The woman infertile after the second marriage, and spend huge sums of test tube surgery.

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2021 is the happiest and most painful year of Ju Feng’s life.She never hated her fate so much, why did she give her hope and give her despair.

After a few years of hard work, I also borrowed 220,000 to test the twins of IVF. Why did one of their children diagnose leukemia? In order to cure the child, the debt was exhausted, and the child was still lifeless.

If you have known this result, you would rather not have life, and do not want to let your children come to this world to suffer.

Where will this family go from?What happened to Ju Feng?

Both Ju Feng and her husband are from Heilongjiang, and both are married.Ju Feng’s first marriage was not happy. After having the next child with her ex -husband, her ex -husband changed greatly. Later, the two divorced and the child was raised by the ex -husband.

After leaving the sea of suffering, the introduction of the person and the current husband went into marriage.But for many years, her stomach has not moved.

Her husband was also a second marriage, because the first wife could not have children, and the two were unhappy.So after remarriage, he was looking forward to the news of his wife’s pregnancy every day.

The old parents in the family were also anxious to hug their grandsons, and urged their young couples to work hard every day.In the past few years, her mother -in -law has tried various folk remedies for Ju Feng, and made her a lot of soup every day.

Finally, with the unremitting efforts of the family, Ju Feng was pregnant.However, the hospital diagnosed that Jufeng was an ectopic pregnancy and was likely to have a miscarriage.After learning about the news, the whole family provided Jufeng as a bodhisattva for the arrival of the little grandson.

Ju Feng was lying on the bed, as long as he ate fruits to tell the story to the children in the stomach.But what was afraid of coming, although Xiang An had nothing to do with it for so many months, Ju Feng had aborted without warning, and she was immediately taken to the hospital.

The operation was very dangerous. In order to keep Ju Feng’s life, the doctor removed her left fallopian tube.After removing the possibility of conception in the future, it was found that Ju Feng’s right tubal was blocked and it was difficult to conceive.

After knowing the news, Ju Feng couldn’t calm down for a long time.Her husband looked at his wife’s loss of soul, and quickly comforted her. "It’s okay, there must be a way, let’s talk about it first."

In such a helpless situation, the couple thought of IVF.Because the current success rate of IVF technology is high, the couple went to the local hospital to ask about it, and felt that the test tube technology said that the doctor said is very feasible.

If you discuss with your family, your parents also agree.So the two sons went to Beijing’s large hospitals to do test tube babies more reliable, but they were still worse.

It takes more than 200,000 to go to Beijing to do IVF. This money is really unable to take it out for his own home.But the couple seemed to be going to the four, and it was really envious to watch other people’s children’s children all the same.

The couple gritted their teeth and went to all relatives and friends to borrow money. They ran for a few days and made up 220,000.

The young couple did not know that this decision now will make them regretful, and they will still put the entire family into the abyss.

Although Ju Feng has long learned that the process of IVF is very hard, but after her experience, she really feels long and difficult.Because Jufeng is almost forty years old, he is already an elderly mother, and he has only one side of the fallopian tube.

It is not easy to get a healthy egg, so she takes one or even two ovulation needles every day.Not only that, she also needs to exercise every day to maintain a good schedule and mood.

Generally, women only need to take a 10 -day ovulation needle, because she has a special body, and after fifteen days before she has a suitable egg.I haven’t been happy for a few days, and it accidentally happened when the egg retrieval was taken.

Ju Feng’s follicles were excessively developed, and a large amount of ascites had accumulated abdominal cavity.It is necessary to surgery immediately and take out the eggs, and the patient’s life will be threatened.

Egg removal can be said to be the most critical moment of IVF. Although the degree of risk of this operation is not high, the surgery needs to be used.

However, the use of anesthetics is easy to deforms. In order to avoid this accident, doctors generally recommend no anesthesia surgery.Ju Feng chose not anesthetic surgery. He had done a lot of effort. After eating a lot of hardships, he couldn’t help it.

She endured the egg retrieval surgery, and felt the cold surgical equipment wandering in her body throughout the process. She did not want to go through the second time.

Fortunately, the surgery was smooth, and she could prepare for conception with peace of mind.Her husband Cheng Gang was not idle for a moment. He prepared nutritional meals at home every day, and he was almost comparable to professional nutritionists.

For convenience, the two rented a small house in Beijing without income, and all expenses were borrowed.Ju Feng’s body was raised, but her psychological pressure was great, and she couldn’t sleep anxiously every night.

This day and night followed this, the hair was on the ground, and the look was very sluggish.Fortunately, Kung Fu is worthy of care. Heaven may see the sincerity of the two sons, and the doctor announced that they were successful and twins.

The couple hugged excitedly and left tears.After finally experiencing how to toss for a long time, the money did not drift, and these two children were really hard to come.

After Ju Feng was pregnant, it was difficult to hide the joy. The whole person was more mentally energetic. Every day, he touched his stomach and looked forward to the child’s arrival.The husband and wife look forward to the future every night, think about where to go to school in the future, what clothes to buy for the child …

Although it has passed the difficulty of conception, it is also a long and hard process in October. Jufeng has experienced abortion experience, so he has been scared during pregnancy, for fear that there will be an accident this time.

The family turned around Jufeng, and the treatment of Ju Feng during this pregnancy was comparable to Cixi.Because she was pregnant after the operation, her body was always weak. She was in bed, and her family did not dare to let her move.

After all, this gambling has been overwhelmed by the family, and the bottom of the family is empty.

In the hope of the whole family, the two children in June 2021 came earlier than the due date.Although the twins are premature, their bodies are very healthy.

Ju Feng was tears, watching the bone blood from his belly, and was relieved, "Seeing the babies, I know that I have eaten the bitterness for so many years, and the tears of flowing are not in vain."

Her husband Cheng Gang was distressed and looked at his wife. He looked at his wife’s suffering, and thanked his wife for everything for this family.He has to work harder, pay off foreign debt, and live a better life with his wife and children.

The couple gave their children a good name long ago. The eldest son was Cheng Taoxu, and the younger son was Cheng Tao’an, which means that they can be ascended to the east as the sun, and the future is frank and peaceful.

The father -in -law watched the two lively babies who lived. The family was very happy. Because the baby’s arrival was full of laughter, everyone hoped that they could grow up healthily.

If happiness can be fixed here, then this family is successful.Unfortunately, the heavens are wished, and heaven and hell will change overnight.

For the first time, the couple were parents, and the two children were really afraid of turning in their mouths, and they were afraid of falling in their hands.Fear of being aggrieved by the two children, but who knows that one day, the younger son has been crazy about his nosebleeds.

The couple quickly sent the child to the hospital with distress. The doctor observed the child’s symptoms and asked the child to do a whole body examination.The couple’s heart mentioned the throat, hoping that the child not to get sick.

As soon as the test results came out, the doctor couldn’t bear to say the illness to the parents, and Ju Feng suddenly became uneasy. "Hospital, what is my child’s illness?"

"The results of the examination show that the child is suffering from acute leukemia M7." The doctor’s voice made the couple in place like a thunderous thunder. Why is she suffering from this disease?

The treatment of leukemia is an endless struggle. The cost of treatment has caused countless families to afford countless families, let alone the two couples who have already had liabilities for IVF.

The treatment of leukemia should face countless chemotherapy, as well as the most expensive bone marrow transplantation surgery.Looking at the younger son’s sin, the couple were very unbearable. They must cure this disease.

In just one day, the family fell from heaven.

The couple began to hate why they were so incompetent. Without their own decision, innocent children would not be born in this world, and they suffered with them.

Seeing that the child was getting weaker and weaker because of the torture of the illness every day, the couple could only go around to borrow money and barely give the child chemotherapy.

The younger son was only one year old, and he endured the pain of this chemotherapy. Every time he cried at Ju Feng, "Mom, I don’t want to go to the hospital."Looking at the child’s tears, Ju Feng’s heart was together, and she wanted to suffer for the child.

The doctor said, "If you want a child to live, you must perform bone marrow transplantation as soon as possible."

The cost of two chemotherapy has been borrowed by the ability to know. If you continue to perform surgery, where to get so much money.Jufeng, who has no way, publishes the situation of his son on the Internet in 2022 to help with good intentions.

Some enthusiastic media have been actively helping to publicize, allowing more people to raise funds.Everyone sympathized with this tragic family and offers some of their own meager power, with a total of 140,000 yuan.

Some people ask Ju Feng."Now the child is so painful, do you regret it?"

Ju Feng cried and answered, "If life can come back, I will not choose to do test tubes. I would rather be lonely and unwilling to be tortured by my child."

Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in life. In the face of more than 700,000 costs of bone marrow transplantation surgery, Dashan couples are really powerless.Later, the couple learned that they could use cheap umbilical cord blood transplants instead of bone marrow transplantation, and they surgery for their children in a hurry.

The operation was very successful. The couple finally relieved and felt that they could be suffering. Who knew that the pain was far from over.When Ju Feng gave birth to a child, he did not leave the umbilical cord blood. This surgery was matching the blood of others.

Although the blood type is in line, the younger son’s body has a serious rejection response for some time after the operation.The child’s body is like a burning of fire. The skin falls off one by one layer, and the wound is spread all over the child.

The little child to endure this drama every day, crying helplessly.The intestine also received damage, and the stool was more than the stool.Later, the kidney function also had problems, and it could only be rely on nutrient solution to maintain life.

Doctors said that they must use slim drugs to reduce internal organs, but this medicine is as high as 20,000 yuan.The two -sleeved couple can only choose to ask for help on the Internet again.

Now Ju Feng will cry on a platform every night, crying on a live broadcast, hoping that everyone can save her poor child.

Cheng Tao’an on the bed was crying, and there was no good skin on her body, all of which were crusted wounds …

I hope that this poor mother and child can spend the difficulties earlier. Humans are still too small in front of the disease. I also hope that the kind people who see this story can help. Even if it is a penny, it can give life a hint of hope …

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