The woman was pregnant for three months, but her boyfriend broke up because of a 100,000 color gift, and even had to kill the child

The woman was three months pregnant, but her boyfriend proposed to break up, and even asked him to kill the child. It even broke the secret of his girlfriend in public.So what happened between the two?Let’s look down.The woman named Xiaohu in front of him was just last year, he dated a boyfriend, and soon found that he was pregnant.As a result, Xiao Hu proposed the marriage of the two with her boyfriend Xiao Jin.At that time, Xiao Hu said that he would ask for a gift of 100,000 yuan, but he was rejected by his boyfriend Xiao Jin.Not only that, Xiao Jin also proposed to break up, and asked Xiao Hu to kill his child. He promised that he would pay 50,000 yuan in compensation, but Xiaohu has not got a penny now.The attitude of her boyfriend Xiao Jin puzzled Xiao Hu. Even if Cai Li couldn’t talk, you didn’t have to make a decisive breakup. Moreover, he was still pregnant now.In order to resolve the contradiction between the two sides, we followed Xiao Hu to his boyfriend Xiao Jin’s family, but no one was at this time.

At this time, Xiao Jin’s sister -in -law revealed that according to their local customs, the woman should live in the man’s house for a few days. Everyone is familiar with each other.Home, and also said that the Xiaojin family had no sincerity.In this regard, the Jin family said that Cai Li can slowly discuss, but not in a hurry, but the Hu family disagrees.Persist in asking Xiaojin to come up with a gift of 100,000 yuan on the spot, and the two sides even went to the police station for this matter.

According to Xiao Jin’s uncle, shortly before, Xiao Jin had given Xiaohu 5,000 yuan for abortion surgery, but Xiaohu did not hold this money for surgery, but asked Xiao Jin to compensate Xiaoshong 20,000 yuan immediately at the police station.

Later, Xiao Jin’s family rushed back to the house. When the mediator asked Xiao Jin when he broke up with Xiao Hu?Xiao Jin said that the answers were all in the recording.The content in the recording was that Xiao Jin asked why he called Xiaohu at two in the morning to call a man, and Xiao Hu’s answer was vague.

Xiao Jin was very angry. He said that he was 30 years old, and his parents also hoped that he could become a family soon.One week after determining the relationship with Xiao Hu, he went to the Xiaohu family to discuss the issue of colorful gifts.However, the two were not talked about, and the incident was temporarily put on hold.At this time, Xiao Hu revealed that Xiao Jin also had a girlfriend outside.In response, Xiao Jin explained that she was a girlfriend who was looking for after Xiao Hu wrote the guarantee.The guarantee clearly stated that after receiving the money, the relationship between the two sides ended.Xiao Hu also admitted that he took her boyfriend Xiaojin 5,000 yuan to the hospital for examination, but because there was no way to perform surgery because of inflammation, the child’s problem was not solved.

At this time, Xiao Hu said that if Xiao Jin was willing to change his mind, he could accept Xiao Jin.But Xiao Jin said that at this point, he no longer wanted to have any relationship with Xiao Hu, even if he was barely married, he would not be happy.Regarding the issue of colorful gifts, Xiao Jin’s mother said that because she had just built a new house, she could not take out 100,000 yuan at once, but Xiaohu did not give up for 100,000 yuan.

At this time, Xiaohu proposed that if Xiao Jin’s family could not get a gift of 100,000 yuan.Take 25,000 yuan as compensation. In the end, the two parties negotiated. The Xiao Jin family agreed to the compensation fee of 25,000 yuan that Xiao Hu said. From then on, they did not interfere with each other.However, after Xiao Jin said that after the compensation fee was given, Xiao Hu had to go to the hospital for surgery.In the end, the two sides agreed to go to the hospital for miscarriage the next day.This draft feelings have paid a heavy price for both sides.After reading it, I want to say that as an adult, you need to be cautious in treating emotions. Do not choose to get married blindly or hasty. When the relationship cannot go, you should stop the loss in time.What do you have to think about this, welcome to leave a message.

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