The woman was "pregnant" and was blamed by a doctor: just you tipped …

"Two consecutive inspection forms

The word "pregnancy state" appeared.

I feel

Husband had suspicion in her heart but did not say clearly."

Recently, Ms. Xu in Wuhan met

The "trust crisis" between husband and wife

Obviously the couple have few couples life

Especially before and after the last holiday

Nor live a husband and wife life

Ms. Xu was diagnosed with "pregnancy" by the hospital …

what happened?Intersection

Women’s body checklist shows "pregnancy status"

The crisis of trust in husband and wife

Ms. Xu introduced that she had not recovered well after she gave birth to her child. Recently, she had some gynecological problems. She went to the Houhu Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital on June 25.

"Make a number of inspections, and all the test results can not come out in a few days before and after. When checking the detection progress on the mobile phone, it is found that there are two test forms, which shows that the clinical diagnosis is pregnancy."Considering the recovery of the body, the couple rarely lived in the life, especially the last holiday did not have a husband and wife life. The result of such a diagnosis made her very puzzled.

Ms. Xu’s detection form (<mrippling the interviewee)

"My husband also feels inexplicable, but there is such a diagnosis in the two detection forms, and I have to trust the result." Ms. Xu said that because the entire test results were not all come out, there was no way to ask the hospital to ask.In those two days, she felt that her husband had a very awkward communication with her, and could feel that her husband was thinking wildly, but did not say that Ms. Xu could not take the initiative to explain anything.

"Two pregnancy tests during the period show that there is no pregnancy. Inquiries on the Internet, saying that the pregnancy test stick is not necessarily accurate, and the pregnancy status of clinical diagnosis means pregnancy." Ms. Xu introduced that her husband asked her on the 28th that she had anyThere is no pregnancy reaction, ask if you really get pregnant, do you want to leave this child.

This made Ms. Xu’s emotions ignite instantly, and asked her husband if she was doubting that she was derailed."He said that no matter what the child’s situation was, he had to stay. Maybe he really had no other meaning, he was worried about my body, but I felt like he was implying other meaning."

Ms. Xu assured her husband that she had no behavior of cross -rail, and they were in depression."We have been together for more than ten years, and we have never had confidence in each other. Because of this diagnosis, we can’t say that the Tao is unknown, and when we communicate, we are afraid of hurting each other.Anyway, I feel that the family is awkward, and the marriage is about to occur. "

The doctor should clarify to the husband

Wife is not pregnant

Called depending on computer system vulnerabilities

Entry expired information

On the evening of June 28, all the test results of Ms. Xu came out.In the early morning of the next day, the couple went to the Houhu Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital to register for a review.

"The doctor who took the consultation glanced at the report, and said it was okay, it may be that the report form recorded your previous old information." Ms. Xu said that she repeatedly confirmed that she was not pregnant, and then asked why the test document would be tested the document meeting.Show pregnancy status.

The doctor explained to her that because there was a problem with the computer system of the hospital, if a patient had diagnosed in the hospital before and the patient came to the doctor again, the system automatically retrieved the patient’s information, and some of the previous consultation information may be filled in the new test form.EssenceBut Ms. Xu’s last consultation was not his hand, and he didn’t know the specific situation.

"What he said was ‘possible’, which was uncertain. I found the gynecological guide station and asked what the reason was. Another female doctor called me to the clinic and explained the situation in detail."

Ms. Xu introduced that the doctor asked her to check the information registration of the patient in the computer and explained that Ms. Xu had been diagnosed due to pregnancy a year ago.However, when the test report is generated, due to the system vulnerability, the system automatically adds the previous "pregnancy status" information to the test form.

"She said that the computer could not see this vulnerability, but the information of multiple patients had errors. Someone asked, and the explanation was over. I was the only one who found it." Ms. Xu said"It made her embarrassing, and the gap between the couple also needed to be brought to. Fortunately, there was no tragedy consequences.However, the doctor’s response did not seem to realize the seriousness of the problem, which made her feel a little weak, and also made her doubt about the credibility of the hospital’s future test report.

On the afternoon of June 29, the reporter contacted the hospital’s propaganda department and asked whether Ms. Xu was pregnant or information entry was wrong?Is the error cause the loopholes of the computer system, and is the vulnerability repair?The staff said that he would reply to the reporter after verifying the business department.At present, the reporter has not received a reply from the hospital.

Source: Cover News (Reporter Shi Wei), Newsfang

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