The woman has been married for six years, and she is pregnant for 60 days.

The woman had never had birth for 6 months, but she was pregnant unexpectedly two months after the divorce.

Is it time for fate and children to come?

Or do you want to cover the other hidden feelings.

She is Zhu Jun.

She said that she had been married to her husband Huang Yong for six years, and she was looking forward to having a child who belonged to her day and night. However, this wish has never been realized.

Maybe the two have never seen hope, or maybe they are discouraged by each other.

Two months ago, because of the divorce formalities, Zhu Jun left the Huang family alone and went out to work.

However, it didn’t take long for Zhu Jun to find that he was unpleasant and fell asleep.

The worker told her that this was a symptom of pregnancy. After pregnancy test test, Zhu Jun found that he was pregnant.

This little life, which was originally highly hoped by the whole family, had fallen into the world when he divorced, and for a while, Zhu Jun made a dilemma.

Considering his economic situation and wanting to give your child a complete home, after careful consideration, Zhu Jun found the column group.

It is hoped that the column group can persuade Huang Yong to remarry himself, saying that he was too late at that time. After listening, the reporter immediately stated that he and Zhu Jun rushed to his ex -husband’s house.

Who can expect that Zhu Jun had not yet entered his ex -husband’s house, but was first brought up by her mother -in -law. The mother -in -law was extremely dissatisfied with Zhu Jun’s arrival, and the words were unscrupulous.

My mother -in -law said, "I took her as a daughter, and she quarreled with her son because of his trivial matter, and he was cutting my son."

In the eyes of her mother -in -law, Zhu Jun’s temper was extremely irritable, and she scolded her without a word, causing her to threaten Huang Yong in an extreme way.

Over the years, Zhu Jun has been jumped by Zhu Jun. Their divorce is the best liberation of their son, and it is also easy to calm the family.

Zhu Jun saw his mother -in -law so arrogant and said the purpose of this trip: "I am two months pregnant."

Hearing this, her mother -in -law was even more angry, she was inaccurate for six years, and she was pregnant for two months.

What’s more, Zhu Jun told his neighbors that she was either unable to give birth or not to give Huang Jiasheng. Now Zhu Jun’s words are running a train full of mouth for her mother -in -law.

In addition, her mother -in -law also said that even if she was really pregnant, she was not necessarily her son, and she took out the pregnancy test paper for her to test on the spot. The mother -in -law’s request was undoubtedly rejected by Zhu Jun.

Is this Zhu Jun really pregnant or fake pregnancy?What does my mother -in -law mean?

During the process of confronting her mother -in -law, Zhu Jun never saw Huang Yong. After discussing it, he called his ex -husband’s phone.

However, Huang Yong was indifferent and refused to meet Zhu Jun, and did not want any intersection between the two.

At this time, Zhu Jun had no previous attitude, but told Huang Yong who had to meet with him to communicate with his children.

She couldn’t stop Zhu Jun’s repeated request. Huang Yong agreed to meet and greeted the staff.

Later, he sat on the side and smoked a smoke. The mother -in -law asked for pregnancy to decide whether to remarry after pregnancy, but Zhu Jun said that he first remarried and then tested.

In the face of the two people’s tit, Huang Yong finally said his thoughts, he did not believe that his ex -wife was really pregnant.

Prior to this, Zhu Jun had taken the test sheet to see him, but when he mentioned the verification, she repeatedly refused.

The scene was embarrassing for a while, maybe it was in front of so many people to wipe the face, or maybe the ex -husband’s attitude disappointed himself. Zhu Jun couldn’t help crying.

Then he took the test strip to the toilet for testing. However, after a long time, Zhu Jun did not come out of the toilet, but there was a crying shouting in the toilet.

Under the persuasion of the staff, Zhu Jun finally came out and handed the test strips with two bars to the mother -in -law’s hands.

After Huang Yonghe’s mother -in -law, there was nothing to say about the fact that Zhu Jun’s pregnancy was pregnant.

At this moment, her mother -in -law took the reporter aside and took out a test sheet of a hospital.

My mother -in -law informed the staff: "I can’t get pregnant at all. I have not been pregnant for so many years. He has no fertility."

It turned out that her mother -in -law and daughter -in -law had not been pregnant for so many years, and her mother -in -law and daughter -in -law went to the hospital for inspection to prove that Huang Yong had no fertility.

In the face of doubts, how should Zhu Jun persuade the ex -husband’s family?

Facing the questioning of the mother -in -law family, Zhu Jun said that Huang Yong could take the child to do parent -child identification.

Later, Zhu Jun came to the hospital for examination. The doctor told the child that the child is currently developing well, and the probability of malformations will indeed be as high as 20%higher than normal people.

Zhu Jun informed his ex -husband that the ex -husband who was disturbed to sleep was impatient, saying that he didn’t want this child at all.

But her mother -in -law said that she would not let Zhu Jun here, and insisted that the child was not Huang Yong. Even if Zhu Jun was pregnant, the two had divorced.

The children in Zhu Jun and Zhu Jun have nothing to do with them.

Zhu Jun walked on the street and cried loudly, threw away the fetal protection medicine he had been taken, and even took out the sharp weapon to try to disappear himself.

Zhu Jun told reporters that she had seen Huang Yong’s mobile chat software with some ambiguous pictures with other women, suspecting that Huang Yong divorced herself to be with that woman.

The loved husband and wife who used to be in the same way is now in the same way. Where should the innocent children go?

A slap is not lingering. If Zhu Jun is the one who works in his own family, then Huang Yong can be considered a fellow criminal.

The child is innocent. From beginning to end, the child is in a "cargo" position and is discarded as a cargo.

Can be a remarried chip, proved to be proven to be recognized after his biological father, only because there is a sad Zhu Jun.

Perhaps for a family, children are the top priority, but the way of getting along with couples is the key to a family that can be maintained.

"What is the cause and what the fruit is."

What do you think of Zhu Jun and Huang Yong?

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