The woman was infertile after marriage, and the two problems were found in the examination.

The Ms. Jiang of Heze has been married for more than two years. The two have never been able to get on their children. At first they did not pay attention to this issue, thinking that they would not have any problems at a young age, but they were infertile.

I went to the local area to see Chinese medicine, and the doctor said that she had irregular menstruation.Although Ms. Jiang used to know that her menstruation was irregular, she did not feel that it would affect infertility. From the time of high school, her menstruation was not on time. Sometimes it has been once a month, but sometimes two or three, but they have to two or three, but they have to two or three.It will not come a month, because there is no regularity, and then she will no longer pay attention to her menstruation. When it comes, it will come. If you do n’t come, there will be a lot of trouble.

Now she knows the consequences of irregular menstruation. It really affects pregnancy. The doctor prescribed her Chinese medicine for her home for conditioning.Menstruation is normal, but the medicine will not come to the menstruation for the second month.This made the couple very distressed, but I didn’t expect how difficult it would be for a child.

Seeing that drinking medicine did not have much effect, the couple did not choose to continue treatment in the local area, but came to Jinan.After detailed consultation and related inspections of the two, I found that there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Jiang had the situation of bilateral fallopian tube obstruction and polycystic ovary syndrome.

At that time, there were two kinds of problems when Ms. Jiang heard her infertility, so she couldn’t help crying.Worried that it is not good to treat children.I also felt very distressed to watch her. I comforted her and said: There are more patients who are more serious than her situation. Some people have been pregnant for years. Later, they found problems.Go to your own child.After listening to these words, Ms. Jiang’s emotions gradually stabilized.

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a chronic disease, manifested as the disorder of reproductive endocrine and metabolism. It can only be controlled. It is no hope to cure.But it is not as terrible as expected, just like hypertension and diabetes. As long as you pay more attention to life, there will be no problems.But now the polycystic has affected Ms. Jiang’s fertility, including irregular menstruation and the polycystic ovary.

Menstruation is a symbol of a woman, once a month.It is very important for women, and menstruation will basically have ovulation.When the endometrium grows to a certain cycle, it will automatically fall off to form menstruation without pregnancy.If the eggs are fertilized, the fertilized eggs will go up in this soft and thick endometrium and continue to develop.At the same time, under the influence of luteal, the endometrium does not fall off and continues to grow, so women have no menstruation after pregnancy.The polycystic affects her normal ovulation cycle and also leads to irregular menstruation.

I decided to conduct comprehensive treatment of her situation. The treatment of polycystic drugs is one aspect. She also needs to pay more attention to cooperation in her life to develop a good living habit.Pay attention to the nutritional balance of diet and control weight. At the same time, do not have two problems because you have two problems. You are anxious and psychological changes in pregnancy difficulties.The situation of her fallopian tube blocking was dredged under the hysteroscopy, and after surgery, I cooperated with the hospital’s characteristic preparations for conditioning.

When she came to review two months later, she recovered very well. I gave her a promotional treatment again. In the first cycle, she succeeded in getting pregnant. Congratulations to them!

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