There are 3 practical methods to relieve dysmenorrhea, and the body is much more comfortable

What is dysmenorrhea is actually because the pain caused by the endometrium deserture. When the uterus is determined that there is no pregnancy, the endometrium that is thickened for a period of time will fall off a lot, and this process will cause some women to cause abdominal pain and abdominal discomfort."Critical", how to relieve dysmenorrhea, some people say that drinking more hot water, some people say that they use warm babies. Are these methods effective?

Can drinking hot water and warming your baby really relieve dysmenorrhea?

First of all, the use of warm baby can really relieve dysmenorrhea. The calories help to relax the uterine muscles and its surrounding tissues, and to a certain extent relieve pain and discomfort.When female dysmenorrhea occurs, heating pads can also be placed on the lower back to eliminate back pain.Another choice is soaked in a warm water bath, which can help relax the muscles of the abdomen, back and legs.However, drinking hot water can not relax the muscles and tissues around the uterus, so it is difficult to achieve the effect of alleviating dysmenorrhea.

There are many other ways to relieve dysmenorrhea in modern times. For example, you cannot drink ice water and drink ginger soup. These are actually very limited for alleviating dysmenorrhea. Instead of blindly trying, it is better to see what is the correct method of relieving dysmenorrhea.Essence

Other methods to relieve dysmenorrhea

If you want to relieve dysmenorrhea, you may be difficult to solve the problem with a hot water bottle alone. Then you will introduce several other commonly used other commonly used methods to relieve dysmenorrhea. You can choose according to your own situation.

Method 1, exercise

Although exercise may be what many women don’t want to do when dysmenorrhea do not want to do, it can relieve dysmenorrhea.If women may have no benefit when they are dysmenorrhea, but gently stretching, walking or yoga may help.Exercise will also release endorphins, which is a natural analgesic drug.

Method 2, acupuncture

Studies have shown that acupuncture can relieve dysmenorrhea.In addition to stimulating the body to release endorphins and promote the relaxation of the body, this treatment can reduce inflammation.However, if women want to achieve the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea, they must continue acupuncture instead of a single course.

Method three: Use drugs

If the above method cannot relieve pain, you can try to use over -the -counter painkillers at this time, such as acetaminol or ibuprofen.These drugs can relieve inflammation, pain and menstruation.You must follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. If the recommended dose is not enough to alleviate the menstrual tide, please tell the doctor.

If women have no fertility requirements for the time being, they can take some long -term contraceptives. Contraceptives can inhibit the proportion of estrogen and progesterone, so that the shrinkage of the uterus is relatively slow and can effectively relieve dysmenorrhea.Women’s fertility.

The method of relieving dysmenorrhea introduced above is only for the pain caused by normal circumstances. For some abnormal dysmenorrhea, women need to go to the hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment, and when the dysmenorrhea exceeds your toleranceAnd medication is the most accurate method of relieving dysmenorrhea.


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