The woman who was pregnant at 16 weeks of pregnancy found that acute leukemia urgently needed someone to donate blood plates

Master Xue did not expect that he felt that the far -reaching leukemia would pay attention to his wife who was pregnant for 16 weeks, and may even take his life.

I am afraid that my lover can’t hold it to lie to her and say that a rare anemia

Master Xue is a native of Dongfan Village, Longting Town, Hancheng City. In June 2017, Ms. Zhou, who was pregnant at 16 weeks of pregnancy, was routinely inspected. She was informed that the platelet was low. It was recommended to go to a large hospital.Re -examination.

On June 11, Master Xue and his lover went to the People’s Hospital of Shaanxi Province for examination and was quickly diagnosed with "acute marrow leukemia"."I was hospitalized that day, my relatives were surprised, and I couldn’t accept it." Master Xue crossed his bag and leaned on the wall of the hospital.

A reporter from the China Business Daily met Ms. Zhou who was infusion in the hematology ward of the Provincial Hospital. Before the reporter went upstairs, Master Xue repeatedly told him not to mention his illness.

"In the past few days, she always asked me when she could be discharged from the hospital. I lied to her and said that she had rare anemia, had to raise it, and had to change blood. It also reminded her patients and relatives and friends in the same ward to hide her first.She is pregnant, and I am afraid I can’t carry it. "Master Xue said," She suddenly had nosebleeds a month ago, she was sleepy, and she didn’t want to eat. I thought it was a reaction during pregnancy.

Worry about the cost of the later treatment

Now, Ms. Zhou bleeds because she brushed her teeth.When she learned that the reporter could help her raise blood donation, she was very happy.Please help the reporter first."You give me a lover and let my big daughter look at me." Ms. Zhou said.

Master Xue turned and red eyes.He walked out of the ward and said, "The eldest daughter in her hometown also looked for her mother all day, and she didn’t dare to let the baby know her mother’s condition. The two ends were concealed, making me particularly fragile. She wanted to cry when she heard the girl’s voice."

In addition to the 5 -year -old daughter, there are 4 elderly people who need support."I am a chef, and the income is all dry. The situation at home is average. It is the poor households in Hancheng’s poverty alleviation. I can go out to work. I can’t go out to work.Master Xue shrank and sat on his chair, seeing even smaller.

It is understood that in just a few days in the hospital, Ms. Zhou has spent 30,000 yuan of treatment costs.In the later period, the cost of treatment will definitely not be less. Speaking of this, Master Xue wiped out tears again."30,000 yuan has owed a lot of debt. I am the pillar of the family, and I support it in front of my family. When I meet an outsider, I tears easily." Master Xue said that he knew that the man had tears and did not bounce, butHis tears have come in the past few days.

Early early treatment requires blood source support

A reporter from China Business Daily saw that her platelet count was 18 on the 13th test sheet, which was far lower than the reference value.Master Xue said that he was still declining.

Dr. Zhou, Department of Hematology of the People’s Hospital of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, said: "Bleeding gums, hemorrhoid bleeding, headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. when the patient was sent, blood platelets were extremely low.And merging during pregnancy, increase the difficulty of treatment, and need blood source support in the early stage of treatment. "

"In the past few days, our relatives and friends who learned about the news also came to the hospital to receive the ‘mutual aid blood donation application form’, hoping to help her through the difficulties.People donate blood and contribute blood plates. Thank you for all my family. "Master Xue said.

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