The young Baoma was pregnant again 42 days after giving birth.

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Qingqing, who was only 25 years old this year, did not expect that it was normal for 42 days after giving birth, but it was normal, but I liked a "surprise gift package".

It turned out that after the confinement, Qingqing recovered well, and she had a room with her husband.

Considering that she had just given birth to a child and the menstruation had not recovered, her husband took it for granted that Qingqing would not be pregnant, so he did not take any protection measures.

Who knew that the second child was ushered in, and it was completely unexpected by the couple.

The doctor couldn’t help but reprimand the ignorance of Qingqing’s husband. She was in the same room as soon as she was confinement.

The body that is still in the recovery period will still ovulate.Within two months after the birth, she was pregnant with a second child again, which made the woman’s body stand.

× This is actually a misunderstanding of many people: after giving birth, it is still breastfeeding, and women’s bodies will not ovulate.

Moreover, women’s bodies are very fragile at this time. If there is no protection measures, it is likely to cause bacterial infections. The risks in it should also be considered.

After giving birth, women will start confinement.This time period is not only an important period for physical recovery, but also the stage of residuals in the uterus, such as lochia.

Therefore, both husband and wife must give the uterus a time to recover, and do not live in the husband and wife.

Even if the body recovers well after confinement, you must wait for the dew for the same room.

At the same time, you should not be able to take advantage of the fluke without any contraceptive measures. Women who are still breastfeeding will also ovulate. If you are pregnant again, the burden on women’s bodies will be unbearable.

Take the uterus, just after going through the process of a child’s departure, where is the power to bear what the child needs?

At this time, if the husband does not take contraceptive measures, it is a manifestation of irresponsibility to his wife and the entire family.

1) Pay attention to personal hygiene

After giving birth, personal care is very important.Traditional concepts believe that you need to absolutely prohibit bathing and shampooing during confinement.

In fact, this will adversely affect both mothers and children.

Without bathing, shampooing or not washing, bacteria and viruses will accumulate, causing infection.

It is beneficial to wash properly during confinement, especially to wash your hair. As long as you pay attention to it, it is completely okay.

The island’s murmur:

The temperature of the water -shampoo should be kept between 36 ~ 38 ° C, and the time needs to be controlled within 5-10 minutes.

After cleaning, dry it with a towel in time, and then blow it with a hair dryer until it is completely dry.

2) Pay attention to environmental hygiene

The maternal who has just experienced the production, and the newborn baby, the body is very weak, and it is vulnerable to the virus infection.

Therefore, the family’s efforts to create a clean environment also plays a vital role, which is easy to be ignored by everyone.

In addition to the usual cleaning, you can also add a little disinfectant to kill some bacteria and viruses.

In addition, family members should pay attention to indoor ventilation, open windows to ventilate the windows every time, and try to go to the crowds as much as possible to avoid taking bacteria home.

3) Check on time

Checking on time after delivery can help doctors monitor the physical changes of mothers and babies in a timely manner, and treatment measures can be taken in time even in time even if there are problems.

For example, 42 days after delivery, it is best not to make excuses and absence, which is not good for maternal and babies.

Don’t save the possibility of not being discovered for this time and money for this time and money.

There is not only a woman’s business, but also a common decision of a couple and a family.

No matter who it is, it should give the postpartum pregnant women’s care and care. Don’t make them feel lonely, and then suffer from postpartum depression.

A responsible husband not only cares about it, but also respects and loves his wife.

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