The woman’s "pregnancy" was not produced in December, and her husband was abandoned by her husband 60 kilograms. Doctors: can still save

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In 2009, there was a woman named Peng Ximei in Guangdong. She was "pregnant" for more than 36 months, but there were no signs of production.What is even more shocking is that her pregnant belly is extremely huge and weighs more than 60 kilograms, which makes her suffer.

It is disappointing that when Peng Ximei was pregnant for 12 months, her husband abandoned her.Even when the doctor saw this, he said that he has been engaged in medicine for many years and has never encountered this situation.

Can Peng Ximei "produce" and restore health with the help of a doctor?What was the in her stomach, so scary?

After Peng Ximei reached the age of marriage, the matchmaker in the village introduced her to a young man in a neighboring village. The family of both sides was right. Peng Ximei also had a good opinion of the young man, so she agreed to the marriage.Although the young man’s family is not wealthy, Peng Ximei does not mind. She believes that as long as she and her husband work hard, she will definitely change her current life.

Her husband treats Peng Ximei very well, and they live a happy life.But the biggest regret is that for more than a year after marriage, Peng Ximei still has no pregnancy.This is a major event in rural areas, and it is very important for Chuizong to take over.Therefore, Peng Ximei has become the focus of everyone’s discussion.Even Peng Ximei’s mother -in -law often blame her as "chickens who don’t put eggs, what’s the use of marrying!"

Peng Ximei was very anxious, but she couldn’t get pregnant and felt helpless.Every night she was accused, she cried.The husband who had been protecting her before became impatient.

Peng Ximei’s mother -in -law decided to take action. First, take her to send her to Guanyin, and drink the gray ash and the boiled black soup of the Zizi Guanyin every day.Although it was so hard to swallow, Peng Ximei insisted on drinking.It didn’t take long for the miracle to appear. Peng Ximei’s belly became bigger every day. The husband’s family was so happy that Peng Ximei was pregnant with her twins.

Peng Ximei is too much after pregnancy. Except for occasional stomach pain, she basically does not have adverse reactions during pregnancy.However, her belly became bigger and the speed was amazing. After a few months, she was larger than the stomach of the average pregnant woman for ten months.Peng Ximei’s body was getting weaker and weaker, and her mental state was exhausted by the children in her belly.

Although the doctor has always suggested that her husband has not taken Peng Ximei to do any pregnancy test.Until the 12th month, Peng Ximei’s belly still showed no signs of labor.The village began to say that she was pregnant with "Nezha", and it would take two years to give birth.In order to worry about the child in the child’s belly, her mother -in -law reluctantly agreed to take her to the hospital for examination.

At the hospital, the situation of Peng Ximei scared the doctor.The doctor said that he has never seen such a large pregnant belly as a doctor for many years, as if he will explode at any time.In order to save time, the doctor immediately performed a B -ultrasound for Peng Ximei and found that she had no children in her belly, and she could not even see the organs.Then she had a CT examination, but Peng Ximei’s belly was too large to enter the CT machine.After the film was finally filmed, the doctor finally found the things in Peng Ximei’s belly. It turned out that she was not a child at all, but an ovarian tumor.

After the diagnosis, the doctor told Peng Xi’s husband and wife that this is cancer and must perform surgery. The cost is high and may recur. It can only extend life for two or three years.

After learning about this news, Peng Ximei and her husband became pale and weak, and decided to go home and make a decision.Considering that the home is not wealthy, and it won’t be long after treatment, Peng Ximei decides not to treat, and go home to spend the remaining time.

However, what Peng Ximei didn’t expect was that as soon as she returned home, her husband became ruthless and scolded her loudly and asked her to leave.He even asked Peng Ximei to make a word, proved that she left voluntarily, and don’t come to him in the future.

The blow of the disease did not make Peng Ximei collapse, but her husband’s ruthlessness made her feel desperate. In her face, she couldn’t pass, and Peng Ximei decided to leave her husband.

Before leaving, her husband was not assured and asked Peng Ximei to sign the document that she left voluntarily. Do not come to him in the future.

After two years of wandering, Peng Ximei became weaker and weaker, thinking that she was almost going.But she was unwilling to die outside, so she decided to go to the hospital.She believes that if they really die, the hospital will help handle the body.

However, this decision by Peng Ximei saved her life.Dean Xu Kecheng, who was traveling on a business trip in Guangzhou Fushang University, noticed that her stomach was extremely huge, and immediately realized that she must be seriously ill.

Dean Xu Kecheng stepped forward and asked Peng Ximei what happened.After Peng Ximei told him about his experience, Dean Xu Kecheng immediately invited Peng Ximei to go to Fu Da Hospital for treatment.However, Peng Ximei refused because she could not afford the treatment fee.But Dean Xu Kecheng was unwilling to see her died like this, so he said, "You can rest assured, I will treat you for free."

Hearing this, Peng Ximei couldn’t help crying, which made her see the hope of surviving and felt the true feelings of the world.

Dean Xu Kecheng arranged an ambulance for Peng Ximei and sent her to Guangzhou.The reason is that the situation of Peng Ximei is very dangerous, and accidents may occur.

After arriving at the University of Hospital, Peng Ximei called a weight, and she actually reached 220 pounds, and the big belly was 120 pounds.Peng Ximei’s body was very thin, her belly compressed her breathing difficulties, and her heart was almost exhausted.

In order to treat Peng Ximei, Dean Xu Kecheng formed a special treatment team to analyze her condition and formulate a treatment plan.After examination, everyone found that the difficulty of treatment was not only the tumor of her ovaries, but also a large number of ascites.

These ascites are severely compressed to Peng Ximei’s organs, which may be ruptured at any time and dangerous life.Therefore, the primary task is to pull out the ascites, but it cannot be drew at one time.

After the efforts of the doctor, the ascites in Peng Ximei’s body were finally dry, with a total of more than 50,000 ml, which is equivalent to the weight of more than 100 bottles of mineral water.An adult man is unbearable, let alone Peng Ximei’s thin body.

After the ascites were drawn, the doctor immediately performed surgery for Peng Ximei.Dean Xu Kecheng personally handled it. After several hours of surgery, the tumor in Peng Ximei’s stomach was successfully removed. This tumor weighed 2,300 grams, which was equivalent to the weight of a watermelon.

Peng Ximei finally broke away from the huge "pregnant belly" and no longer worried about breathing difficulties and dying at any time.

When he was discharged, Dean Xu Kecheng also prepared a living expenses to ensure that Peng Ximei could continue to live.However, Peng Ximei didn’t want to bother Xu Kecheng’s dean, so he rejected his kindness.Dean Xu Kecheng said to her, "You can survive, you can help you, and you have the ability to help others in the future!"

Peng Ximei remembered the words of Dean Xu Kecheng and stayed in Guangzhou as a volunteer in the hospital.She helped patients with cancer without compensation and joined the volunteer tissue.

In the past 14 years, Peng Ximei has helped countless patients.She is getting better and healthy.She also met her like -minded husband, and the two had three children.

Peng Ximei’s life experience was full of misfortune, but she got the second life by meeting Dean Xu Kecheng.

She also knows gratitude and reward society in her own way.Her story tells us that if you persist, you may see the dawn of life and never give up easily.

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