not even have a natural menstruation.

"I just came to the aunt, and I had to take medicine. I had to take medicine to let myself come to my aunt. After I came to my aunt, I took the pills that I promoted, so that my egg grew up.

I do n’t know if the eggs do n’t grow up. I ’m going to the hospital to see the B -ultrasound."

After that, every time, Au has to go to the hospital for a few days in a row to see the B -ultrasound.

The first time, no; the second time, no; the third time, still not.

查 查 ∧ ∧’s B -ultrasound

Au was frustrated by his trouble in ovulation and pregnancy, and he didn’t understand why these seemingly simple things could not be successful.

She finally discharged two eggs in a month, but at this time her husband had a business trip and missed this opportunity.Another time, when she went to the hospital to check the eggs, a German doctor asked her why she hadn’t been pregnant.Au reluctantly answered that he didn’t know, although he had worked very hard, not all efforts could bring results.

In order to improve his polycystic ovary syndrome, Au will actively perform psychological adjustment and try to do something that can bring results, such as controlling blood sugar, maintaining a healthy diet, and regular schedule. This can at least improve her physical condition slightly slightlyEssenceThen she encouraged herself to say, "Persist in another time to see what will happen."

桔 A orange in fitness exercise


People are having children, I am having a tumor

After about half a year of treatment, Au was forced to interrupt the treatment because she found that she had a breast nodule.She believes that the breast nodule is very common and it should have nothing to do. She only needs to go to the hospital for a breast ultrasound examination to be at ease.

However, doctors’ suggestions are directly operated, because the shape of the nodules is irregular and no tenderness, which may be malignant.Breast ultrasound examination shows that the nodule is 2.5 cm in size, and then it cannot adopt minimally invasive surgery.

Fortunately, the result of the diagnosis after the surgery is benign.

A few months after the surgery, when she touched the position of the operating incision one night, she felt like she had something to do, making her emotional.

In this year, she experienced many failures, ovulation and pregnancy failures, and then she had a breast nodule. She moved surgery, and suddenly felt that the nodule might recur.She couldn’t help but fall into a low emotion and asked, "Everyone is having children, why am I giving birth to a tumor?"

She even considers going to fortune -telling and wanted to know when she could become a mother.She is full of doubts about whether there will be children in fate. If the result of fortune telling is no son, she will no longer work hard.

Au’s husband silently conducted investigations and studies, found literature and information, and thoroughly understood women’s diseases.After the inspection, he gave her a peace of mind and told her: "It’s okay, that place is only proliferated.

However, after this surgery, Au didn’t want to continue to wait, and decided to try the road of test tube baby.She hopes that God can give her a clear answer to be pregnant.

Although Au’s husband does not want her to come to this step, unless it is forced.Although Au is a person with strong emotional elasticity, he knows that this path not only causes greater risks to the body, but also continuously tests the patience and willpower of people.A little careless, it is easy to fall into the abyss of negative emotions.

Husband advised Ahu and said, "It doesn’t matter if there is no child. We can enjoy the money by ourselves.Mo Qiang begged … "Yes, if you are destined to have no, don’t force it.

However, Au wants to do what he can, and obey his destiny again.


I rarely take the first place, and today I won the first place

Regarding IVF, Au shared his experience.

IVF techniques are divided into one generation, second and third generation.

One generation is suitable for women’s ovulation or fallopian tubes, and only need to put eggs and sperm in a container to allow them to swim freely.

The second generation is suitable for the poor semen quality, and one -on -one pairing is required.

The three generations not only need to be paired, but also detect each embryo to improve the implantation success rate.

After the consultation, the doctor suggested that Au chose a generation, that is, to urge eggs.

Au needs to overcome the fear of the needle, because a large amount of drugs need to be injected.

In a video record, she received the support and encouragement of her husband, husband’s brother and girlfriend:

Is the location right?

Remember how doctors teach you?

Are you sitting or standing when the injection?


Au showed a unwavering attitude, and grinned her teeth, and said with a smile: "It’s simple, it doesn’t hurt to pull off the needle."

She performed the injection of exclusive needles, fixed time every day, played for 5 consecutive days, and then played "Nagol" at four in the afternoon.

After all the drugs were injected, her stomach was bulging, "Because there are many eggs that have grown up. My old eggs finally grow up!"

Before the egg retrieval, Au said: "Compared with psychological suffering, this physiological pain is really nothing."

However, she was severely hit during egg retrieval.

Most women do not need anesthesia when taking eggs, because only three or five eggs are taken at a time, but Au took out a whole thirty -five pieces that day.She must accept anesthesia.

When he woke up, the anesthesia effect slowly faded, and Au was so painful that he couldn’t stand up and walked out of the clinic.

After seeing her husband, she carried her directly to the hotel on the opposite side to rent a room, and let her lie down and rest first.

She choked and said, "Among the girls in that room, I remember the most of the eggs I got, and the only drug with a doctor to prevent ascites. In this life, I rarely ranked"

She stunned herself, and her physiological pain made her tears.

上 博 ∧ shared the situation at the time on her Weibo

On her Weibo, she shared the situation at the time.

The 35 eggs were taken out at that time. Because it was an old egg, the quality could not be guaranteed, and only 15 embryos paired successfully.

Due to severe ascites, she needed a lot of pulse drinks to let the ascites discharge by shell, which caused her stomach to bloal and could not plant a pairing fresh embryo within 3-5 days.

15 embryos were screened layer by layer and eventually cultivated 5 blastocysts. These "reserve forces" were placed in the hospital’s quick -frozen refrigerators.

This happened in February 2020. For her short video work and to reunite with her husband, Au went to Germany (Au is a freelancer and Vlogger. Her husband has been engaged in audit in

These five blastocysts are still frozen in the hospital, and Au pays 150 yuan per month for electricity costs.


parallel bars!parallel bars!, It’s all double bars!

After taking the eggs to Germany, a miracle happened, and Au started to have a natural cycle.

"In the past and a half years, I will come to my aunt by myself! However, I have been once every two months, and the chance of pregnancy is still at least half smaller than ordinary people."

"The reason why it is unclear, maybe after that time after the old egg was taken away, my Ren Du Er pulse was opened?" She didn’t know.

At the end of June 2021, Au intends to return to China into the cysts.

On the day she returned to China, she raised a very heavy and heavy luggage and took a long -distance aircraft.

At the moment of her husband, the fear of unknown made her original hard wall collapse a little, and then psychologically hinted: "All I can do has done it, it depends on what God thinks."

Living in an isolated hotel, she did yoga, run, eat on time, and take good care of her polycystic constitution.

Until the second week of isolation, the biggest miracle appeared.

Au started to vomit inexplicably."Isn’t possible? Isn’t it?" She didn’t dare to think about it, she placed an order for different brands of pregnancy test sticks on Taobao.

Testing, double bars, double bars, all double bars!

On the first day, no one said no one said, she was afraid that everyone would be happy;

When she was video with her husband the next day, she couldn’t help it. She raised a pregnancy test stick and her husband glanced at: "Are you Yang?"

"I’m pregnant!"

On the day when I left the hotel, Au took the camera to himself, stroked his abdomen, and recorded a word to the child:

"Hey, I and your dad are looking forward to your arrival. So if you really come, you must be strong."

Talking, the throat was blocked, and the tears fluttered.

桔 Auki for pregnancy

During that time, she became idealistic.

When she brushed the post of expectant mother, she couldn’t help leaving a message "I sincerely pick up the fetal heart and fetal buds" until the town of abnormality was passed.

But the story is here, but it is still necessary to mention a cruel fact. The polycase is not only difficult to prepare for pregnancy. It is often related to other diseases.

On November 26, 2021, Au found gestational diabetes because polycystic can affect the patient’s ability to metabolize the patient’s functional metabolic sugar.

Au started to control the way of sugar.

"It is best to control within 6.7 two hours after a pregnant woman’s meal. The first week of the doctor’s requirements for us are relatively low, that is, strengthen exercise, so that we can take a walk three times a day after a meal.

At about the second week, I bought the blood glucose meter.It was measured about 6 times from the beginning, and more than half of it was failed."

In the first few days, every day was not good. She laughed at herself to become a horse and eat food every morning.

Three meals a day, as large as a hot pot, as small as a sweet potato, every bite is thinking, will sugar exceed the standard?

Then it was like a mice, using a blood picker on the fingers, and tied his fingertips.Seeing her mothers who live in life, they will leave a message: Is it painful, it is really not easy.

Like the urging needle, she still smiled: "There will be a little pain, but not so exaggerated."

At least, what she eats will raise sugar, she is gradually clear.

早 The breakfast that finally does not exceed the standard

For example, the most unexpected food is the dumplings.

"An adult must eat nine or ten dumplings, right? At that time, it was the winter solstice. I ate 4 dumplings and blood sugar burst! And before I was full.

It may be that my sugar metabolism has a problem, which makes it easier for blood sugar to explode.

There is also hot pot. I ate a hot pot and did not raise sugar. I don’t know if it would vary from person to person."

The doctor also asked her to exercise at least three times a week, which can be swimming or yoga.

In the eyes of others, polycystic patients were dancing with shackles, but at the heart of Au, she was learning a healthy life.

Finally, in the circumstances of obeying the doctor, she successfully gave birth to her son, named "Yellow Mao Mao".

For more than a year after giving birth, she gradually broke her breast milk. The holiday was still unstable, and the symptoms of polycystic did not completely disappear.

"I decided to" swing "for a while."

Au’s "rot" is not really ignored, but it is no longer tangled with leave, ovulation, and no longer tangled healing. Instead, it will reconcile with polycystic and reduce its impact on life with a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the chat, she gave me a egg: "I want to have a second child. If there is a aunt afterwards, maybe 5 reserve forces in the refrigerator can be used."

Along the way, Au experienced the difficulty of finding a way to find a way in the wasteland in his life, but a phrase "do his best to listen to the destiny", which allowed her to accept everything of life, and stepped on the wasteland to step out another wonderful.

Doctor comment:

After watching Au from entanglement to the preparation of self -reconciliation, I feel very touched.

Au is one of the tens of thousands of polycystic patients often encountered in our outpatient clinics. She has experienced physical and psychological trouble, crossed the threshold of ovulation disorders and pregnancy, and successfully gave birth to a cute baby.Self -psychological transformation.

Polycystic is a very common reproductive endocrine disease for women in childcare. It not only makes the road to prepare pregnancy difficult, but also increases the risk of metabolic abnormalities. Therefore, once the polycystic label is labeled, many girls will have anxiety.It has all aspects such as fertility, appearance and health.

For polycystic patients, we must first establish the correct concept. The polycystic is only slightly more difficult to get pregnant than others, but it is completely pregnant.

Now the simplest and effective ovulation promotion guidance in the clinic can solve most of the problems. In a few cases, there are difficulty development of follicles, and the "magic weapon" of IVF can help.

Therefore, the smooth pregnancy of patients with polycystic can be achieved and gave birth to a healthy baby.

In addition, patients with polycystic have the risk of metabolic abnormalities, so you need to start from daily life to properly control the intake of high -sugar and high -fat foods, increase the amount of exercise, and reduce the risk of later diabetes.

Finally, the most difficult thing to do is self -reconciliation.

Be prepared for long -term coexistence with polycysts, and solve it in time when you encounter difficulties. Do not tangled and anxious.

If there is a difficulty in fertility or metabolism, the polycystic patients can go to hospitals with reproductive medical clinics and gynecological endocrine clinics as soon as possible to seek professional guidance of doctors as soon as possible.

According to the voice of medicine

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