The woman had a fever for 3 days when she was pregnant for seven months, her heart was severely infected, and her life was hung!These details must be paid attention to after pregnancy

A 27 -year -old pregnant woman in Quanzhou

Some time ago, I always repeatedly tall a high fever,

For a while, he was uncomfortable and couldn’t lie flat.

I thought it was just a low resistance after pregnancy.

When I went to the hospital to check, I was startled:

Her heart valve has been severely infected by bacteria

There was also a situation of heart failure!

No more surgery,

Both adults and children are in danger!


Fujian Medical University Affiliated Union Hospital multi -disciplinary cooperation,

In the end, the mother and child turned to safety.

Quanzhou’s pregnant woman Xiao Chen suddenly had a fever to 39 ° C at 27 weeks of pregnancy, and never retired for 3 days.When I went to the local hospital, I was shocked: In the heart ultrasound, Xiao Chen’s heart had remervous creatures, and it was incomplete.Local doctors suggest: Hurry up to a large hospital!

Xiao Chen’s family came to Fujian Xiehe Hospital.When she was admitted to the hospital, she had symptoms such as asthma, sputum, and almost unable to lie flat, and once appeared heart failure.

"The condition is dangerous, and the pregnancy must be terminated immediately!" Professor Chen Liangwan of the Department of Surgery made a judgment.If you do not surgery immediately, the first is that the bacteria in the heart of a pregnant woman may form bacterial embolism and necrotic objects. They shake back and forth in the hearts. They may fall off at any time, drift away with blood flow, causing brain infection or blood vessels, and severe life.

The life signs of expectant mothers affect the children in the belly.Once the mother has a problem, the fetus is also at stake, and there may be abortion or even dead tires.Without the fetus in advance, adults and children are in danger.

The departments including the Department of Surgery, Obstetrics, and neonatal departments immediately twisted into a rope. On the one hand, the state of the maternal and fetal state was closely monitored.

The surgery began, and the obstetric team ran "the first".It took only 3 minutes after cutting the skin, and the fetus was cut out of the mother’s belly.The neonatal family who was standing immediately took it and sent it to the thermal insulation box.

Professor Chen Liangwan and his cardiac surgery team were taken over.Establish an external circulation for the maternal cycle, and then start the valve replacement to remove the edge of the heart around the heart. The surgery takes about 30 minutes.

The multi -department room was escorted by surgery, and the mother and child turned in danger.

At present, Xiao Chen has removed the ventilator and can be transferred to the general ward after the condition is stable.Because the child is premature, he weighs only 900 grams. He has now transferred to NICU in Fuzhou Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Pregnancy combined with endocarditis is easily ignored

It is important for a comprehensive medical examination before pregnancy

Dr. Guanhua of the Surgery told reporters that the cause of the infectious heart enditis is currently unknown and may be related to unhealthy lifestyle.In addition, tooth infection bleeding, pus in the hands and feet, and the infection of the birth canal may also cause heart infection.Syndrome usually has symptoms such as colds and fever.In fact, during pregnancy, the body’s blood supply to the heart of the heart increases and the heart load increases.There was no timely medical treatment, which delayed the treatment time.

He suggested that once a pregnant woman has a fever, asthma, etc., and there is no tendency to relieve it, it is best to seek medical treatment in time, and be a heart ultrasound if necessary.

Director Zhang Yanzhen of the obstetric department told reporters that there is heart failure in pregnancy and infectious heart enditis like Xiao Chen, which belongs to the risk of pregnancy and heart disease. There are extremely high pregnant women and fetal mortality, which is not suitable for pregnancy.If you have already been pregnant, it should be suspended as soon as possible.She suggested that women are best to have a comprehensive health examination during pregnancy.Especially now there are more and more women in the elderly. These women should pay more attention to pre -pregnancy examinations to evaluate whether their bodies are suitable for pregnancy.

"In addition, some pregnant women do not dare to take medicine and refuse to treat, for fear of affecting the fetus, which is also an extremely wrong idea." Director Zhang Yanzhen said that if you need to take medicine during pregnancy or have any negative effects after taking medicine, you need to be a doctor.Consider multiple factors under the guidance.Do not choose medication blindly or blindly refuse.

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