The world’s most beautiful pregnant mother!Rely on pregnancy to attract 1.2 million fans

Women during pregnancy will not only change their body shape, but also have a lot of choice of wear.In fact, there are many maternal dresses designed comfortably and fashionable, so that girls who are pregnant can also be a beautiful expectant mother. Let’s take a look at this fashionista with more than 1.2 million fans on Instagram. Julia Engel is pregnant.During this period, all kinds of beautiful wear!

You can wear loose tops in the early stages of pregnancy.The layered pink top can just cover the bulging abdomen, and it is also very matched with pure white pants, exuding the breath of spring.

It is most suitable for wearing loose skirts during pregnancy. This white dress with a chiffon bubble sleeves allows you to wear a dreamy court style in pregnancy.

If you do n’t want to pretend to be too monotonous, you can choose a skirt with more details in the upper body!Laces, lotus leaf edges and bubble sleeves can still keep you girly in your pregnancy.

The blue printed style is elegant and temperamental, and the length of the knee allows pregnant women to keep it refreshing in a hot summer!

The soft pink tone can give people a sense of approachable people.Putting on a light pink long skirt and small leather handbags, the whole person looks very close, and the random ball head is lazy.

The floral design can be slightly covered with the change of the body, and then put on the denim jacket, it is stylish and handsome, just like immediately reducing the age of ten!

In addition to good appearance, clothes are also a very important part of maternity costumes.And this white long dress full of texture, the perspective design can be sexy, and it is very cool. Even if we wear in summer, you are not afraid to feel sultry at all!

If you want to put on your pants when you are pregnant, you can wear the loose pants that are deducted from the front, and it will be more convenient to go to the toilet or action.When wearing a gray -green jacket with a pair of comfortable brown flat sandals when wearing a wild outing, it looks natural.

Even pregnant women can wear swimsuit to the beach for vacation!If you put on a shirt outside, you will not be afraid of cold.The blue and white patterns are very lined with the blue sky and the blue sky, which is quite summer.

The lace skirt of the suspender allows you expectant mothers to show the lines of the arms and shoulders and necks. Even if you are pregnant, you can be sexy, exuding femininity!The thin gray and white strips look low -key but elegant.

The ethnic style skirt with a tight upper body and loose lower body is very suitable for all fashion pregnant women.Bring a small handbag with vine basketball, walking on the streets of foreign countries, full of exotic style!

If you are worried that if you seem to be dynamic during pregnancy, you can choose yellow and white clothes, which will look more energetic.The design and exaggerated earrings of small florals can be matched with a retro feeling.

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