The woman had a wedding for 7 months of pregnancy, and was driven out of the house by her husband 3 days later.

Zhang Lin, 26, was pregnant with a 7 -month pregnancy. She was driven out by her husband in just 3 days. The father -in -law even asked her to divorce the child in her belly.Why did the original newlywed Yalshu Lingmen be developed to the current situation, and Zhang Lin did what the mother’s family was cruelly treated?

Zhang Lin was standing on the street helplessly. The luxurious five -star hotel behind her was the place where the wedding was held at the time. The guests arrived that day, and the mother -in -law was full of money.Sitting in the table with a smile, she never thought that she would be so unbearable today.It has been a month since the wedding has passed. Her husband Li Jun disappeared directly, but only in the first few days, he told Zhang Lin through a text message that he was now locked by his parents and could not go out at home. When Zhang Lin gave birth to the child, he could reuniteIt means that parents are very dissatisfied with this family affairs.

However, this explanation makes people really can’t figure it out. Li Jun’s parents are the doctors and the bank’s retired employees. Both the mind and the future planning have their own considerations. Since they do not agree with this family affairs, why consume costs, they will spend expenses.The huge sum of money held a wedding for the two, and then three days after the wedding, Zhang Lin was driven out of the house. She also forced her to kill the children in her belly. What variables did this occur in the middle?What kind of attitude is Li Jun who is forced to separate from this matter?

Zhang Lin and his parents were really hard to suffer from such humiliation. After thinking, they couldn’t help but came to Li Jun’s house. The father and mother of the Li family made a loud voice in the room, but they never wanted to open the door and faced each other.After returning home, Zhang Linju received a pass from the French Academy. She talked about her husband who was invincible. She asked her to return to the households on the grounds of cheating.

She urgently called Li Jun’s phone, hoping that the two sides could see a good talk. Unexpectedly, the next day, the lawyer who appeared in front of him the next day was the lawyer of Li Jun. Obviously, Li Jun himself was unwilling to come forward.EssenceFaced with the moral condemnation of the Zhang family, the lawyer explained coldly that Li Jun and Zhang Lin had already had a wedding, but they did not obtain a legal marriage certificate.It is also an illegal behavior. Zhang Lin is not qualified to seek any so -called guarantee, but the two have children. Why is there a deviation in the marriage certificate?

Li Jun stated in the telegram that on the third day of the wedding banquet, the two came to the Civil Affairs Bureau. At this time, I learned that Zhang Lin had a old man, and the cause of divorce was that the ex -husband complained to her to cheat.This information made Li Jun suddenly feel hairy. Once the skeptical seeds were born, they were out of control. He felt that Zhang Lin and himself had deception.His parents kicked Zhang Lin out of the house.

Listening to the ruthless accusations of her lover, there was a trace of loss on Zhang Lin’s face. She said that when she and Li Jun were together, she took the initiative to confess her previous marriage history.When she proposed to be a parent -child identification, Li Jun was dodging and was unwilling to come forward.This time, the emotional cracks made Zhang Lin not help recall the marriage that had been tiring.

Zhang Lin met with her ex -husband on the Internet. After a long time of marriage, she knew that her ex -husband had concealed her age. In addition, the contradictions in life made them unable to live together. When the divorce, the ex -husband asked Zhang Lin for the original 50,000 yuan gift.Anti -sue Zhang Lin to cheat her marriage.After knowing Li Jun, Zhang Lin did not conceal the matter. Li Jun said that he did not care about Zhang Lin’s past. He only needed to conceal the matter with his parents at home. Zhang Lin thought that he had suffered his true love.Even though Li Jun did not work, even when he was irritable, she had to accept all the best.

In the process of getting along, she never had a distress to Li Jun’s money. When she was finalized, she only received 40,000 yuan gifts. When she went to apply for a marriage certificate, she could not handle it because Zhang Lin’s ID card expired.There is a series of plots compiled by Li Jun, and the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau can testify.Zhang Lin did not understand, why did Li Jun suddenly become a lie in a row? At this moment, Li Jun could explain to herself.

However, Li Jun still did not appear during the final consultation. Li Jun’s father, Li Gang, resolutely stated that his son was a victim. Zhang Lin was a girl who was not worth cherishing. Listening to the insults of her father -in -law, Zhang Lin only felt that she was ashamed. SheWhen I came to the hospital for examination, I unconsciously said that the child in the hope that he was a boy in the belly, because it was not easy for a woman in this world. No matter whether Li Jun was willing to bear the responsibility of a father, she could not give up her child.Emotionally, she can only choose to give it to the law.

Zhang Lin has scaled injuries in the two marriage, or Xu can no longer believe in love in his life. It is really difficult to imagine. How should a woman who is cold and cold, she will take the child alone in this society.

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