The woman was tested for pregnancy, and the result was ushered in the physiological period. Why did the hospital make mistakes?Compensation for 1,000 yuan, but regret

Last month, Ma Linlin (pseudonym) was postponed. She suspected that she might be pregnant and went to Mishan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital on June 30.

Midoshan citizen Ma Linlin

See if it was pregnant, and then the doctor gave me a list for me to do B -ultrasound. After doing B -ultrasound, nothing can be seen. I suggest that I will be a blood HCG.

Malinlin did a quantitative test for HCG, and the test result was 50000miu/ml. According to the reference value, it showed 4-7 weeks of pregnancy.

Midoshan citizen Ma Linlin

I asked for a while, and I was pregnant, because I was afraid of bleeding, I told my boss that I couldn’t go to work at that time, I went home, I was lying on my home, and I had been bleeding for two days, but it was much more than before.I was definitely scared, so I changed a hospital.

Ma Linlin said that she has been married for several years and has always wanted a child.The bleeding was very similar to the abortion before, so she was very careful and resigned from work at home to rest, but during the rest process, she felt that her body was wrong. She changed a hospital for a B -ultrasound and blood HCG quantitative test.

Midoshan citizen Ma Linlin

At that time, the blood value was very small. Like normal people, it was not the blood value of pregnancy. I was very puzzled. If normal abortion, the blood value cannot be reduced to so much. The doctor on duty said that it was not pregnancy.

After a few days after thinking, Ma Linlin ushered in the physiological period, and the statement of pregnancy did not break.This result made her and her family feel very lost, so she found Mishan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Zhu Demin, Director of the Inspection Division of Mishan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

There were two blood HCG that day, and she took the wrong list. She (nurse) did not work seriously. I also told her just now. I said that you will suffer a lot in the future.This is a blood HCG, and there is no serious consequences.(Reporter: How do you get the wrong list?) Who might know the reason that day, there are two blood HCG, there is a high, one low, and the high one is given.(Ma Linlin: The name is not the same?) I read it wrong, the two names were wrong.

Director Zhu Demin, the inspection department of Mishan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that there was a person who was very similar to Ma Linlin at that time. The nurses of the hand made the name of the two people wrong, and then such mistakes appeared.

Zhu Demin, Director of the Inspection Division of Mishan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Look at this matter. She may be careless at the time at the time. It was indeed her problem. I also told her. The courtyard also handled her. The performance of her for half a year, the performance was gone.The warning has been punished, and it will be fired if the offender is fired again.

Ma Linlin said that she resigned because she was pregnant at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Now that she is not pregnant, she is embarrassed to return to work before, and she will change to work next, but in the past few days, she hopes that the Miyoshi Maternal and Child Health Hospital can bear it.

Zhu Demin, Director of the Inspection Division of Mishan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Give you a thousand dollars, can you?

The nurse who made a mistake transferred a thousand dollars to Ma Linlin, but when he learned that "News Night Air" was involved in this incident, the attitude of Mishan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital had a 180 -degree turn.

Zhu Demin, Director of the Inspection Division of Mishan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

You have to solve it like this, where are you willing to sue, we recovered the money back, where is we willing to sue, we don’t care, because what, we are not working for ourselves.In our personal pockets, the public is solved, and the hospital is solved. Are you recorded?(Reporter: What are you doing, don’t touch our machine.) Now please go out, please leave.

After leaving the hospital, the reporter received a call from Malinlin’s husband. He said that the hospital asked the hospital to return a thousand dollars, but when the husband of Malinlin returned money, the hospital did not want it.Now that this thousand dollars, Ma Linlin is not staying, and it is not retreating.

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