The woman’s sudden bleeding suddenly was buried in a "time bomb" in the uterine cavity

Red Net Moment News December 12 (Correspondent Xiao Lina Luo Lan) Recently, a "special" visitor in Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital Chinese Medicine and Gynecologist’s Office -a novice mother who just got out of confinement.She held Jinqi and a large flower of flowers to thank Dr. Shen Yan, Chinese medicine and gynecology, and all medical staff of the department.

The novice mother caused the diameter of the uterine cavity to be greater than 10 cm due to the early pregnancy of the pregnancy in the early pregnancy of the embryo. At one time, the diameter of the gestational sac was greater.I heard that Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital has more than 60 years of experience in tire protection. She has a good attitude to Dr. Shen Yan, so she comes to the doctor.

In the face of such a large hysteric blood accumulation, Dr. Shen Yan and her team attached great importance to the condition and test results of their synthesis patients. After many discussions and analysis, they developed individualization for patients.Chinese medicine treatment plan.After taking the Chinese medicine that had more than more than a month, the blood accumulated slowly became smaller until it disappeared. The baby also kept it smoothly. In October this year, she became a happy novice mother.

What is the accumulation of uterine cavity?What is the harm to pregnant women?

The accumulation of uterine cavity is due to the abolition of the embryo or all from the uterine wall, which causes blood vessel rupture in the combination of embryo and the palace wall, thereby appearing different shapes and sizes in the uterine wall and gestational sac, uterine wall and placenta or uterine cavity.In the dark area, the accumulation of uterine cavity can directly affect the normal growth of the embryo.Some patients have symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, and some patients have no symptoms at all, just discovered during B -ultrasound examination.At present, Western medicine believes that its cause and mechanism are unclear, while Chinese medicine is mostly believed that the patient’s spleen and kidney qi deficiency and qi and blood stasis are caused by the formation of blood stasis in the uterine cavity.At present, many studies have found that the risk of abnormal pregnancy ending, placental adhesion, premature lunar membrane breakthrough, and limited fetal growth in patients with blood accumulation of uterine cavity have been significantly higher than that of normal pregnant women.

"The accumulation of the uterine cavity is like a time bomb, and it may be ‘explosion at any time. Because the patient’s hemorrhage causes greatly discharging the accumulated blood, it can easily cause the serious consequences of abortion together with the gestational sac.The risk of blood in infection in blood is also very high. "Dr. Shen Yan introduced that the foundation of hysteric blood accumulation during pregnancy is a threatened abortion. It is recommended to treat the symptoms in time.In the treatment of this type of patient, the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is obvious. For large -scale hysteria blood accumulation, the principle of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is to reduce stasis and tires, and take positive treatment measures to prevent further increased blood accumulation of the uterine cavity or suddenly discharge suddenly.EssenceIn addition, it is necessary to guide patients to pay attention to rest, with high protein diet to supplement nutrition, and at the same time pay attention to vulvar hygiene to avoid causing uterine cavity infections until a large amount of blood accumulation is reduced or completely eliminated.

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